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August 14, 2010


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Thought of you the other day while I was in the fabric store. They had the cutest camper fabric in very yummy colors. Would look so cute in the windows of Connievan! So glad you had a wonderful outing with the family.


Ay Lucy que lindo todo, espero que disfruten estas vacaciones, y puedas tomar mucho sol y que crochetees bastante besos

Ann Kelsey

Oh Lucy Lucy another wonderful blog, I so love reading about all your travels. The blanket looks amazing in Connievan, when my children were young we too had a caravan called Dorianne I loved it and spent many wonderful weekends away from our busy pub with three children and four dogs. My husband and I used to take it in turns to go.. one would run the pub the other away to the caravan and vise versa, Oh to have those days back again. I absolutely loved the caravan until I found out he was having an affair and took the person there on his weekends away.....SO I SOLD IT. I can really laugh about it now. See you soon at K.N. Love Ann xx


What a great family vacation and you tell it in such a wonderful and colourful way!


Sounds like you all had a GREAT time, Lucy!! I think you need another holiday to recover from your time away! So good to have you back!


Lovely pictures as always Lucy! I have posted two new entries at my blog showing a new bag. I have (again) used your Crochet bag pattern and (again) made things a little bit different to make the bag perfect for the receiver. Thank you and I hope you have a look at my blog when you have a minute to see what your pattern inspies others to do!


So nice to hear that you are having good vacations!!! Great memories for the Little People... and I hope you can find a moment in the remanent summer break to sit down and hook the way you like!!!

Lovely stripes in ConnieVan!


What a fabulous post! I loved all of the photos and would absolutely love to visit York sometime! The week in the Connievan would be my cup of tea as well - the scenery was gorgeous! You are definitely making some great memories for your kiddos!


We're new to caravannin too this year, and I have so surprised myself by how much fun i am having taking the 'van away to different places, just back from the Edinburgh festival this weekend, the campsite was mad busy but I loved it!! (p.s - i have bought the same enamel mugs for our van too!)


So lovely, good to hear your connievan adventures and as for your blankkie well, what can I say, simply heavenly! xox

Melissa P

It's always a joy to visit and hear tales of your every day adventures--complete with the exhaustion and the much needed recovery time in your PJ's. And it is especially fun to see the ways Connievan is being spruced up and enjoyed. I'm glad you had a great time!

Helen Tzabar

Fabulous photos. Thankyou Lucy x

Sam Terry

Welcome back Luce! It's good to have you back - missed you. So glad you've had an enjoyable (if tiring) break. Your batteries will be recharged after a few days at home. The "Stripe" looks magnificent. Can't wait to see what's on the hook at the moment. Take care. Love Sam x


Just had to mention my friend's shop in York - Poppys. It is new and is a yummy wool shop - sounds like you need to look out for it next time :) Great pics - and look forward to seeing more of connievan as you transform her!

Dominique from France

Hello Lucy.
I am very pleased to read you again.
I remember to be in York thirty years ago ... (my goodness, a long time ...). I enjoyed the cathedral which I found very tall.
The Connievan looks very cosy with the blanket ...
Have nice days !


What a fabby time - lovely pics. York is my favouritist place in the world.


What a wonderful light on the river scene! Love that picture. And the whole walk through York is a treat. Thank you for sharing!



Just wanted to say thank-you for the inspiration and pattern for the Granny Stripe. I learned how to crochet because of your great pattern and have completed about 25 cm or 10 inches. I love it!


The blankey looks wonderful in connievan.

Thank you for the wonderful tutorials you have put together, i've just completed my very first project a lucy bag and it's fab!




wonderful!!! ^_^

Captain Shagrat

Do you know if those berries in your posy are edible? Btw the echinacea flowers are simply stunning

The Vintage Heart

What a great post Lucy, what a great summer you are having with the little attics! York is my nearset city, and how i love it, glad you allso like the Spurrigate , did a post on it a while ago. Did you manage to get into wild at heart a lovely shop opposite Caths little lovely emporium, if you di,nt reccomend it next time, your posts allways cheer me! bestst wishes,Linda X

Emily Valli

Hi, Luce..Greetings from PA, USA. Your granny stripe looks fabulous. Love your word-slobbishness. Staying in pajamas all day = sooo comfy!


Hi lucy,
i've spent many days out in York (I grew up nearby) and i do miss it sometimes (we live in cornwall now) it sounds like our family camping experiences busy happy and a bit bickery at times. over the years though it's the camping holidays that the children have loved and my littlest girl and i would love a connievan (just have to convince pops to want to tow it)


Oohhhhh, those pictures are wonderful.
Nice to see your granny stripes in the Connievan.
Hope you find the time to do some crochet work.
~X~ Karin

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