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August 14, 2010


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Hey, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful blog with us. This is really awesome. Your caravan is so cool and seems so comfy inside during the trip. Love to have just like that.


Your photos look terrific! Thank you, it's very interestingly.

The Garden Bell

I swear I'm lossing my mind, but do I remember this trip or did I just dream about it...Either way, it's awesome to have another peek at York and your Connie Trip. You know the Grannie is the next on my list. But, must wait until we get back from Vermont and seeing all the Fall colors. Nothing better than having this as one of my last internet connection before a week away from a computer.

Hope things are settling down now with the Big Ones back in school. Can't wait to see what you are up to next.

Big Hugs, as always and a Toodle or Two,

Kate - The Garden Bell


well well i also love york in our caravan I have fallen in love with your blog


Just wanted to tell you that my photos of York are now up on my blog too:
They're nowhere near your standard, but a good reminder of a beautiful place all the same.


I am just grinning from ear-to-ear! A Flicr group devoted to the granny stripe - I can't believe it! All the photos just make me smile. All those yummy colours. Thanks for the link Lucy.
I read your blog often as I love your style - oh, and your crochet of course ;)

Donna Connolly

I saw that wonderful "TEAPOT" over on "Rose Colored Glasses" and "Here I am for a visit on your delightful blog"... "Hello, I'm Donna from "New England, in the USA", It's SO nice to meet you! LOVE you little trailer, it is TOO CUTE! and of course I always love those granny square afghans, they surly mean COMFORT... Would LOVE you to peek at my world if you get a chance...
Donna@Conghaile Cottage


Can't believe this post. I have just returned from a trip to the UK and we spent a few glorious few days in York - I think around the same time as you! I'll be posting photos when I'm a little more organised. We also visited Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay. Wonderful days out!


Seems like a lovely week!! I yummed at the pictures of the little streets. So lovely!

Maria Julia

Hi Lucy! I enjoyed so much your post. Beautiful pictures!

The Muse of The Day

The pink ring & the pink cupcake did it for me. Life is short, we must make sure we take notice - as you did in this post. Lovely. Carolina

Carol Juniper

Lucy - shame on you how could you talk about York and not mention Betty's - tsk tsk - or The National Railway Museum. We spent glorious days out from London by rail there when the kids were younger and have endless pictures of them fooling around in the grounds of the minster where we invariably stopped for a picnic. It,s a long way from our home in Cornwall these days and haven't been for years - last time we looked the rail fare was astronomical!


Heya Lucy

Your picture looking out of Connievan is beautiful...very tranquil. I'm glad you had a fab (if not a little exhausting!) time away. We just went to St Ives and everything was geared towards the children. It's lovely to spend time with the little ones and make their holiday great, but it's also nice if the adults get to soak it all up and have a bit of a relax too! It's also nice to slob at home in the holidays in pj's....a real treat before the regimented hustle and bustle of term time starts right up again!

Enjoy the rest of the hols!
Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.s The blankey looks fab in Connievan!


Hey Lucy, Stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago and was inspired to sort out a crochet hook and bright yarn..LOVING IT!!!..Have made a ripple and a granny stripe blanket so far and have the hexagon on the 'To Do' list! I can see a heap more crocheting in the immediate future as I satisfy the need to play with bright wool! Thanks heaps :)


Lucy, so good to hear from you! Looks like you had a great vacation, love the pictures. The granny stripe it to die for...great job! Barb


Lovely pictures of your trip. I do understand the need for a balance in the going and the lazing on a vacation or even just the summer. One of us likes to go, go, go and the other (me) wants to sit, read, crochet.....
Thanks for sharing more of your adventures with the Connievan.


I want to visit England so bad! You make everything look amazing with your fantastic photos! The Connievan is coming right along, and I can't wait to see what you will do with cushions and curtains.


Oh doesn't the granny stipe just sit perfectly on that chair. Your caravan is going to be the best looking caravan in town!


thank you so much for taking me on that little summer holiday with you. it is lovely. love your little connievan. your stripy rug is way gorgeous. i was pretty excited at the glimpses of the van as we are currently planning our own caravan adventure around australia for three months next year. so thanks for the lovely post and hooray for caravan adventures


I'm so glad you had a wonderful break. I also used to visit York regularly when I lived in Yorkshire years and years and years ago. Though it does sound like you need a holiday to get over it now!

Welcome back.
Love and stuff xx

Pati from London

Hi Lucy,
What lovely pics. Would love to visit York one day. It´s in our to do list, perhaps next year! I love the blankie, it does suit Connievan so much. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! xx Pati from London (writing from sunny Spain)

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Lovely to see York and other quaint englishness!!!
Glad you had a great time and thank you for sharing XXX


Hi Lucy !
Your new blanket is wonderful . I am making a blanket too , inspired by you . I choose to do it in cotton and its going very slowly because its so heavy and my hand hurts .. But anyway , I see this work like a celebration to doing thing slower .. I need to practice that !!
Lots of love to you from me in Sweden


What fabulous photos. I especially love the teapot. Is it okay if I use the photo in my blog sometime? I'll be sure to mention that it came from you.

Jackie Pacitti

Nice to have u back! Glad u had a great time. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog and all your projects..I am making my very own stipe bag to put my yarn in. Then I shall try to make the hexi blanket. Then the granny stripe..take care..Jackie

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