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August 30, 2010


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These posts about England and especially these pictures are so gorgeous! I live in the USA and this is the only way I can see such lovely English towns/countryside/beach. Thank you for making this possible for me to view England!


Lovely houses especially the white one with the very curved windows. I did my teachng practice in Weymouth and loved the surrounding Dorset countryside and villages/towns. Sophie was for ever doing just that every time she got anywhere near water. Wet from head to foot in seconds. I am sure that she was a mermaid in a previous life. She still does it now and she does not care if she is wet, ne tears just a big beaming smile!!

The Garden Bell

A24- Just like I could imagine an english beachside town would be. But, wow, was that beach crowded and I didn't really think you Brits tanned like us on the other side of the pond. But, there is nothing better than your toes in the waves after a full day of shopping. Except an afternoon happy hours with a tall brewski or maybe even a second. As always a big treat to travel with you, while we still swelter in the midwest heat. Looking forward to our next venture.



Yep, my peeps did exactly the same, straight into the water without a backward glance. Even Tiddler was trying to get in the sea. We keep meaning to go to Lyme but somehow never quite get there. One day....

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy great photos! I am in the middle of reading the aforementioned book
Remarkable Creatures!
That shade of green your friend has as cover on her settee is one of my favourite shades. It is good to catch up with friends
even if it is only once a year. One of mine is
is coming to see me at 7am tomorrow for tea and toast for about an hour!!!
Nearly the start of the new school year.
Hope you little people are looking forward to it.
Love Sarahx

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

oh how lovely - i really most go - i only live in Devon yet never got to Lyme Regis yet!


dreaming now of overseas instead of working on school lessons with kiddos......... thanks for the post and pictures. beautiful. absolutely beautiful.

melissa klein

lovely! so glad the weather held. glad you got to nosey about!


Thank you for sharing!!! ♥

Shirley Sherratt

Hello Lucy,
I adore Lyme Regis. When we moved to Taunton some 21 years ago now and we had got fed up of unpacking boxes that had no where to go we downed tools and went off to Lyme for the day. It was February and the sun was out and the girls(then aged 6 and 3) couldn't believe that going to the seaside was so easy and glorious. Whatever the weather there it is always a joy to go to. Lovely post. Some great shops there now too. Great food at that bakery.
Love Shirley.x

jo sowerby

lyme is my favourite place in the whole world. i used to visit every year with my family in the summer. i still love the quaint cafes and shops, looking for fossils and walking along the cobb
Jo xxxx


What beautiful pictures! So happy you had a great time.

The bakery doesn't cover its bread? What if someone sneezes all over it or someone's grubby-handed child touches all of it? Can you tell I'm from the United States? :)


OOHHHHHHHHHHH!! I love Lyme Regis !!
So beautiful.Such great Pics.Thank you for showing us!!

Rosy Nancarrow

Lyme is lovely isn't it? We only live in Devon so visit Lyme now and again. Did you go to the Mulberry Bakery? They do FANTASTIC cheese straws and cakes and its all homemade! Never heard of Greengate before but I want it all NOW! Glad you had such a lovely holiday x


thank you thank you for the tour. a delight! did i say thank you? jkj

Lisa S.

I live in the middle of the USA, and seeing your spots over there is sooooo very interesting. Everything is so pretty. My family, and I, really enjoy your blog. Thanks. Lisa


ooh I love lyme regis, we try to go there once a year for a week. I have had the best brownies I've ever tasted in my life from the bakery on the main street (whose name escapes me!) I'm so glad it was sunny for you x


thankfully i'm heading back to the uk for a few weeks soon so i can read your blog with a big smile and not torrential tears! i felt the same way about broadstairs growing up. lyme seems quite similar. lovely pix.


Lucy, thank you for sharing your vacation with us. I have never seen the ocean in person, so your beautiful pictures really wow me. I look forward to seeing what you bought. You always leave me wanting more, and I'll keep coming back to see it.


LOVED your photos and the description of your seaside family day in Lyme Regis! We popped in to Lyme a couple of years ago when staying in Dorset and I took photos of a pink and aqua cottage. Next time I go there I'll know of more places to visit - thanks for your inspiring tour. Helen x x


Loved today's post - looks amazing, a place definitely to go to. Pleased you got the nice weather for your outing. I've finished my ripple style craft blanket and it gave me so much pleasure for the 6 weeks I made it - the 17 colours look so beautiful all rippled together. Every new colour was exciting as it changed what went before; each was chosen randomly which gave added fun. I even enjoyed sewing in the 170 ends which I left until the very end. It is the largest thing I have ever made and I am just in love with it! Has been used already on these very cool autumnal days we are having. Thanks so much Lucy for the best ripple pattern out there (they are not all equal - there are some horrors!) and for making it easy for me with your wonderful colours. It was quite sad when I finished it as I enjoyed making it so much. But I have plans! Love reading about all your adventures - crochet and otherwise. Always colourful, interesting and entertaining.


ooh I haven't been to Lyme since I was a little thing. You've brought back some childhood feelings with your lovely photos


Looks like your day was heavenly. I love your charming writing style. Feel almost like I was there too.

Can't wait to see what you got at that lovely shop!

Charlotte Ashu

oh lyme regis! i have been there twice and i love it! i love also the movie "the french lieutenants woman" with meryl streep. i had to go through the "underwoods" (was that the name?)and it was unbelievably beautiful there! thank you for the wonderful fotos!


OOOh! I love Lyme Regis - I went there earlier this year for my summer hols, and oddly I also visited the Avoca Mill in Ireland a month ago on my other summer hols - I took lots of photos and wrote a blog post about it which can be found here:


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