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August 30, 2010


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holy land tours

I visit Lyme Regis couple times and fell in love with this place. I had such a terrific times! And your post reminded me the beautiful places. Great pictures an thanks for sharing.

Barbara Pardun

Sounds absolutely wonderful, from this American. I, too, want to vacation with you. Barb


Love Lyme ! Have you read Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier the story of Mary Anning. And The French Lieutenants Woman - visions of the Undercliff ! I was there a few years ago, they were tearing the beach to put new sand down from way out in the Channel. Have you been up Golden Cap.
Love your blog !


I'm just reading Tracy Chevalier's 'Remarkable Creatures' and all I can think of is your posting about Lyme! I've just been to Whitby (another favourite area of yours, I know!) and now want to go to Lyme one day. Thank you for the gorgeous photos as always.


How lovely to see Lyme Regis in bloom. I visited there last year in February while my son did field study for his Geology 'A' level. It was a fabulous place to visit even in the winter.


Yes, yes, yes!!! I am so addicted to your blog!! It is the first one I visit just about every morning. Your photos are very beautiful, colorful. By the way, what is the yarn you're using to make the flower granny squares?


Odd to see Lyme Regis so busy and full of flowers - I normally visit in February when it's equally charming but less full and definitely less floral!
Have you been to Rinky Tinks on the sea front? They started last year I think, do very good coffee and scones and the best sundae icecreams.


Lucy, I've been enjoying your posts for some time - love the colors, photos and charm


Dear Lucy, thanks so much for the trip around Lyme. I'm just re-reading John Fowles, so it was great to be reminded of exactly what Lyme looks like. I've only been there twice and it was ages ago. Wonderful photographs and descriptions, as ever.

greedy nan

We went to Lyme for the 1st time in the van a few months ago and LOVED it. HAD to have [haha] chips on the prom for tea as we'd forgotten to pack a saucepan - how organised were we?
Your pics were just as I can remember it.


Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Lyme. I love it there its my second favourite seaside but oh so far away so first favourite wins most trips away (Saundersfoot in south wales in case your interested its very similar but less hilly and bigger beach). Thanks again I've got to go look at holiday snaps now and convince my husband that we need another trip away.


i love your blog so much, it definitely brightens my day!! that dahlia bed is so gorgeous! *happy sigh* thank you so much for sharing...

Heather Hoekstra

I love how you describe everything. The coffee and that cake loook scrumptious. All of your pics are so quaint. Thank you for sharing a bit of your wonderful world. My 5 year old daughter Anneke says "hi", she loves to look at the "pretty pictures" on your blog.


Love your photos and the stories you tell. I've never been to Lyme Regis but you make me want to go there one day. Little ones getting wet in the sea makes for a fun day, as does the retail therapy ;)


What a lovely virtual tour of Lyme Regis - thank you! My introduction to Lyme is through the tongue twister "she sell seashells by the seashore..." the she being Mary Anning the fossil hunter. I've recently read her biography - The Fossil Hunter by Shelley Emling and now am anxiously awaiting my library copy of Curiosity a work of fiction based on a period of her life by Joan Thomas a Canadian writer. Love your blog.


Hi Lucy, glad you had a good time in Dorset - am not stalking you but we were there too...in Lyme on Tuesday I also took some pictures of the lovely sunflower house and bought a loaf of bread (it was fab as was the cheese from the cheese shop behind) at the bakery and a couple of bits from that shop-The other benefit from the rain was managed to finish the rows on my granny stripe just the ends and the edge to do now... Thanks so much for a great pattern...my S also thought L too busy ...bit odd for a Londoner!

Linda Rappaport

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day!


Attic 24.... you truly make my day brighter. I've been following your blog for about 1 year and have come to love it. Your joyfull presentation's of your life and passion for color, crochet, and beauty lifts my spirit. Thank you Lucy. :)) Gabrielle

Modern Country Style

I really love the way you write. I could immerse myself in your writing (and often do!!). It's so alive and frothy and bubbly and...and.... and lovely.


Glad you enjoyed your holiday,Dorset is such a lovely place and it sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the weather, best wishes Pj x


Thanks for the walk-around, I'd never have thought Lyme Regis was like that, it looks lovely will add it to my list of future destinations!


Thanks for sharing Lyme Regis with us. I live in Australia and my Grandma used to live in Seaton, Devon and many a day I visited Lyme. So lovely to see the pics and remember happy days as a child. I am a big fan of your blog, thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous photo's. Lyme Regis looks mighty pretty! x

Lori Daly

Oh Lucy, What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I too love the way your excitement comes off the page...about everything you share. You have such a gift. Oh, and my husband hates crowds too...love him, but not exactly convenient...right? And it makes me think or sing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”


i love lyme regis well apart from all those very steep hills we went when my kids were small they loved the fossil museum

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