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July 29, 2010


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Pat Mulholland

Hi Lucy. I am ready to do the edge of the Granny Stripe but not sure how many chains to do between the stitches on the corners of the edging.
Can you advise me please.

Joan Brennan

What are the colour names you used in the edging of the granny stripe blanket? I've just finished the blanket which is just beautiful and am now starting the edge.

Sue johnson

Hi lm Sue just wanted to tell you how much l love your stripe blanket l have bad right arm at the moment and am unable to chrochet and l must say it is driving me crazy ( as you know doubt would under stand but will be going out tomorrow and buying wool so l can get right onto it as soon as l am able to crochet again

Anne A dkins

Did your border but was a bit fluted
So l did 1 treble round one double crochet and then one single crochet
No more fluted border😏


hi, love the pattern and now on the border, can you give me a bit more instruction please? i dont know what a slip stitch is

Angela Burke

Your instructions were exactly what I was looking for. Have nearly finished my blanket in only a few weeks but will need to do the edging. May take me another week or 2 to finish everything. Have used my own colour combination and bought the wool (acrylic) wholesale online, so the material is really cheap.
Thanks again!

Tessa Wilson

A link to show the picture to you x


Tessa Wilson

I've made a small baby blanket version of almost your colour pattern for my newest grandson, born in Mexico last week on 21st October! I did it in Afghan or Tunisian crochet because I was worried about his little fingers getting caught in the granny triples. It looks amazing and is perfect for Mexico and salutes the famous Otomi embroidery so popular here. A photo for you to put on your site if you like y thank you so much for the inspiration and help. IMG_0194.JPG


Hi I am thankful for your generosity. I made my own with a Christmas gift in mind so the colour palet is completely different. I wish I could show you. Thanks again xx. Loved the wavy edging again I did it my own way. The edge isn't like yours but I added the wavy part as I loved the look and if finished my blanket off beautifully. Almost want to keep it but it's will be loved, so I won't mind lol.

Cass Micheli

Lucy do you have a pattern for your circle cushion or is it two flat circles joined together? :)

Caroline Sackley

Hello, as I am ill at the moment I have abandoned the more complicated harmony blanket and am doing the granny stripe, happy, happy colours, just what I needed to cheer me up and simple!


How do you get the holes to be so small??? I am trying to use this pattern and the holes are as big as the clusters. Please help.


Hey, thanks for this pattern! I found it over a year ago and started my boy's granny stripe blanket in November 2014. It's finally finished, here's my ravelry page with a few photos :) Now I just need to finish my daughter's ripple blanket (started over 2yrs ago, oops!). Love your patterns :)


Jan (A gluttonous wife)

Thank so much for this wonderful blanket pattern. Here's a link to my finished baby :) Just ordered another bundle as I've had a few people wanting one.
Warm regards,
Jan x

Josephine Sims

Hi do you have to 3 trebles and miss 3 chain to end please

barbara pierce

hello having trouble with my base chain the tension is too tight with test square ive bought the yarn for granny stripes but too scared to start until i get tension right any tips,ive even used a 7mm hook for base chain and 4mm for stitches ,

Dora Berenyi

Could I please have more detail regarding the edge. For example for the first round of trebles do you do one into each of the three trebles in the treble cluster?

Toni Vince

HI Lucy.
Am nearly at the edging stage of this beautiful blanket. I've read through your instructions, but can't work out how many dc are needed. Do I dc 3 times into the edge of the first tr cluster edge? And what about the sides? Where do the dc go? I don't want to end up with a saggy boarder or one that's too tight after putting in all the work. This is my first project so I really don't know what I'm doing! Would be grateful for further instructions.
Many thanks Lucy. I love all your work and am thinking of doing the beach wave blanket next.
Thanks, Toni Vince

Kiss Marianne

Dear Lucy, thank you very much your perfect and beautiful Granny Stripe blanket. Here in Budapest (Hungary) there are many kind of threads for crochet. I have at home many threads too, name is "Steinbach Wolle", 50% acryl and 50% wool. Do you think that it will be good for my blanket?
With love

Nolda Rokeh

looking for instructions for granny stripe ta=dah!
blanket.I am 82 years old moved to USA in 1958 from Amsterdam married 57 years still cant read American instructions have no trouble with yours. found Chrochet magazine from U.K.with one of your perfect pedals instructions so lovely in soft pink and mint green to match my bed spread.Have a great summer find more colors for grannie summer squares.Thank you for all the work you put it to make us happy!God bless!

Sherry Tingle

I absolutely love this design, it bring me so much JOY to look at my accomplishment. Thank you so very much!

Denise Ewin

I love your patterns. Can you please tell me how you did the corner of the final edge with the scallops/picots?


Thanks i found the edge pattern, here i go im starting it now. Thanks


On the start of the edge you did the granny clusters around. When you came to the beginning of the blanket edge that has in American terms the single crochets and not spaces, did you put the clusters in between so many stitches to make it look like the rest of the first row of the edge? I think I will finish off the beginning row of single crochets around the edge with the first color used to make the entire edge match and forgo the granny cluster, otherwise the one end of the blanket will have this extra row of single crochets and the rest won't and to me it will stick out making that stripe look wider.


Love this granny striped afghan, almost finished and getting ready to do the border. How many ch in the corners of the border rows?

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