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July 01, 2010


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Ah Lucy! Its nice to see you again and Im glad you're all feeling better.
Life is such a juggling act - I find it stuffed Full most days and thats with just one little bean, how you do it with 3 is to be heartily applauded thats for sure! The housework is coming a distinct last at the moment here while we too try and enjoy the warm weather and stay out as much as possible. Chores can be done when it rains, life is too precious to waste ironing when the sun shines!

Happy days to you my friend, love the colouring gifts, no wonder the children were delighted!

Julia x


Quite reassuring - not just happy madness chez moi!! Thanks for letting me pop by..


I can remember these pen's too> They came with a huge butterfly poster. The pens lasted for years and years. It takes me back.

Gorgeous Things

The colouring books look really fun - who wouldn't want to set to on those with a new set of pens! But I am relieved you managed to fit in a quick update on the Granny gorgeousness - 50 stripes eh? On hearing that, Little Thing 1 (at home after A levels) has rushed off to get another stripe on hers - before she is left behind (currently 25 stripes)! Her first ever crochet, and she's loving the whole colour thing - thank you for your inspiration!


gosh Lucy it's so fascinating to see that your two children are showing signs of your artistic talents at such young ages ! i was amazed at how precise your little lady is at colouring... i can never do that, even now :)

oooo i know ALLL about splashing out.... i recently bought myself loooaddds of lovely, floral fabric in pink and green and red... and rotary mat and cutting board, not one but two... 50 spools of cotton thread....and today am collecting my brand spanking new cath kidston sewing basket from john lewis !!! and other bits and pieces like a sewing box and a thread box !!!! i blame it on online shopping :)))))

so see, i know alllll about spending spreee...


I want to do colouring NOW!


What a wonderful post! Well worth the wait.

The stripy granny blanket is looking mighty fine. I will be having a go myself when the eyewatering amount of yarn purchased online, arrives. (£60.. on yarn.. on myself! Wow.)


Glad you're feeling better and as always it's lovely to read about the goings on in your world. I'm loving the pjs and the blankie.


Glad you are feeling better Lucy! Never mind the housework, much better for your Little People to have happy memories of hiking and colouring and messing than of Mum always tidying and cleaning ;0)

alexandra s.m.

Love your blog, your beautiful pictures and exquisite crochet work! PURE EYE-CANDY!
Thank you ~


LOVE that blanket! :-)

I´ve just begun to chrochet a ripple pattern and it´s so much fun!

If anyone should know how to handle the blanket in the end (when it gets heavy) - please jump in to my blog and give me a hint!

So far it´s OK but it will be harder soon I think...

My boys would have loved that coloring book!

Rita - Red Pepper Quilts

Thank you for sharing your Little Man's summer craft work! Love it!


ps the hooky stuff is pretty great too. Wonderful colors.


So glad you're feeling better. Glad y'all are finding time to have special days with the LPs too. They grow up so fast. Mine are 26 and 20 and seems like yesterday they were loving coloring and paper dolls. Your blanket is coming along nicely. I love the colors. Have a good night and I hope to hear form you soon.


Dear Lucy,

i love all your lovely and so heart warmed writing stories. It´s soooo healthy for my ill soul to read and look at your blog. Many thanks and hugs for you!

My sweet little daughter loves colouringbooks, she can´t have enough.

Your family is so sweet, i love it, how you life all together and make beautiful things. I wish i had so a lovely mother and father, too. But i don´t have it. :o(

Thanks for sharing all the stories and pictures with us.

I send you many smiles and a big huge from Germany,

Linda Nichols

This note is your son, Lucy--

I like your summer scene very much. It inspires me to make my own to remind me what I like about summer. Thanks for sharing on your mom's blog.

Linda Nichols
in Tacoma, WA


love love love the peonies! they are my fav :) and i so want that coloring book you got for your son. lOL it looks awesome & so much fun! and i love the paper dolls too! sooo very cute! i used to love to color too...such fun! glad you are feeling better :) and the hooky looks soooo wonderful! i love all the colors you use :)


I'm a grandma now, but I still remember my pediatrician's advice when I was a new mom: people before things, and clothes before corners. Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Enjoy your little ones every day!


WOW!!!!!! What a nice post......boy you have been busy. It is so hard to balance it all, but you do a great, fantastic, marvelous job of it all. I give you a BIG hug : ) good night

Barbara Moore

Been missing you oh so much Lucy! Glad you're back and ever so glad that your little ones are getting to have so much fun with you and your hubby. The coloring books look just wonderful.

Hugs XX

Kate Bruning

Just gorgeous - I like to on occasion splash out on a really good colouring in book and then.... dare I say, photo copy the pages so that the book covers both boys. Aren't good textas the best things in the world (felt tips I mean). Love the crochet, the world is a better place with stripes in it. Love Kate (the greedy for colour one). xxooxxooxx.


Wonderful chat! The coloring books are to-die-for. I still LOVE coloring books even though my kids are past that age. It's just another way of playing with colors that I love. So happy for you and your new pajamas. New pajamas always cheer me up. You and J are great parents to look after the Big Little People as you do. Lucky kids! The dust and piles will be there but, as you know, the Littles don't stay little long!

Sandi Lee

Well I think I speak for all, we are glad you're back and all well now, we missed you. I love the doll book, I used to have them when I was a little one, I would immerse myself in that world for hours. I think sometimes we all need to do that, feed the inner child.
Love your jimjams too and the peaches and the peonies and your blankie. Hope to do one myself one day as I have ordered your 'Lucy' pack. Your children are very creative too, so nice to see in this world of electronics.


Lucy ~
Missed you.
So enjoyed reading this post...didn't want it to end.
Can tell by the pictures the little ones are getting so big.
Thanks so much for sharing so much!


Liking those colouring books, might go hunting for the doll one next week - lovely book to put away for rainy days over the summer

I know too well how things just creep up on you and suddenly your life is filled with so many things but lets just enjoy these times, housework & dust can wait!


Your life sounds very much like mine. So glad you're over the cold and your blanket is lovely!

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