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July 01, 2010


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Hi hunni
I'm glad your both feeling a bit better.
I Absolutely love those doodle books. I bought one for river last week. I havent given it to him yet though because I'm tempted to keep it for myself hehehe.
The granny stripe blanket is coming together really nicely isn't it. It's on my long list of things to do lol.


Hi, Lucy! you are the blog my daughter reads first! She is currently working on your crochet bag from your great tutorial, thanks for sharing it. You are mentioned in my post today~


Happy weekend!

Wendy Wager

Beautiful post - have gorgeous peonies in my garden so no envy there. I remember those doll dressing up books when I was young and my comic (Bunty or Judy) had them on the back cover. Thin paper, but appealing all the same. Looking forward to my sister's account of her time with you yesterday. Her text showed how thrilled she was!


i am so glad you are back and all feeling better, if still appropriately b u s y. love the post - a photo of your days. i have gone from coloring books to doodling, but when i 'm with my great nephews i color to my hearts content! it is the best! esp. with great pens. enjoy! jkj


Lucy, you're a joy! God bless you and your open heart. I so appreciate your sharing about your family and your world. The peonies are lovely! How wise that you are taking individual time with your children. I know they love and appreciate that. Good job, Mama!

Judi A.

Always enjoy your "rambling" and am so glad you are feeling well and back in the blogging mode. Please do thank Little Man for making the "Summer Stuff" just for us. Love it! :-)


Paper dolls (the "girlier" the better---ribbons, flowers, lace...) and coloring were my favorite things to do when I was young. Your children are so lucky to have such encouragement and support. They also have inherited your talent! Love your photos---the peonies and pajamas are such a wonderful pink!


I'm having a hard time not purchasing those colouring books for myself!! Love the top picutre, tell Little Man well done!


Those colouring books are Ace! I loved colouring when I was a kid, and can still remember the joy of my Altair Design Pad. Have just done some searching and discovered they still sell them on Amazon. Might just have to buy one for old times! The stripes are just perrrrrrrrfect! Have a lovely weekend. xxx


It is so good to read that you are working on balance. We are finding ourselves in the same position with a grandbaby moving in and three girls still as home. Lucy is often the center of attention and it is hard to fine time everything when the baby does not nap. Thank you for the reminder to take special care of all the girls in my life. ~kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Dee Cox

So glad you're back and feeling better!! Missed reading your blog so much over the last few weeks :)


So happy to read again, it was beginning borely on the blogosphere withour you!
Wellcome back!


I love peonies as well and brought some inside this year. If you get them at night, the ants have gone away from them. Anyways, the smell was so out of this world. Lovely to see and smell. Your column is great and Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Pom Pom

Ah, I love how peonies are different everywhere. Mine are gone now, but you found some! The hooky is looking lovely.


Lucy for some reason I cannot get your latest post to display, 'Magazine styling and inspiration'. The last post on your site is yesterdays.

Is it just me??


32 quid on pens and colouring books! How times change..... go and have a lie down Lucy! l.o.l.


Welcome back, so glad to hear that you have taken time out to get better and do more hooking.


Lucy, Since Little man is such a meany and won't allow you to color in his book. Could you make a copy of that lovely page for your very own to color? Me thinks that would be a lovely thing in deed. Happy week-end :^)


Please tell Little Man I just LOVE his Summer creation!!! and I really would LOVE to color some pages of that gorgeous book... :)


First of all - can you tell Little Man that this blogger LOVED the fact he wanted to share his most awesome artwork with the blogging world - what a star!

Secondly, I'm glad you're feeling much better again - being ill at any time is infuriating but being ill when you have lots to do and it is gloriously sunny outside just seems to suck that little bit more, don't you think?

The Little Peeps are so very lucky to have such gifts - I adored colouring as a child and recently found my "Where's Wally Ultimate Fun Book" and promptly told Tim I needed some pens to colour in the pages hehe

Life sounds very full for you - good, but full, and I do hope that you are managing to make enough time for yourself in there xx


Glad to have you back Lucy and that all of you have been very productive. What with crocheting,colouring,crafting,chomping and cutting...teeth of course.

And do not deny yourself the pleasure of colouring books. I've decided to invest in some pens and books for myself. Me. Moi. I am in my early forties with a late teens son and an early twenties stepdaughter so no excuse except I lurve colouring in and find it very therapeutic.

So there!
Love and stuff xx


Ahh Lucy, the colouring books brought back lovely memories. My grandmother used to always buy me a stash of those when I went up to stay. Sadly, having only boys, I don't get to indulge in the girly-ness of it again, don't think the bears would be too happy if I got them one each!!!! he he! I know what you mean about life being full. Sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming. Little bear wants all the attention and is not so happy when the other two want some too. Homework time is pretty much a nightmare in our house and many a fight has occurred through who gets to sit next to mum on the sofa. Sometimes, I walk through the door after school drop off and feel totally overwhelmed at where to start first. I have spent whole days cleaning and tidying and washing only to find that 10 minutes after the boys are home, the house looks like it has never been touched and I get totally disheartened. Needless to say I don't do that anymore. I probably do the minimum to get by and hope that peoples eyesight is pretty bad when they are here not to notice the dust too much! Life's too short and the children are small for such a short time. That's how I justify my mess anyway! Glad to read you are feeling back up to full strength and that little B now is the proud owner of two front teeth! YAY!!!! I hope that you get to have a fun-filled weekend whatever you choose to do!

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nice to have you back, though it must be hard work sometimes with three small children around. I've got 3 from a toothless 7-year-old little monster (who I had when I was 41)to grunting teenagers, and they keep me busy!

I remember having paper dolls when I was little. I used to draw all their clothes myself, had boxes full of them. And thick colouring books, too. Such simple pleasures, you don't really need all this fancy stuff they try to sell us. Just a bit of imagination and time.

Have a lovely weekend!


that was a really lovely feel good blog to read. Just what I needed for a pick me up.


That Drawing, Doodling And Colouring Book makes me wonder why I don't doodle anymore :) Might get it for myself in the near future!!!

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