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July 01, 2010


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Montse Martí

Hi!! Greetings from the south of Spain!
My name is Montse, I was getting a round looking for Granny Square in internet and I found your site.
Your work is wonderfull!! congrats!
I linked your blog adress to my own site, and litle by litle, I'm discovering all the pretty things you have done.

At this point, I need to say you: yessssssssssss!!!!!!!! that book is a great one! My little princes has the same (Spanish version), and she spends a lot of time drawing and imagining impossible worlds.

Hugs from the sunny land in Spain: Murcia.
I hope we'll keep in touch.


Im dying seeing all that crocheting blankets and projects
Lady! You are amazing! Bliss you. Hope to do blankets like yours someday.
Love you and love your work <3
Sarah :))))

Steph :) x

you have a really lovely blog :) x

claire goddard

Stumbled across your site by accident and am completely enthralled! You love all the things I do, in particular vintage style and Country Living magazine. I live on Walney Island, near Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria and am lucky to have the sea and the lakes close by. Have to get some work done now but will definitely be looking in again .... when I have a few spare hours! Claire x


What a very nice coloring book is that :)) Like you're blog,

greetings Anja


I absolutely must inform you that you are a great means of support and inspiration for me. After having my baby just 7 weeks ago I feel very worn and extremely busy and have been concerned with just what a mess my unorganized, cluttered home is and how I can't seem to be able to finish the laundry. And I feel like my other child does not get enough of me these days... And reading your post puts me at peace knowing I am not the only one with these concerns. When my highly regarded Attic 24 friend is suffering the same worries - I must be normal! I appreciate your comments on how your house is still standing and your family is happy. Thanks for helping me keep perspective. And cheering me up along the way! By the way, I am also learning to crochet around my baby - as we have sleepy time on my chest, lol. (hugs) to you!


I hope u feel better soon and get some rest.XOXO


Hi Lucy, I've been following your blog for a while and am very envious of your lifestyle. In a bid to have a little bit of it I've been making the granny stripe blanket and am trying to follow your colours as much as possible. I'm nearly up to your latest picture now, so wondered if there's any chance of a new one ;-))))


Hi Have been following your blog for some time now love all the colour and fabulously talented designs. I have mentioned you in my blog which is on google bloggers- dottie's blog. You have inspired me to start to crochet again after many years of abstinence apart from the odd doll's hat or two.


Just the other day, I wanted to do some coloring. But I kept on crocheting instead. Still playing with color.

Heather x

I am making the same blanket! I have reached 39 stripes so far :)
Have a great weekend hun...they say its going to be a scorcher :)
*hugs* Heather x


Hi there! I love your blog and the colourful pictures of your crochet ventures. I linked to your blog in my latest post - to be read here: http://scrapbook-snippets.blogspot.com.
I hope that's okay with you. :-)


Hi Lucy, I just have to comment. Enough stalking!!
I love your blog, it is so refreshing and a joy to read. I can hear your accent in your words and it reminds me so much of my wonderful visit to the UK.
Thank you for sharing your patterns. I have been working on a ripple afgahn for a few months now and can not wait to finish it so I can start the granny stripe.
Thank you again for your inspiration!


Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Love those colouring books, I remember those doodle posters...they were fab!!

Love how far you have got with your stripey blanket!!!

AND Love the summer craft...isn't he clever! and how could you not share, delightful!!

l'Ange mimosa

I love your blanket !!!!!! and the colouring books are so nice, I'll see if I can find them in France !


Please tell Little Man his summer display is stunning. A feast for the eyes as I started to read the blog. I also love the way Little Lady has a bracelet to match her colouring in. The Lucy effect has struck again. Nearly all the Berol pens and Doodle Dolls have sold out on Amazon!!!


what a lovely return post! I enjoy reading your blog and all it's loveliness!
I'm wondering where you found those gorgeous colouring in books? I'm coming to the UK in a few days and have been having trouble finding a present for my niece in europe (not wanting a tacky replica of the historical sites I've been visiting) and she's so into colouring something like this would be perfect!
thanks so much.


Hi Lucy

Couldn't resist showing you this car - people will crochet anything! Lol!


Cheers - Joolz


This may sound crazy, but do you ever do deciphering of crochet patterns? I only ask because I am struggling with the wording of a pattern and sometimes I just wish these pattern people would check in with you for advice! Yours make so much more sense then some of the ones that are in print. I hope I don't sound too forward here. It's just a summer evening with some peace and quiet and I'm attempting a new project that shouldn't be so aggravating. Again, sorry. I didn't mean to sound this way.


Lucy, I've never written before but I've wanted to many, many times. I just love your blog and it brings so much inspiration to me. You are so very talented and I greatly admire that. I'm a struggling crocheter and when I need a little pick me up, I just look through your creations and smile. Actually, every day I sneak a peak in. You've brought back alot of childhood memories and it's nice to know that the things you do still exist in the crazy, busy world we live in. Thank you for being so creative!


Hi, just to say I love reading your blog, the colourful photos always cheer my heart! I started crocheting almost a year ago when I was on maternity leave to get away from the tv during the evening and I LOVE IT! I have never made anything big though...until now! I am granny striping along with you on my first massive blanket, yay! Only 4 colours done so far, but it's a start :) x


lovely to have you back :-) I have one week left at work then start maternity leave so I might just have to do some colouring myself to keep me entertained!

melissa klein

i'm impressed that you even know what the name of "limescale". you underestimate yourself. so glad you're feeling better. life's fullness can be a challenge, but there's always peonies, peaches, and pj's around the corner. btw - great job with the one on one with your peeps. my husband and i discovered the same and it has made the siblings so much happier and able to enjoy eachother. great job! press on :]


oooh, new stationary, you really can't beat it! I always think of you when I pass the funky pj's in Tesco, they really do sell some good ones don't they?xx


Great to have/see you back!!
I absolutely loved your post!!! I also think you couldn't refuse to Little Man wish!!! And love the coloring books too!! Now I want to color!

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