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July 03, 2010


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Jayne Walton

Hi Lucy!
One of the wonderful things about your blog is that you open up new worlds to us and extend our horizons. I'm loving the Rice website, and playing the 'Rice' song!!! It was so lovely to see you last week, and gorgeous Little Man, you are so warm and friendly, thank you for spending so much time with me, despite the time pressures of family life etc. We love Skipton and would love to come back sometime. We didn't get back to Bolton Abbey, we just spent the Friday pottering around Skipton, relaxing, coffee at Bean Loved - again! It was such a refreshing week for us, and we wouldn't have thought about coming to Skipton if it wasn't for Attic 24! My blanket is coming along more quickly after the burst of enthusiasm of the knit and natter group! I'm going to treat myself to Country Homes and Interiors, it doesn't cost anything to dream!!!


Hi Lucy, I just love your blog and wanted to tell you about a fabulous and simple granny baby sweater that you'll just love! I was even inspired by you to make a super colorful version! Do take a look, you'll be very glad you did, I promise!


Oh dear, why did you add those shop links to your post - somehow they seem to have appeared in my list of favourites! ;) I too love the home-style magazines and have them stashed around the house!


Hi Lucy, Great mags and so many lovely pictures and items, that we all want too. Love all the bright colors and fun mixing and matching to make it all come together. HOT HOT HOT in Vermont and the whole east coast. Happy day, Robin


I enjoy both these mags and also Livingetc., however, unfortunately as I live in New Zealand, they arrive on the store shelves 2 months later than you get them in UK. Recently I found a store that has airmail editions of Country living ...now my addiction is more expensive, almost twice the price!


Hello Lucy

You've probably already been told or already have a copy but I had a quick flick through BBC Homes and Antiques mag today while in Smiths and saw an article called 'Colour Me Happy' and I immediately thought of you. It's not my usual mag but I couldn't resist it and the pennies came out. Thought you might fancy a peek yourself.

Love and stuff xx


I bought the coastal style one. I have always yearned to live in view of the sea. We lived in Southport for a while and although I literally saw the sea rarely ( I think I split an infinative there) it was bliss walking the dog on the beach to collect driftwood.


This was a heavenly display! I love the whites contrasted with blues and reds.


He Lucy,
have been following your blog for a year or so, quite inspiring. Started crocheting when i was on a rainy holiday in a desolate place, and seriously almost cried in the beginning. But now i am hooked. Even made a massive rug, round crocheted. Make my own patterns now, but used yours as well. For instance a ripple blanket, and now started on a granny stripe blanket. Because i am poor i have always used acrylic. It is so cheap, it is a laugh sometimes. Its also for a two persons bed, since my brother is going to be married and i want to give him something personal, special and colorful. I go for the rainbow effect, 25 colors lined up in almost perfect harmony, so it looks like a rainbow. When its finished i will send you a photo, if you like. I am at 25 stripes now, and i think i am going to beat you, want to finish it in 3 weeks, but then i only have one child to take care of, and he is already 4 yrs. I love by the way how child thinks hooking is a perfect normal part of life. I hooked him an IgglePiggle, my own pattern. Really nice, with gems in his belly and head. Will too post an picture, but now my camera is broken. Lucy keep up the good work, and dont forget to totally unwind sometimes. Do you like to swim?
grtz. Nina, Netherlands

Nadine Camilleri

I have just found your blog and I am so glad I did. I love to crochet but am still a little bit green ;).... One question where on line do you buy your wool as we are very restricted in variety here on our sunny island.

Bernie Fee

gorgeous as ever but I wanted to let you know about a facebook group called share a square. The aim to receive 12,000 6"x6" granny squares wherein they will be sewn together for kids with cancer. Perhaps you would want to donate and encourage your other followers, would be great to be part of it all

Crafty Mermaid

thanks for sharing all the eye candy. yum!

The Curious Cat

Hey! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a job like that taking photos and arranging those scenes?! You really are passionate about these images aren't you? I love your enthusiasm - infectious! xxx


Connievan, Connievan, Connie happy caravan. OOh she's going to get the treatment to the max.

The Garden Bell - Kate

Thanks so much for the Great Escape into your magazine pages this morning. Still a holiday here and Mr. Pester is still in my hair doing chores and need my assistance. What a nice moment of peace to come here to escape. Can't wait to get back to normal tomorrow after all return to work.

By the way, did the little one ever get those blue fingers cleaned...he-he... Too cute.

You the best and big thanks and hug,
Kate - T.G.B.

Dorien Ruben

It is good to have things that make you so happy. I am just a bit sad that people these days just want to buy more stuff everytime. We already are a huge impact on the environment, buying (and producing and throwing away) more and more things just costs our planet more and more. I hope someday very soon we will stop craving for new things and will be happy with what we have. We already have everything we need!


I've been reading and collecting CL since 2002 but only recently got into CH&I after you featured it in a past post. Every time I see a spread just like the ones you've posted I always say to myself 'that is sooo Lucy!'
I must confess though that I do tend to rip the pages out of CH&I and stick them in my 'Inspiration Folder' but as I seem to be saving more and more pages I think it would make more sense just to save the mag from now on (my blokey will be so pleased-more mags!)

It's just so great to know there's other people in the world that love and appreciate the same things in life as myself (I know what you mean about the Lady mags).

Now when did you say the next issues out....


Hello Lucy, I love Rice... I discovered them in the Country Living magazine fair last March and spent quite a bit of money on their products (Upss!). My girls love them!!! I love the pics you've selected from the magazines. I saw a similar shelf in a shop in the North Laines of Brighton recently and they have similar stuff (that you may need to repaint) in a little antique shop in Devonshire Road in Chiswick, West London if you visit the capital one day. Lovely post as usual. xxx Pati from sunny London


You should publish a book with your patterns and photos, we would all buy it and then you can do lots of shopping. Easy !!


Lovely post. If it's any consolation I think there's a lot of us out there who drool over such features and pine at the cost. I have a friend who has built up her own spotty cutlery set by buying a couple of pieces at a time at a local shop. Know certain supermarkets do similar and cheaper but always an ethical dilemma then.


Hello Lucy, I'm a fan of country living too!! I bought some issue at the train station, where I can find international pubblications as well :)) Love, love, love all the link you gave us, I would be rich and buy all that yummy interior things!! Have a lovely week, Giusy (mom of one of 8 something months, that keeps me soooo busy!!)


Thanks for the colorful pages. It is amazing to me how just looking at cheery colors can change a person's whole outlook. Kind of like being outside on a beautiful summer's day. Nothing can quite feel so bad with a lovely day. I teach at a public Amish school and thought you might enjoy watching some clips from how the Amish live.Here is a link:


this is why I love reading your blog....cause that's me, too.... the very best part of my day (that I long for for most of the day) is when I get to snuggle down in my cozy bed and look at my home magazines (no lady mags here.. blech!) and dream and oooh and aaah. If I don't have a new one around, I am just as pleased with an old one. till my eyelids get droopy and I have to turn out the lamp...thanks for the fun pictures!! Country Living is one of my favorites, but Cottage Living (no longer in print, I think) and Country Home were tops, too.

Jayne Page

OMG, I love it, so me, I love reading your blog, you make me feel good that what I like doesnt fit the'norm' and that life isn't easy and the days when i'm feeling down, I come and find my blog 'friends' and read about there lifes and this make's me feel better to know that you are here sharing your life with us all. Whoops bit of an essay but just wanted to say thanks xx


Good gracious me!! We seem to have the same magazine addiction!! I absolutely swoon for CH&I - such a fresh and colourful one isn't it, and like you, each month I need my fix or I feel quite deprived and empty.
I also have vast piles of said mags (including Country Living & Coast) and tend to shy away from Big Lady type magazines that are full of designer names and makeups - so not me!
I loved all the pics you shared, lifted the spirits enormously, you forget how scrummy those pages are, til someone smashing like you reminds you!

Much love,

(ps - so very very happy you managed to try my recipe, and even happier you enjoyed them!! YOY :D)

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