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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 03, 2010


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dubai hotels

That magazine is really adorable. The interior and designs shown in that magazine is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Do you have it's pdf??

Shirley Isaacs

I love your colours - you seem to love colour as much as I do.
Kindest regards Shirley I.


oh where oh where is Lucy?


Hi Lucy I hope you are feeling a little better and enjoying the sunshine with your lovely family and looking forward to the summer holidays. x


I don't think I'm alone in missing your updates ...

I do hope everything is OK in your world?



Missing youand your lovely blog xox


Do hope everything is okay?


I love the looks in those mags. I agree that the fashion thing is just not for me as a sahm. I *love* the stripey blanket and I'm joining in on making it. This is my first venture into crocheting and I'm loving it. Thanks for the wonderful pattern.I'm hoping I'll get it done so my girls and I can cuddle under it while it is still winter. I live in Canada, so I guess my deadline is next March. LOL!


Hi Lucy, You may think me silly, but I got very excited today. My friend who is staying with her in-laws' in Leeds, suggested we met up her family half way and we ended up in your home town. It's such a lovely place, I would like to take a better look next time.

But what really made it for me was that I saw you, twice! I did a double-take the first time and smiled at you and you must have thought whose that strange women?

My husband told me to go and tell you how much I love your blog but I said no, you would think me some sort of weirdo.

I do however really love your blog, it brightens up my days. Thank you, Sarah xxx

ros badger

GORGEOUS all of it.

Shirley Araujo

Oi friend to visit I came you and to say that I love its blog, congratulations bjus of Mint


Quite a wonderful addiction indeed! They are all so inspiring. I especially love the plaque in the first picture that says "Coffee and Friends." Does it provide any indication as to where one can buy that?


Hi Lucy, I am thrilled to have discovered your blog through My Sewing Serenity. I fell in love with Granny Squares and have been learning crochet from your pages this past week and have finally managed to make some after much undoing and redoing. I love it and as you say once you start you cannot stop, it is such fun. Love your pictures and am a CL fan too, love their fairs. I will be blogging proudly about my Granny Square achievements next week. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Have a lovely weekend. :) Liz

jo egan-small

hi lucy, hope your morning is as nice as mine. drinking my coffee, looking at the blue, blue sky and feeling the cool breeze i was thinking of you and wondering how the sky looked over in england right now. are you out caravaning? happy days to you and your family!xo, jo (from germany)


I share your addiction. I have several "must have" and keep magazines.

I love all the colorful things on that red shelf.

Leone Cabban

I love colour and bright things also.Its great looking through mags at great pics. I have a question for you. Do you have a tutorial for a diagonal crochet? Thanks


hello lucy,

love ur blog,stumbled upon it recently and am hooked!! ama new crocheter havin knitted fro long. love crochet...have been devouring ur blog entries....fab.
uve been missing fro a bit ,r u ok?
fell in lov ewith ur circles scarf....any chance ofa pattern soon,pretty please?

pls do pot when u can,love to all the lil precious ones at me!!

ramya{an indian fan living in the uk}

jessica domestica

Lucy! Another happy item for you:

the quiet homemaker

Hello Lucy, not sure if you'll get this comment or not, but thank you for popping over to see my rippling efforts! :) :) Still loving it, and I noticed something wonderful today (more details on my blog)...each row looks like a row of little people holding hands, like paper dolls. Isn't that beautiful??

Thank you again for teaching me how to crochet...I am SO enjoying it!

love, Tina xxx

Dreaming Bear

Everything is so lovely! My heart is skipping too, and I think I have a case of the "wanties" too. Well said!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I've been working on my granny stripe blanket using the Creative Cotton "Lucy Pack" - I'm doing it in a rainbow progression starting with the purple, blue, green, yellow, orange then red. I'm in the greens right now. I ordered 2 more packs as the skeins are pretty small. I am making the blanket for the back of the sofa in my new (used, 2008) trailer (caravan) - and I just got 3 feather round pillow forms off eBay so I can make some matching pillows in rainbow circles!

I hope you can pop in again soon and tell us hello.

We're taking our trailer on it's maiden voyage next week to Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon - right near where Lewis & Clark spent their winter when they reached the Pacific Ocean on their discovery mission. You can see our trailer here: http://byteresa.com/trailer/


oohhh....lovely style!!!

Nancy Richards

Hi ya Lucy,

Hope your ok, just read your ravelry comment. I have 3 kids to and 2 dogs so understand how tiring it all is. Take care and do some chilling.
Nancy from sunny cornwall


hei Lucy. Thanks for your inspiring croceting. To day I have linked to you. I have made a pillow after your recepie.Your colurs.
summerhug to you


We miss you, Lucy. It's good to "see" you on Ravelry, though!

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