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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 30, 2010


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Debt Management

Hope your trip will be fine and its great time for you. I know that is a great season for the trips like that. Have a great time.


It's all your fault - no hoovering, cleaning, washing, ironing, boring things done any more!!! I only started crocheting three weeks ago - then I found your blog - love it, love it, love it. Love your patterns, love the colours. Have always wanted to make a granny blanket - now I'm off, thanks to you - there's no stopping me now! ( Love all things camping too - we camp at Charmouth every year)- am desperate for a caravan to pretty up!
Love your happy blog. Just do it when you feel like it and have time and one day maybe do a book (with lots of your pics}, you really should. You bring joy. Hugs, Pat


Can't wait to see the pattern for the little flower square, just what I need. Thanks


Looking forward you sharing the pattern :-)


I'm back! From England and Scottland, and you know what? It was wunderfull, and when I come back, what do I see? 2! Yes 2 new postes from You.
Of course you' re forgiven for not posting every day, WE DO LOVE YOU! Just keep on , sometimes, and we'll be happy!
And you new granny squarre is looooovely! I adore it!


Hi Lucy. Soy de Argentina. Te sigo hace mucho. Me encantan tus trabajos y sos mi inspiración. Hace unos días me animé y abrí un blog. Te mando el link http://simpleandreacrochet.blogspot.com/ por si querés pasar a verlo. Perdoname que no te escriba en inglés pero no sé. Un abrazo grande.


Hi Lucy, Petah here. Love your blog and refer to different parts of it often. Flicking through your archives is like going through my favourite old magazines! BUT Don't feel bad for even one minute ever about not getting time to blog. It's just so normal. It's tough keeping hubby and kiddies happy - and Mummy needs time for herself too. I found when my 2 children were really little I got some time out for lovely crafting things, but then they got to primary school age and suddenly my time alone just vanished. Yeah, I don't get that either. Now they're nearly off to high school and it's all settling down again. I'm writing, photographing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, cooking. And I love it all. Now my little ones are getting hooked with me! And all of that family time is waaaaayyy moore important than blogging. Like you, I love my hubby and my children - and that's the best :-)

Ann Kelsey

Hi Lucy, I commented on the wrong post so forgive me if you read it twice!. I was thrilled to meet you last Thursday at the K.N. I LOVED it, all the cheerfull chatter and soooo friendly people it was wonderful. Look forward to next time I can make it. Love to you and your gorgeous children..and the baby, well what a lovely looking little bundle of love aahhh.Ann xx


soooooo missing your posts!! hope you are ok (just busy), and all of attic 24, too!! jkj

Dennis Marquez

Hey Lucy! I could not find a contact box or something so I will write a comment here.

My name is Dennis and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm currently working as a theater performer on a cruiseship and because I have a lot of time on board, I started chrocheting (is that even a word?) again! I've been very busy with this craft the last 3 months, and this week I found your blog. Wow! I've been checking your blog a lot of times a day for inspiration! I was never a fan of granny squares, mainly because I just associated them with granny's ;-) But seeing all the colors you use and the combinations, I'm sold! The first project I made from your blog is the bag! I kept seeing this back coming up in pictures of yours and did not know the pattern was right there on the left. I bought the wool on wednesday and yesterday night I finished the bag, except for the straps and flowers. I made it a little bit bigger because I felt my wool was a bit thinner than yours. I wish I had spend some time looking for nice colours but my money is running out because of this yarn hobby, and had to pick a cheap wool, which is still 100% wool and feels really nice! I'll show you some pictures when it's finished. All in all, I just wanted to let you know how happy your blog made me, and that you have a new fan, cruising around northern europe (sweden, norway, denmark and germany, great places for wool, but expensive!) Thanks again! Have a nice day!!!

Teje Karjalainen

I love your block and all the colours in your great works !

The Garden Bell - Kate

You are the best. I am so honored and humbled.... The Queen has done it. Finally, almost one year to the date since I started on this journey with you all. I MADE YOUR BLOGROLL...... I'm going to pass out right here, right now. I'm smiling from ear to ear. I think I'm going to go wake up TheScootMan scream, he knows that's been my little secret goal.

So, it's 11pm here and I should be getting to bed, but now....don't think that's going to happen, I'm way too fired up. Guess I can go finish the last row on the Half-Baked Grannie now. Hope to get it up a posted soon. Can't wait to see your progress on your next Grannie. It's going to be FAB, just like always.

If I could jump through this screen I'd be giving you a big hug,


I will probably be back to see the peeker again and again. It's one of my favorite pictures of yours. Too funny and I bet not many caught it.


Oh Lucy I love you and this post! :) Right, as mom we have so little time for ourselves... but those little pips make we sooo happy, indead. Enjoy. Love, Giusy


Hi Lucy I think that Art in the Pen is on this weekend at Skipton Mart


I wanted to share a link to a post where I share what you have taught me! Thank you! http://aleapopculture.blogspot.com/2010/08/weekly-dose-of-crafts-is-back.html

The Garden Bell - Kate

It's always worth a second look over here. How, lordy, how did I miss Little B peeking in back of the flowers on the couch. Nice one!... You got me. Am I the only one who spotted him? Probably, not. Just late.


Dear Lucy, You may be blogging less but your posts, when they appear are so RICH. Hope your holiday has been a good one with more pictures to share with us later.


Thanks for these lovely colourful patterns. Can't wait for the Sweet Flower Granny Square pattern. Will keep checking in to see if it is posted. Christine

kathi crosby

that wall. that mossy cement, gray, green wall behind that table of flowers is just divine, the perfect background for everything- life, pics, lunch... I want to sit there and have tea


I've just recently discovered your wonderful blog and already you have taught me so much! After failing at the granny square several times I tried your Summer Garden Granny Square and succeeded, I figured why stop there and also was able to complete the Neat Ripple swatch and the a Hexagon! So THANK YOU! :D I look forward to exploring your blog some more!


♥ beautiful photos ♥

India Black

Dear Lucy,
I couldn't believe my luck when I found your blog! The most wonderful, colorful, sincere, heartfelt (I could go on) blog I've evern read. So, naturally, I had to go back to your first blog and start reading from there. I spent ALL yesterday doing just that and was totally blown away! Your crochet projects are fabulous, and even tho I'm a knitter (quilter, dressmaker) I was so inspired by your work that I am going out to a wool store today to get some wool to start a granny square project too. I really enjoyed all your holiday pictures and really felt I was on holiday to those wonderful places with you.

You have such a great rapport with your older children which I admire (I recently retired from being a Nanny) and I'm sure you're enjoying your new little guy. You have a beautiful home which you continue to inject your personality into, and it must be awesome to have an attic (with such a great view) in which to be so creative. So, thank you for all your wonderful words and beautiful pictures. I do read lots of blogs pertaining to knitting and sewing but this was the first time I was so inspired I felt I had to leave a comment. Keep up all your good work! I'll be reading!

Bye for now,

(from Nova Scotia, Canada)


Hello from Phoenix, AZ...
I feel so happy to have found your blog. I'm totally new to crocheting and was looking for a tutorial on hexagon grannies, and there you were in my Google search. Well, I am putting the hexagon idea on hold so I can try my hand at that awesome granny stripe blanket. Thank you so much for sharing how to do it with us.
I have been captivated by your wonderful posts and all the fabulous photos. I'm so inspired by your beautiful crocheted projects.
Have a lovely holiday :o)


Hi Lucy, hope the hols are going well for you! The photo of the bluebells is gorgeous and little B too! Your granny stripe blanket is a masterpiece. It's the greatest feeling to do the last stitch and for it to finally be a completed blanket. I'm sure Connievan will be very pleased to receive it! Have a fab rest of August! Love Vanessa xxx


check out Neulova Narttu -for a brightly coloured hexagon blankie - wow - they so make an impact. Luv the blog - enjoy your time with the family - and Connnievan, happines makes for good reading and sharing

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