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July 21, 2010


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You are as cute as a button, love your lack of fear of color (I'm a bit colorphobic), just made my first granny square baby quilt and see how folks get hook on making these, love your blog, adore your sweet and cozy home. There, I think I remembered to say it all! So glad I found your blog!

Queen :: Grandma

I have been following your blog for quite some time now --- ever since I ran across it in search of a crochet flower pattern! Your fun ideas & happy writing can snap me out of the most fowl mood! Thank you so much for sharing all the GOOD THINGS. I love:love:love being reminded to have fun, relax, & enjoy the little things in life.


It is gorgious! Be proud!
smiles :)



hello! i'm not sure if you read through comments on older posts, but here goes:
i love this afghan!!! i happened upon your blog through the a reference in another blog and felt immediately at home. i am mostly a quilter, but crochet scarves in the winter (new york cold) for everyone far and wide (i am sort of a one-stitch-wonder at scarves...). well, i read through your posts and decided i HAD to try this blanket. the only problem i had was tracking down the proper sized hook; my girlies (aged 4 and 9) steal my hooks to practice their patronus charms, so locating hooks is a big scavenger hunt in this house! the 'h' hook looked slightly sad and stretchy; finally the 'g' hook is making progress. thank you for the wonderful inspiration!


Whar a lovely blanket! And: there is a dutch translation, thanks to Karinaandehaak. And thank you Lucy. We alle love Lucy!


Hi lucy,

Still loving your blog as always, anyhows i was cyber window shopping :@) and i came across this and thought u would like it !



Preciosa tu manta Lucy, me encantan los colores que tienes.

Besos ^-^


Well done on the blanket! I check in on your blog every once in a while and just love your happy outlook and keen eye for what's just plain pretty... I thought I'd post a comment and give you a link to a shop I've got my eye on that might have some things you might like too. Here you go: http://www.sassandbelle.co.uk/
All the best


bonjour à toi...
tout est magnifique ici...
peux t-on te passer commande ???? comment procédes tu ?


bonjour à toi...
tout est magnifique ici...
peux t-on te passer commande ???? comment procédes tu ?


As always it.s lovely..


I found your blog a few days ago and I am in awe of your creativity. I usually just knit but now I am crocheting a hex blanket. I would love to crochet the granny square with the flower center, do you have a tutorial? I am sorry to be such a bother but I now have the bug. Thanks


nice ♥


You're right; your Granny Stripe Blanket is amazing, delicious indeed!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Hello Lovely Lucy! Granny circle tutorial posted with love!
many blessings to you... I am so in awe of parents... it must be so full-on especially with three... I hope you're having a marvelous time and enjoying being mother of the year to yet another little darling. Can't wait for your next post, you're a star. XXOO

Renee - spear401

You have an eye for color, just gorgeous!


Totally awesome. I now know the pattern I want to use for my husband's afghan! You do amazing work. I love reading your blog. You have wonderful insight. Keep on keeping on.


your blog, and you, are super duper lovely. xxxxxx


You have such great time management!! And the blanket is becoming so beautiful, beautiful!


wow u make my heart skipped too!!!
thanks for making this happened ^^

Patti Johnson

The blanket looks great!
Congratulations on the finished project!


Hi Lucy,

Hope you are enjoying your holidays and finding some time for your crochet. Low phases can be a bit overwhelming but they do eventually pass, I've been there. Take care, Anne xx

Kathy K.

The colors are beauuuuuutiful! :)


Love the pics so far Lucy. I'm only on row 40, so a loooooooooong way to go yet. How many rows did you end up doing??
Can't wait to see the 'ta-dah' pics too xx


Hi, Lucy.
Did you post the tutorial of this blanket? I can not to find it. :/


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