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June 15, 2010


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Mary Beth Porch

Thank you so much for the little tour of the moors! Having never been to England (but wanting to very much) I love seeing the countryside! I can not wait for you to give directions for your beautiful striped blanket! I think I love it as much as you!

Louise in SW Saskatchewan

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us. The picture of the Yorkshire Dales looks reminiscent of the rolling prairie areas of SW Saskatchewan where I live. I love living where I can see 360 degree horizons and lots of sky!


i adore this post :) and your blanket!

Amanda Colnaghi

What a lovely post! I too have a blankie I'm working on that I feel the same amount of love for, thanks for sharing. Amanda x


The swirls of various shades of blue in your baby's eyes is amazing!!


I do so love that fireworks picture. It's quite brilliant and I almost felt like I was there with you when you described it. By any chance, have you done any crochet & felting? I am delving into it at the moment and it's quite the experience!


looks like a perfect weekend

Julie Ratcliffe

I love reading your blog (and learning how to crochet) thank you so much, I'm loving it. Your little girls picture and writing!! So sweet. I hope you keep it. My little people are now 19, 20 and 29 and I have a box of little things like that. It's the thing I would save if I could only have one (not counting people of course)I look at it often, the memories are priceless. Thanks Lucy.


Yor life is like a DREAM! Love your blog and all of your work! :)


Hi Lucy,

I want to know your secret - how do you make each and every one of your photographs look so beautiful? They are always such a joy to look at and make my heart skip about madly!
My photos are sometimes successful, but usually a bit drab. My Little Man loves to use our camera and he often takes the best photographs - maybe I should get him to take all my photos!
Your blankie is looking lovely (almost as gorgeous as Little B's eyes!), can't wait to see how you finish it!
Take care,
a-m x


Your blanket is looking truly scrumptious, I love the colours :-)

Melissa P

So gorgeous! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing all the excitement of your blankie!


That Blankie is FAB. I love your Saturday pictures, a very very packed day. Sounds like fun. AND a carousel, one of my very favourite things.


Looking VERY good!
Love the beautiful blue eye!


Yay! You're back!

You've obviously gotten sucked into the fun fairs too. =)

You have a wonderful eye for color, keep going on the blanket!

Maddi <3


Lovely post and pics. Thanks for sharing.xx


Love the firework pic.
And of course all of the blanket ones x


I really love your blog, it makes me so happy.


What a perfect Saturday! Little B, what beautiful clear blue eyes - love him! Granny stripe blankie FAB xx


Wonderful family days - aren't they precious.

I dread the fun fairs - we're going to go bankrupt soon this summer I fear.

Love Little B's eye shot - what a treasure.

Take care

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy looking at some of your photos this evening I thought some looked familiar. then I clicked as I read on. Well done you two meeting up together!!
As I have just written(well typed to Heather)
you two have the best blogs and I have learnt so much re crochet from both of you.
The colours in your blanket are looking
Love Sarahx

Emily curnow

That blanket is completely yummy; perfect for snuggling under and absorbing a good novel. Xx

Christine Warren

I'd say Little B has his mommy's eyes - Beautiful!


Lovely day, Lovely post, Lovely photos... Awsome-cute-lovely Little B eyes, Gorgeous-amazing-colorful-cheerful blanket... incredible views...

Thank you!


You are amazing :-))

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