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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 15, 2010


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word unscrambler

The content you share is wonderful and really rewarding

john alexandar

Thanks for sharing such an informative article!

Savannah Scott

I was a little bit surprised when I saw this blog where crochet outputs are being posted. I can no longer do other things but instead to have easy tasks like drinking coffee. I have planned to do something that will make my talent be cultivated. Your post is in fact a very nice idea for me to do just to kill the boredom that I am experiencing everyday.


can anyone get enough of these endless flashs of beautiful color combinations???
...so VERY inspiring!!!
i had inherited a big box of at least 40 year old yarns including some cottons, just perfect to give it a first try... after 3 evenings in front of the tube i am already up to 50 little square centers and still going strong.
i confess... i am totally (crochet) hooked!
my next step is hitting the next shop for some other colors to add as well!
LOVE those pics and all your work... will be following you from now on... step by step! thanks SO MUCH for sharing!

Ann Kelsey

Hi Lucy, I was thrilled to bits meeting you and the children at the K.N. last Thursday. It was so lively and buzzing with lovely chatty people....I LOVED it and will definately come again. My mum who is staying with me for awhile enjoyed it too but afterwards said she had a headache haha.Love to you and the little people. Ann xx

Summer accessories

Lovely arrangements and i like it.....


I found you on flickr and I absolutely love your afghans! I love them so much I actually linked you on my granny square blog post, i hope you don't mind :D


I can see how you would go all giddy over your stripy granny, it is gorgeous.


A breathtakingly beautiful day. Thank you for sharing its richness and joy with us. I adore the vibrant color choices you make when crocheting. Makes my heart smile and my hands eager for another crochet project!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Loved your picnic spot in the Dales....looks so peaceful! That blanket is looking adorable and I have just seen that Heather is about to start one too :-) This hooky stuff is catching!!


Oh Oh Oh the blanket is just scrummy! I want one! x


I have an identical photo to your first one of your high place but mine has added sheep!
Steph - different one!

Erika Sews-it-all

What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday! And I do also love your blankie!


Hello..I do hope you are feeling better...i'm going to pick your bairn...to do your wonderful blanket...do you just start with a chain of slip stitches?

Nedra- Cactus Needle

I am new at crocheting, and want to make the Granny Stripe Blanket. I've read your tutorial. What size crochet hook do you use? I noticed it said a "4". Is that a UK number or a US number? (I'm from Utah)


Lucy your blanket is coming along so nicely.
So nice to be able to sit and relax out somewhere and hook away.
I thought of you the other day when I came across a book I had bought a few years ago that is full of different squares (not all granny) to make. It's just gorgeous. Someitmes I just sit and read it. I'll get the name etc for you and maybe even take a pic to show you. I'm sure it's very you.
My blankets coming along nicely. Must take some pics and blog it.


Oh my gosh, the granny stripe is looking stunning!!!


Loving the blog, and the beautiful countryside. I am attempting to Hook along with the granny stripes but not quite keeping up with your speed at the moment, but then I am not doing 5.30am. My littlest man sleeps through at the moment thank goodness. 12 stripes and loving it ;-) x

Nathalie abi aad

hi, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blanket , the colours just make me dream. I WOULD get up and CLAMP my hands and BOW for it. its LOVELY and i admire your enthousiam, every time i read ur blog i feel like i a got a splash of VITAMINS running through my veins, Im from Beirut, LEBANON. and my dream is to visit your part of the country, the country side just makes you feel serene. Hope some day to visit. keep up the LOVELY work. Will try to follow ur steps, AM LEARNING TO CROCHET FROM THE BEST.


Fantastic nice blanket in great colors as usual. But I do not see how you like so many crochet blankets, I have no patience for something that is larger than half a square meter
but I am excited to try a blanket again.


What a gorgeous story - I mean, it really was like reading one of those nice stories from childhood when the sun shines all the time, there's a funfair and treats, and all is just perfectly well with the world.
Thank you, I enjoyed your post immensley!

Love Julia x x x

Judith (Crete)

Wow! what a super fun packed day you all had. Bet the LP where very tired when they went to bed. The stripey blanket is looking good, Connie will be pleased.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Lovely pictures as always!! Especially Little B's blue eye!!! Gorgeous!!
Love from Anna xxx

Anne Bebbington

Oh those photos of the road over the tops into Wharfedale bring back so many memories and make me so homesick - but thank you for sharing

Emily curnow

Ps are those a string of breastfeeding beads??? I love those x

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