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June 18, 2010


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Ana Reyes

Dear Lucy,
Here you have many comments regarding your today's post. It is totally fair to have "days like today". Maybe you are a bit tired with so many things going on in your life. Sometimes spring does affect people. Don't feel guilty. Try to recover, take your time. You have shown to be a great super-woman. One proof is all this comments you have. Your art, your messages, your joy and your love have such a possitive impact in our lives that the least we can do is write some loving words to cheer you up. I'm taking care of my parents (76 and 88) and sometimes it is terribly hard not to feel low. Your blog has cheered me up so many days. Your tutorials, recipes, your art, your children are just amazing.
Even though it is difficult try to have positive thoughts. For positive thoughts make positive actions. Your love will always save you and keep you from harm.
Giant hugs from Spain

Patti Johnson

Here's hoping your wishes came true & you got to at least do one of your planned things!!! Everyone is allowed a pity party once in awhile! I've have quite a few lately though, oh well. Feel better quickly!

Mariette Stevens

Hello Lucy,
Sad to hear you have an awful cold and also a little one to care for so no time to rest. I thought of your new caravan today when I was looking at the Clothkits website. I have some old kits from 1985 when you used to buy the kits and sew the clothes yourself and so thought I would see if they still existed! Well, they do AND there is a section with pretty camping/outdoory sort of stuff in bright colours you may want to check out. when you are feeling better of course.
Pretty materials, plates, colourful ice cream spoons . . . . :O)


Hang on in there Lucy.......with all our good thoughts coming your way there is bound to be an end to the "feeling grim" bit very soon ! You have been a source of comfort for many folks all over the world now it is our turn to comfort you through your blog.So.....go with the flow, rest when you can and just know that we all are rooting for you...love you lots xx


My heart goes out to you, if it helps to know you're not alone - Little Miss (4 and 1/2) has been up every night this week with bad dreams...
Hope things look brighter tomorrow and you get some time to sleep.
Take care,
a-m x

esther jane

oh no - being sick with little ones is the WORST! when they are sick and you are sick and everyone is grumpy and needs someone to nurse them but you have to do all the caring for and nursing even though you feel WORSE than everyone...yeah, that stinks. you're far more cheerful than i ever am when sick. honestly, i don't think you whined enough. ;) feel better soon!!


Greetings, Lucy. I've been a fan of you and your blog for some time now, but have never commented. Just wanted to let you know that your enthusiasm for crocheting is contagious....I took up knitting at the beginning of the year, and now, thanks to you, would like to learn to crochet as well. Today I used some birthday gift certificates to buy crochet hooks and this book: http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Square-Crochet-Motifs-unexpected/dp/1603420398

Hope you are feeling better soon!


Hope you feel better very soon Lucy. A cold can make you feel really rotten, especially if you're also suffering sleep deprivation. Take care of yourself. xx


dear Lucy--Oh my, you and "poorly" don't go together At All! I can't even imagine it.
It always makes me happy to see there is a new blog entry from you.. so because you've lifted my day so many times, hopefully this lifts yours! :) XOXO

Wendy Wager

Oh dear, Summer head colds are the worst! Hope you feel better very soon. Take care x

anna fogg

Do feel better soon, Lucy, but perhaps my note will bring some cheer into your world. I'm across the pond, a native Washingtonian, which means, DC, the nation's capital. I'm a homeschooling mom of 7, and a quilter who also loves to crochet and knit. And I love anything Rowan...somehow I discovered you in blogworld, and what a jolt of joy you've put in my life today. I found you last night, went to sleep dreaming of that Granny stripe blanket, and woke up to see more. Then I visited you on Flickr and saw your bag...please link me to that tutorial for the bag. The world you've created for you and your family is so sweet and lovely, you keep art alive with color, texture, vividness...as one artist to another, thank you. ~anna


Oh poor you, I hope Little B has allowed you some rest today and that you are both feeling a lot better soon. Sending lots of get well wishes x


The only thing that would get me through when my children were little, and I was sick, was reminding myself that it was okay for me to do a lousy job of my usual responsibilities, and that the bare minimum was just fine. Feel better soon, both of you, and sleep as much as possible.


Will all the well wishes you should be back to better in not time. One more couldn't hurt. Hoping you and little man feel better soon!

Lois Stohr

I am sorry you are not feeling well. As a grandma, I wish I lived near you. I would sit and rock your little one and love him while you rested. Would love to. Lois, NC

Rachel D.

My poor Lucy, I hope that soon little B and you will both feel better. A "little" cold can mean nothing to some of us but if you add the lack of sleep on top of it, I would feel the same as you. "Courage" as we say in French.


Hey Lucy, so sorry to hear that your not very well, i know exactly how you feel as i have times like that. try and put some diluted peppermint and lavender oil (you can dilute one drop of each with olive oil or any other base oil, you will need about 4 tablespoons of base oil) on your temples to help ease the bad head. hope you feel better soon



Get well soon.


So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope your hubby will be able to help you some with it being the weekend, get plenty of rest and take care.


I hope your head cold gets better quickly and that you all get a good nights sleep. With regards to the previous post, I am from the South and they are definitely butterfly cakes!!! x


Lucy ~ I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell. It's really hard when you have little people to find time to care for yourself ~ I hope that you manage to get some rest and some hooky time too and that you feel better soon ~ Take good care of yourself :O) xx

Blue Farfallina

Hope you feel better!!!
PD: I love your little cozy nest... at least you can lay down and rest... :) Get well soon...

j k eells

hope you are feeling better soon, lots of cuddles and snuggles together will make all the difference. take the drugs it always works. get well soon.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy sorry to hear that you have been
poorly. Try to just rest(not easy I know)
lots of warm drinks and a fairy cake or two
if there are any left!!!


Hope you feel better soon, you've totally inspired me with your gorgeous blog and I have taught myself to crochet over the last couple of weeks - just in time to sit and crochet your Summer Garden Granny Squares while my menfolk are watching the football! Hope you have a good weekend.x

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