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June 18, 2010


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I know exactly how you feel...
It is no good. I hope you feel better soon.
Take care!

Kate Bruning

I'll bring my crochet and come and snuggle with you!


There's nothing worse than a cold in the summer! Poor you, hope you feel better soon.


oh yuck! I do hope you feel better soon. Get lots of sunshine and a hot shower to drain that cold.

Wish I could bring you some chicken soup!

Heather Newbold


I'm an irregular reader of your lovely blog - the photos are so inspirational, I love the colours and your writing is like listening to someone chatting - so refreshing! :o)

I hope you feel better soon, and when you do, (having just spotted your Staithes entry) you may like to visit Castle Howard (the roses in the walled garden will be heavenly now - imagine immersing yourself in a cloud of fragrance and colour - you can also feed peacocks there which your little ones might find fun!) or Robin Hood's Bay?

Anyhow, put your feet up, cuddle up to Little B (my little boy was born just over a year ago - time certainly flies!) and just spend time planning all the lovely things you could make from rainbow crochet!

Best wishes

Alexandra Mason

Hope you feel better soon...summer colds are so horrible xxx


May God bless you. Be patient. It's gonna be OK soon, hope so. Kisses from BaH.

Margot K of VA

Sick in summer, with Connievan awaiting to explore. Got to be disappointing.Hope you can shake this annoyance and move on....meanwhile, the old addage 'go with the flow' is best for contenting oneself. Hope you feel like a spot of crochet colors.

Nancy Richards

Hi Ya Lucy,
hope you feel better soon. I've just ordered part 2 in the japenese crochet book!! Naughty.

Penny Peberdy

Get well soon!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Hope you got your sleepy nap in and are feeling better soon :-)


So sorry you are feeling poorly. I hope you have a restful weekend and that the lurgies leave you behind soon. Take it easy,

Cheers - Joolz


Hi Lucy, I hope you get better soon.
Colombian Hugs From Swindon!


I feel for you - I´ve been having an awful, nasty cough for 2 weeks now and even though I´m not enormously sick it does drain you, don´t it?!

Be better!


So sorry to read you are not feeling bright and bushy tailed. I think you did the right thing to slow down the activities a bit.
I do hope that by now you are feeling better.

Have you taken little B to see the doctor? I think you can't take little ones too often to see a GP or their Pediatrician. Leave nothing to chance.

Sending you a nice cup of tea and some homemade cookies. How's that?


Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Lucy. Hope Little B doesn't come down with a cold too. Wishing you uninterrupted snuggle time, warm cups of tea and time to lose yourself in your eye candy books. Sending comforting thoughts.


Hope you have a restful weekend and recover really soon. Funny how we feel guilty when we put ourselves first with little ones to look after! Take care Lucy.


My thoughts of good and health are on the wing to you, over the mountains,over the plains, over the hills and sea, just to caress you and brighten your poorly days! Is my turn to do what you are doing all the time in your colourful blog for me....

I hope that you can get some rest and get better soon.
All my love for you!

sandra whitford

I hope your feeling better soon. Reading all these comments would surely do the trick!

Teresa Kasner

Awww, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I can so relate. I had a weird flu this week and had to be on Amoxicillin all week to prepare for oral surgery today. I was sick and nauseous all week, could barely eat more than a few crackers. Today they pulled a tooth that had broken off at the gumline - then drilled in the hole, then screwed in a Titanium peg - then put in a peg on the bottom too. Oh my -- life can be such a trial.

But know that we all love you and that this too will pass.

Teresa in Corbett, Oregon

Marian M-S

Hope you and little B feel better soon! Sunshine and happy thoughts your way!

Mandy M

Oh, Lucy, Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Could the problem with little B be that he is about to cut some teeth....he is getting to be about that age?? Hope you are feeling better soon. x


Hope you feel better soon. Colds are miserable, especially you have to do things like look after little Bs, cook etc. I hope you get a rest on the weekend.

claudia w

I hope that you will be up and about and back to your regularly scheduled self quickly.


Poor Lucy! I understand completely about the Little B situation. Erik is being the same way this week. Wishful thinking!

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