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June 21, 2010


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Estee Lam

Hello!I am from Hong Kong.I love to visit your blog everyday and see the beautiful crochet!
I intend to make the blanket, but I don't know 100%cotton yard or 100% aryclic yard, which is better? and which is heavier?
Could you please recommend to me?
I hope you could understand what I say because my english is very pool! I think so!

Thank you very much!
Best regards!


Hi a lovely post and gorgeous pics as always. I adore little B's feet. I come from Saltburn area and my Mum looks at the same bit of sea you loved. It is a much overlooked place, did you take the children on the little train to the Valley Gardens? its lovely. We used to go to Staithes on an evening when we were kids for fish and chips after Dad came home from work, so I know that bit of beach very well. Your caravan is a great idea for your little ones they are going to have some great memories of exciting times in it.


I HAVE RIPPLED!!!!! Thanks to you, your inspiration, your tutorials. Oh Lucy, thank you so much for opening a world of wonder, colour and happy time with my children. You have no idea how much my life has already changed in this last month, and I believe you are a gianormous (daughter's favourite "word") part of that change. And I rippled ^^:-D

Marcia Miorelli

Hi Lucy, my name is Marcia and I'm from Brazil. I love your blog.... i visited every day...i love colors, recipes, photos....

Best regards

Catherine Fairbairn

Hi, I'm a newbie to your blog - have only just learned to crotchet and found your lovely site. Love your pics and your enthusiasm, lovely to see such gorgeous colours - in winter down here in the land of Oz. Also love your generosity in sharing your patterns - I've made a little crotchet bag (just a square one) and am attaching some of your fab flowers and leaves. It looks great! so thanks a bunch...
Catherine of Oz


Glad that you are feeling better. I also bought cherries this and my daughter has decided that she does like them. i have made up a sample of the granny blanket and your instructions worked perfectly. i have now just done the first two rows of a fll size version. I am using up some stash and hope to buy something a little better later. It is looking ok so far.


Rakastan värejäsi ja maisemakuviasi.


Lucy ~ such beautiful colours of summer! I'm glad to hear that you are both well on the way to recovering from your illnesses too ~ Take care of yourself and your little man :O) xxx

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Lovely to hear that you're feeling a bit better! Sooo beautiful pictures!
Here in Sweden, we will celebrate "Midsummer Eve" this friday. It's one of the biggest holidays in Sweden.
By the way, here's some new pictures (and old) of some of my crochet and knitted stuff: http://picasaweb.google.com/AnnaKarinPersson72/VirkatOchStickatCrochetAndKnitting?feat=directlink
Love from Anna xxx

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads

I posted a shout-out to you on my blog, along with a copy-cat project! Thanks for the inspiration!

Simone in Maryland

Oh my! I'm in love with all the color. My friend, Anna, sent the link to your blog, and I'm so glad she did. Everything is so LOVELY! Love, love, love color. You make me want to be creative, and forget all the homeschooling responsibilities for a while.


Hmmm ... brightening? This does not look right but hope you understand it though.


Good that you are feeling better.
Thank you for brightening up our days with your colorful pics.
Yummy ... cherries are the best.


Belated Solstice greetings Lucy.

Glad to hear you are recovering well and hopefully your home will be a snot-free zone in the coming days.

Unfortunately ours is just becoming one - a teenager with a cold and hayfever at the same time!

Ah well at least all those colours make me feel cheery (especially the Sweet Willies. I lurve Sweet Willies).

Love and Stuff.

Tracey Holdyk

Such happy colours, thanks for colouring my day.
love me :-)


Happy Summer Solstice to you. This is a purely selfish point of view I know, but when I saw your photo of the late evening sky I thought to myself..."yippeee, we're past the shortest day and the days will be getting longer from now on". Greetings from Aotearoa/ New Zealand. :D


You always cheer me up. Thank you. Feel better soon.Miss you when you don't post.


Beautiful colorful photos! Cherries are my favorite and I wait all year for them to be in season.


Happy Summer to you! Your blog is like a little vacation for me during the day--thank you. :)

Dorien Ruben

Oh I MUST try that lemonade! Have a good summer! :)


Love your colors... happy that you are feeling better!


Wonderful colors, so nice summer pictures. I liked specially those cherries :)


Uy que lindos colores y verano, que los disfrutes!!!!


The fruit this time of year is so yummy. I bought some blueberries and some cherries at the farmers market last week. Ate all the berries and half the cherries all by myself. The snot... yes, I know what that's like. It's as if you can blow your nose for ever and it just keeps coming out. Here's hoping it goes away soon. (Have you tried freezing a wet washcloth for Little B to chew on? I've heard it helps with teething pain.)


Glad you are feeling a bit better :) I enjoyed your summer colors! We are going to make our second batch of Lucy's Lemonade today (my kids love it!); sunshine in a bottle!

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