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June 16, 2010


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My mum always used to make us butterfly cakes, she must have made so many batches for fetes and birthday party over the years, thank for reminding me of these lovely little cakes. I to like the comment about have started reading your blog archive, it's a wonderful place to escape to. xxx


I know I'm about 2 years late but from indulgent time to time I catch up on your posts as I'm fairly newish to your blog.....yes, butterfly cakes (Southern England here) and dirty urchins??? I haven't heard that since I was one. Awww. Takes me back.

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What a very creative idea! Cupcakes are quite boring if you don't put something so fancy on it.


love your blog, I follow it all the time and it has given me the inspiration to start chrocheting again after many years, I hope you don't mind I have metioned you in my blog and put you in my list of favourite blogs , keep up the good work. My blog called dotties dolls I make and sell online rag dolls and dolls clothes.

Ann Kelsey

Hi Lucy, I have made the fairy cakes hundreds of times over the years, my children used to love them. I now lookforward to making some some for my grandchildren when they are old enough :o) xx


Lucy, I would love to try your recipes. They all sound lovely. I have one problem, I don't know how to convert the metric measurements into US measurements. Do you have any conversions?


Lucy, I cooked the little cakes with wings, now the name is "ATTIC CUPCAKES"
They are nice. My family like them mery much.

Elaine Susan Howard

Can't even spell my own name, it's Elaine. My Grandfather is from Lancashire also, maybe that's where we got the name from.

Elaine Susan Howard

Hello my name is Elane, I am from Australia also, Queensland, but we called them Butterfly Cakes. Whatever they are called, they are absolutely yummy. Thanks for the memories.

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I love cake. But Could not prepare it properly. This inspire me make it proper.


sugar beet is used to grow British sugar!

So no tropical cane here!
We always called them fairy cakes if the tops were left alone, and, yes we put the tops back with the round edge down and broad side up like butterfly wings to call them butterfly buns
I often put a spot of jam under the butter cream too.


Hi- up here in Scotland they were called 'Fairy Cakes' but you are not allowed to call them that now because it is not pc!


Definitely FAIRY cakes... and I'm from the North! The jam sounds a yummy additon too, though yours look great!


Hi Lucy, to make your cakes even sparklier you could sprinkle a wee bit of silver or gold Sparkle Dust - even makes nappy changes magical...!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I remember fairy cakes filled with jam and cream....so nice!


Well I'm from up north and we always called them butterfly buns. Mmm,might have to make some as my pregnant appetite is growing daily! x


Yeah, we call them butterfly cakes - they're always lovely to make and eat. sprinkles are nice over the wings & even choc buttons - endless variations and fun! Ta. Tigger


We always call them Butterfly Wings and I add a few drops (just very few)of strong coffee (Nescafé) to the butter and icing sugar. We love this flavour! They are a must in our family with every celebration! No exception allowed!


I think they're definitely butterfly cakes! That's what we used to call them in the little pocket of northern NSW, Australia where I grew up, at least :-)

And I get confused the other way round - I used to cook a whole lot more than hook or stitch, so it's taken me a while to start calling patterns patterns and not recipes! (I still do it sometimes, especially when I'm sleep deprived.) I hope you're feeling better soon.


I have been reading your wonderful blog awhile now. Thank you for always brightening my days!

I have always called these fairy or butterfly cakes. This is kind of serendipitous, I have really wanted to bake these the last few weeks but haven't had time to look for a recipe. These are surely the prettiest morsels ever (take that cupcakes!).

Ronnie Pearce

Thanks for reminding me of these little cakes i haven't eaten for a very long time. Need to introduce my babies to them. In Aussie i always knew them as butterfly cakes but my hubby from NZ calls them Queen cakes


Dear Lycy,
i am following you blog for quile a while now and adore what you are doing - managing a family, especially with a very little one, crotcheting, caravaning - you made me learn crotchet, and one of my very lucky moments was, when you posted a comment to one of my flickr (bella.anna) pictures. Iam blogging myself for about half a year now, and i would love to invite you to my blog. if you are interested, i need your email, cause the blog is only for friends and family ...
whish you all the best, and thanks again for making me learn crotchet!

Darion St. Jacques

I absolutely love your blog! I just recently came across it the other day, I don't quite remember how but I'm glad I did. You're an extremely creative person. And the pictures you have on here of England makes me So excited to go over there, I've never been there but I've convinced myself I love it. I'm from boring Alberta, Canada so pretty much any other place then here has interested me, but England is definately the top place I want to visit. But anyways I don't want to take up a massive amount of your comment space. But feel free to email me, I would really like to know more about England :) Btw I'm a girl haha sometimes people think my name is a guy's name.

Eli Kristin

Wow, what an amazing blog! Love your photos and blankets and all the gorgeous stuff you make!!! You're truly a creative person, love the colours too :D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol Juniper

I used to love making fairy or butterfly cakes with children when I worked in playgroups - they are so easy and the kids were always proud of their efforts. As far as I know we don't grow sugar cane in England - our home produced sugar comes from sugar beet which looks like a large turnip or swede. I think it's the same as the beet fed to horses or cattle as well.

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