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June 08, 2010


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Sandra Tranter.

Imagine my surprise to see 'home' on your site,and so proud to see it looking so beautiful. Love your site.


Hi, I am so mesmerized at your home your life your crocheting,I can't imagine such a full beautiful life you have. Thanks so much for letting us share snippets and taking us on journeys we would never get to see.S.J.


Wow what beautiful photographs... makes me happy looking at them:) I stumbled across your blog surfing for patterns for granny squares. I will definitely be back for more visual joyment. Thanks


Hi, I love to read your blog. I´ve got it on my PC and look in now and then. I appreciat the way you write, the way you think and put it in words, also your lovely Fotos. You chear up my day!! Hope to read lots and lots of thinks from you in the future.
best wishes to you and your family from Luise living in Germany.

Alicia P.

Just so you know, you are driving me CRAZY with all this beauty. C.R.A.Z.Y. xoxo

Katy P

Your posts got me thinking about caravans, having a little look on ebay, a bit of research into what could fit in our garage...one thing led to another, and I've just this minute heard from my husband that we have bought an Eriba Puck. I am so excited - and look forward to getting inspiration from you as you make yours even more homely! I'm now living in Switzerland, but I'm a Yorkshire lass and I love your blog. x


Oh Lucy, these are such happy memories for you all! I have so many of my own of our caravan when I was younger and DH and I really want to get one of our own (will probably wait for kiddies tho!) I'd love to visit Saltburn (even more after seeing these gorgeous piccies!) as it was the location for a Freya North novel I read on honeymoon last year, not exactly literary prize stuff but it sounded really lovely! All the best for your future trips and revamping, my Mum revamped one of our older vans, new curtains and the like and it was so pretty so excited for you!! x x x

Kelly Bassett

I have wanted one of my own sweet caravans for quite a long bit!! It is so inspirational seeing others enjoy their priceless caravans!!! I just wish I could get a hold of one in the States. I would be ecstatic if I could live in England:)


just found your blog from RubyRed and oh my goodness I want a caravna now!! I want to explore the UK as I've hardly been anywhere and this just looks breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Anne H

So glad you enjoyed Saltburn. This is where I enjoyed paddling most weekends when I was young. The North East coast was my local seaside for my first 18 years and I still feel drawn to it - the pier, the wonderful lift and then further along at Redcar the lemon top icecreams at Pacitto's!


I love your crochet and it's fun to see your color sense in the other things about you...the basket of laundry, the linens on the bed in your caravan, and even in your seaside pictures. One day I am going to do something in those sorts of colors. Have a wonderful vacation. love, Beth


oi, meu nome é Lilian e eu moro no Brasil, sou quimica por profissão, mas amo as artes em geral e principalmente croche, há muito tempo acompanho seu blog pois também faço muitos trabalhos com square e você sem dúvida é uma fonte de inspiração. Me desculpe por nao escrever para você em Inglês, mas não domino bem o inglês por isso não quis me arriscar, mas como eu tenho tradutores você concerteza poderá compreender meu recado. Enfim estou lhe escrevendo para lhe dar parabéns e dizer que suas fotos e seu trabalho com o croche é maravilhoso e inspirador. Se quiser me responder ficaria grata,
mais uma vez parabéns pelo blog....eu adoro....

Donna :)

Beeuuutieeful!!! Saltburn on the Sea was just breathtaking. I love those really high quaint towns especially by the sea. What a place. Thanks again for sharing your life, it is soo sweet. I love the camping, camped with my 4 girls many times through the years and for someone who is outdoorsy it is just the perfect vacation. Not to mention all the unforgettable memories you will all enjoy through the years. Thank you many times over!!!


Oh it looks absolutely blissful. I have heard of Saltburn but don't know exactly where it is so will have to get the map out. It looks like just my kind of place. I can never get bored of reading about the caravan. I am hoping we might have one ourselves in a few years time so I am more than happy to read about other peoples caravans. I'm hoping we might borrow my in laws caravan this summer. Camping is out this year as I have a slowly expanding bump :-) and don't really fancy crawling in and out of a tent. So it will be good to practice in a caravan even though it's not my own. Looking forward to your next instalment of holiday tales. x


It looks like you've had a fab time and you are certainly causing a stir with the wool shops online - I ordered some the other day and they emailed me to ask if there was a magazine article or something out as they had had so many peeps ordering the same !!Love all your projects x


Lovely pictures Lucy! It looks like you had a lot of fun!


We're a van family too - we have a book / diary which we take with us when we go away. We keep a note of the dates we've been away, where we've been to and what we did when we were there. We stick in tickets and other little bits and bobs we collect while we're away. Our children love writing in the diary and it's turning into a fab record of childhood memories (and it's great to watch their writing change over the years too!)


I love the picture Lucy! We have a motorhome called Bette, and we're off on a two week adventure at the weekend. Nothing makes me happier than sitting with hubby and dawg in or around our little home, doing stuff you don't get time to do when you're at home. Lots of hooking on my agenda! Please keep sharing xx

Cheri Mosgrove

Oops. . . doesn't look like my email was included in the post above. If you can send me the plate information, please email it to [email protected]. Thanks so much!

Cheri Mosgrove

Hello Lucy from Salem, Oregon, USA! What fun to take a trip to Saltburn on the Sea from here! :-) I would so love to visit there now! Our little family just bought a tiny little trailer called a Trillium. . . it's only 13' long and so very very cute! I'm working on restoring and decorating it. My inspiration is coming from the Cool Caravan book you blogged about some time ago. Given that, I wanted to ask you if you would mind telling me where you got those super cute plates shown in your picnic picture on this post. Those would fit perfectly in my little trailer! Thanks so much. . . I really appreciate your help and your fun hooky musings!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Hi Lucy!
It's oh so beautiful!!!
I understand why Little Lady cried. It lookes like you had a super holiday!!!

Take care!
Love from Anna xxx


Oh my goodness, how beautiful! Your little camper, the delicious views--the lovely, lovely town, it all looks just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


Brilliant blog

You inspired me, and i had a go at the little grannys, not bad for a first attempt, thanks for the inspiration


Hello Lucy! What a lovely holiday! The beach looks fabulous! I'll drop by tomorrow, oh yes, I will! xxx Pati from cloudy London (which reminds me I'd better bring the clothes back inside from the garden in case it rains...)

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