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May 12, 2010


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i love your topic yarn talk and the tangerine goes well with pistachio!! it is so your style!! and oh, the mute colors does look nice too on close-up.


As always you share everything with us! No wonder you have so many followers of your blog. Thanks!


Hi Lucy! I am working on the crochet bag you created a tutorial for. I've also made the hexagon blanket and ripple blanket you shared too! If you have a spare moment, which I know is difficult when you have a little one :), I would like to know how you make your circle connections so perfect! When I connect a round with a slip stitch and start a new round there is a big gaping seam, but your's doesn't seem to have that. Just curious. Thanks. I love reading your blog! Thanks for all the hooky inspiration!! keralara@gmail.com


Hi Lucy,
Those last colours are gorgeous!! And yes, please let us know how you do the border, I love it! Night, night... xx Pati from London


So great to see your latest finds...and I have just purchased some of that yarn in the blues to have a go at making a smallish blanket. Love checking in daily to your blog-your words and colours are uplifting to the soul!! Thanks Lucy.


This is another great source of cotton for crocheting with brilliant colors :) And my favorite of there's http://www.elann.com/Commerce.Web/product.aspx?catID=30&id=118559&tid=7

Thanks for sharing! you are brilliant!


Wonderful colourful post today. I'm not surprised the cotton is out of stock, it looks lovely. I'll have to get an order in too.
Carol xx


I have been using Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in needlepoint work and it has a lovely texture, might be a bit thin though for blankies. I saw this article from the nytimes and I thought of you when i saw the giant felted granny squares. Check out the slide show, she has a rug made from the squares too. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/13/garden/13rugloft.html?src=me&ref=style


Hej på dej,

(= Swedish, meaning "Hello there!")

It's always nice to find out about alternative yarns to use! Me I'm stuck on a 100 % mercerized cotton yarn called "Catania" by Schachenmayr Nomotta for Coats. I order it over the internet from Germany and it's priced 1.50 euro/50 g + VAT.

I've used everything from a 2.5 mm hook for a very sturdy crochet (e.g. for pot-holders) to the 4 mm I'm at right now, making a hexagon blanket.

Being so hooked on hooking I'd love to be able to shop wholesale but the quantities you have to buy are ridiculous.

Warm springtime greetings from the lovely Åland Islands!


Hello! I think it is not just about the colors going good together - your sence of combining the colors is much more important, I think. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


 Joyce Stewart

Glad you posted about a more economically priced yar...whilst I simply adore good yarn I simply can't afford it at the moment.. I don't like acrylic but that's possibly because I haven't found a good one...so glad to read all the advice...I too was researching where I could buy natural yarn for less and have discovered that in Kilcar in Donegal (about 1 1/2 hours away from me) I can buy it much cheaper so we'll have a drive one day soon. Thanks for all the advice.


Of course ' we love lucy' !!!! And what a great new colors and projects you are working on!

Rachel D.

Thank you Lucy for this very interesting and very colourful post.
Thank you for the interesting links: good to know.
Thank you Lucy for...brightening my days.
Cheers from Belgium.


I think I may just be tempted into buying a crochet hook and try it


Will wait to see the results with interest! Love the colours which is one reason why I visit you!


My favorite yarn is cotten. I also have crocheted your round bag, LOVE IT!


oh my! I tried to order some of the rico today from the site you used and I guess everybody else beat me to the punch. they were already out of most of the colors! LOL :)


Oh and PS: try www.hejhog-uk.com for natural yarns - I have found they are quite a bit cheaper than most others online/instore. Fast delivery and fab service.

Karen Lizzie

the Rico colours are wonderful and such good value too. I made the mistake of starting a blankie in Rowan cotton because I got a small bag of mixed colours in a charity shop. However having bought "just an odd ball here and there" to finish it I realise that I would never have spent so much if I had bought it all at once.

Rowan uarns are beautiful colours, but the balls often have quite a few knots, the colour change between dyelots can be very noticeable and I also suspect that the thickness of the yarn varies from batch to batch too.

I'm glad you have found a good alternative and I will be checking it out myself, thank you.


I enjoy reading your blog and have learnt a lot from the tutorials - thanks! Would you consider a tutorial on colour sometime? You put colour together really well, and in ways I wouldn't consider, and they just work so well. Anyway, thanks for the lunchtime reading!


I love the softly muted colors. Makes it look all vintagey. The thing I've found about 100% cotton (at least the ones I've used - peaches and creme) is it hurts my hands since there's no real "give" to the yarn.


Lovely yarn, Lucy. And I really like your stripey cot blanket. I have a 'thing' for Lily's Sugar and Cream 100% cotton. It's the yarn I used to make two of your crochet bags, granny squares and my knitted dishcloths. They make really bright colors too. And the cotton yarn is quite affordable. The only projects I use 'expensive' yarns for are scarves. By the way....I have made over 70 granny squares now with your lovely pattern. What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I too just spoke to the First 4 Yarns lady. She is lovely and said she should have more stock in a week or so. Thanks for making time for your recent posts. Sooo envious of the caravan!


Hi Lucy
I like both sets of colours. Sometimes my mood is chalky subtle & other days I need a vibrant colour lift. I have used bamboo yarn & hated it for its splittyness. Perhaps you are more patient than me with yarn. Due to lack of funds I knitted a patchwork heirloom blanket for my daughter 10yrs ago in acrylic - big mistake, pilling all over - never again. Keep on keeping us informed - much appreciated. Tracy


Loving the new wool shades and the new projects!! My word you have been busy! Looking forward to seeing how your new cushion turns out, and may I say what a jolly good price that is for 100% cotton yarn!! Good find, thank you for sharing!

Love Julia x x x

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