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May 12, 2010


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Hebah Helmy

hello this my first comment am egyptian...congrats 4 ur new caravan...i was born in Dundee and i will be glad 2 send u egyptian cotton sheets if u want......


Coincidentally I am working with Rico 100% microfibre at the moment and finding it very easy to work with although as you say there can be some splitting of the yarn


Ok Lucy, have been reading your blog for a long time, never crochet in my life, however I am inspired and have bought my first Lucy Pack of wool from First 4 Yarns - now all I need is a crochet hook. Oh, and to figure out how to crochet!!! Thanks for your blog, it makes me very happy. Susan, Australia


Hi, meant to mention - you've probably already tried it - but I found a lovely wool at only £1.99 per ball - Cygnet Superwash- some of it may be a bit muted for you but the quality it really nice. I can't bring myself to use acrylic and the cashmerinos I favour work out quite pricey but this one is a nice compromise.


Hi Lucy. Thanks for the fabulous post. I too was getting a bit anxious thinking of the price of Rowan Handknit Cotton and seeing how they changed the colours for Spring 2010. I love the idea of Kool Kotton but would like to know whether you had to block your striped blanket the way we have to with Rowan cotton? Seeing as it's half acrylic I'm hoping blocking won't be necessary...


I just LOVE the Vintage Vertical Stripe pattern, and started to make my own, but... all those ends! How do you deal with them?


Made my Lucy Yarn Bag too big, so it became a cushion. Am about a quarter of the way into the summer flower granny square blanket, and now more colour love! This is an excellent find! Will be following the hordes towards Rico Creative Cotton. Thanks Lucy. PS Could we have the joining stitch you used in your squares?


Thank you for the mention of your Ravelry group! I wondered if there was one, and there it is. :) Btw, your blog is amazing!


snuggleability is definitely a word!

Thankyou for writing this. I'm very new to the world of crochet and have found a lot of rather pretentious blogs saying you must use this or that yarn and it's always very expensive (and often only to be found in America!). Thanks for a more honest and , to me, reassuring post. I will definitely check out the Rico creative cotton and your Ravelry group



Hello! It's been a while...
I'm here just to share a beautiful thing I found on Flickr:


It's in my faves' and I just fell in love with it... I'm still trying to figure out how she managed to make such a combination of yarns...

Big hug!


I am very, very envious of your yarn stash!



I'm currently working on an Attic-inspired granny squares blanket and I'm using some of the Rico cotton. I was instantly drawn to the bright colours in my local yarn shop, like nothing else in there! I agree, though, it's very splitty! It makes work a little slow. My local yarn shop in North Lincolnshire has a website, and they do it for £1.82 a ball. They also sell my knitting bags, needle rolls, and needle cases too (although she never has got round to putting them on her site)!

Wendi in Biarritz

Hi Lucy,
Did you happen to wash your Ricco designs yarn to test it and see if it was color fast? I bought a ton of Rico Designs "Romy", 100% cotton 50 gram balls, 85m suggested hook size 4 to 4,5 and I hooked up a beautiful baby blanket for a friend. It was in pinks, lavender, purple and white. Well when I washed it in cold water the white was no longer white, it was light pink. I also made your big crocheted bag out of the same yarn-and I'm scared to death to wash it. I've got about 20 balls of the stuff left but I'm now afraid to use it. I hope you have better luck!


just joined ravelry - hurrah

this is a weekend of firsts- my daughters first night in her own room- a new diet for a new me - a new fab knit group - summers coming and it all looks great!


those poor ladies at the yarn place obviously dont know whats hit them - well done lucy!

Emma Veenhuizen

Thanks you so much for the links! I live in Australia and it's so hard to find cotton in such vibrant colours. I just did an order through First4Yarns and I'm SO EXCITED! I love looking at your blog for inspiration, so thanks!

Dorien Ruben

What a great idea to just fill up your basket and use up everything. And I love that you have bright colours again :)


"We have sunshine in the bag again" I just love that sentence :-)


I *love* your color combinations!!


Hope you are on commission! Your work and choice of colour shows everything off to its best!


I've only worked with polyacrylic yarns so far, out of budgetary concerns (very tight budget here). But I'm very pleased with the softness of some of them. They don't really split, it's very easily washable as well.

My favourite is ONLine, Linie 50. 50 grams for just under a pound... I order online from a dutch store, But I'm guessing it'll be more widely available elsewhere. It's a German brand.

My other yarns are cheap ones (under a pound for 100 grams) from Dutch chainstores. One of them is nice, the other ones are too muffled and a little coarse for my taste...


My blog roll tells me you posted yesterday but when I try to link to it it doesn't work !!
I'm so frustrated .Has anyone else had a problem?
Jacquie x


Beautiful squares so far! Like you, I prefer more vibrant colors, but the softer shades make a nice change, too. Very much looking forward to the progress of your new blankie. And I absolutely adore Yarn Talk. If it were a TV program, I'd tune in regularly! I need people with whom to discuss yarn. INTERESTED people, I should clarify. :-)


Such a fun post! I just finished a very small baby blankie and am feverishly in search for my next project. Know that feeling? Your colors inspire me - I've always had to make things 'match' so I am excited to go buy a rainbow of yarn! See you on Ravelry - thanks for the invite!


I bought Kool Kotton yesterday! Admittedly it was pricier than yours, but then I was in central London. I liked the purple enough to try it out, but looking at your squares, I think I'm going to have to go over to Creative Cotton, because those colours are just gorgeous.

*cough* That is, once I've used up the milk cotton that I picked out of the bargain bin at John Lewis, and the Cygnet DK that I'm in love with at my local charity shop...

Cilla Cameron

Hi lovely colours but I know what you mean about missing the orange and yellow it gives a bit of pizzaz! I don't buy much yarn as I only dip in and out of crochet and knitting once in a blue moon........but since coming across your blog I have crocheted your lovely bag and a couple other bits...I buy cream DK or aran and dye it myself it works out about £1 per 50 grms .. the fun of dyeing it is sooooo exciting..I am a wool baby and not keen to use acrylics...I usually buy wool offers from ebay or charity shops . I use acid dyes you only need a small roasting pan and the 3 primary colours and black and hey presto.......have fun and thank for your inspiration Cilla

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