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May 27, 2010


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Oh how I love your blog! Always beautiful colors! Milk tankering a little B of my own . He's a couple months younger than your sweet little guy. I sigh at the sight of my bed, too. :)


Hi Lucy,
Harrison Loved purred apple and rhubard, with a touch of cinnamon. On the milk tanking, we are still feeding. He is now 2 years and 7 months and refuses to give them up.
Hugs Audra
PS hopefully I will be getting some pattrerns in the Japaneese crochet books translated soon. Let me know if there is a particular pattern you want to be able to read


love your colorful self, hop over to cote de texas for a pve "custom" give-away....


Oh my goodness 2 posts in a row......sooooooo exciting!!! love all you wrote and loving all your flowers and hooking. I'm busy with my granny squares, so much fun randomly picking colors....I think I have around 25 colors going, all bright and cheery! Take care have a great weekend, Robbie


How do you do it? Nothing seems to ever get you down. Keep on keeping, thanks so much!

-Maddi <3


Awwwwhhh... I think we all like hearing baby and big kid news! Love the links, too. Happy, happy weekend to you! x x x

Shelley in SC

Hope you had a lovely, lovely night's sleep. And good for you, not getting dragged down amongst all the "to do's" and "not done's." Time enough for that later!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Oh the delights of trying new tastes....don't you just love the faces you get :-)

Sarah west mids

Dear Lucy round cushion looks really good.
Are the front and back the same?
Actually been out this evening a rare treat
during the week. Just had to leave my messy kitchen till I got back. When I had loaded the dishwasher it didn't look too bad. Better to be spending time with the important people in ones life and crochet
of course!!
Love Sarah x
PS When you have such a colourful house
mess won't even be noticed.


I love the circular mat sitting under your pitcher of flowers. It really sets it off. :-)


Lucy... I so much love your post about baby things!!! they are as much as lovable as you hooky or views or calendars posts!!!
And you live everything with such a joy that is very contagious...
I went on a yarn trip today... delicious!!!


I love seeing all the beautifully colored crocheted pieces together! I've been on a colorful yarn hunt without success here and will need to order online. Like you said, the problem is you can't see the colors and I like to touch all the yarn, too. Thanks for sharing about your lovely home and it's messiness. My home is quite messy and I am supposed to have a baby on Tuesday - so I'm not getting to worked up about my mess either. Blessings!


So nice to hear from you again, Lucy. I've been wondering how you've been. :) Love the CK items; the tea kettle is lovely, but in this house of all men I'm not sure pink would fly, lol! Or should I say "caravan" of men? We're living in ours temporarily since we've moved across country. Hmm... not quite as dreamy full-time, lol.

I'm making my first Granny Square afghan for my cousin's wedding at the end of August; you inspired my more colorful choices, so thank you. :)

Have a lovely weekend!
Illinois, USA


Hi Lucy, lovely to hear from you again so soon after your last post! On the note of babies and solids, you might be interested in reading about baby led weaning? There's a lot of sense in it! Some links for you if you'd like to look:


lily boot

I love love love the rug on your bed. The way you pieced the four small squares together to make a big square - yum! The Connievan equipment looks gorgeous - good for you for splurging. Milk tankering definitely warrants splurging every now and then :-)

The Garden Bell - Kate

I see it, I see it....Little T's hand. He reaching for that beautiful pot of stock. He needs a whif. Drooling and dancing a jig for a third time today. First, your yarn can be ordered and shipped to the U.S....then you left me a note in my garden right by the fairie mushrooms. The girls on this side of the pond are sending me smelling salts to revive me. Then, lastly you leave me with this treat of C.K., before heading off to snuggle in bed.

Just let that stuff lay on the floor. It will be OK and do just fine without being picked up and cuddled away in the laundry basket. We don't see it anyways, as you are clever photographer too.

My day has been made that for sure. I'm so happy, I'm declaring a night out for dinner here. Yeap, I'm not cooking...what a way to end my perfect day.

Sweet Dreams My Friend,

No yarn yet, just popped my second brew-ski and Scooter's not even home yet. Cheers....
{only kidding}


Oh busy day, so we are the mothers!
These purple flowers are beautiful, I love the color purple.
Have a happy night ... until tomorrow.


Roundy pillow is gorgeous (thank you for sparing us the spew photo!). What a baby time that is, starting solid food - have fun with your sweet boy.

Do share your CK purchases when they arrive!


Sounds like a great day to me! I love, love, love your blankie and it makes me so want to get back to crochet and knitting, but my hands have been bothering me when doing such activities. The pink appliances are just TOO cute!

The flowers are stunningly beautiful....we don't have them here in MI.


oooh... oohh.. i got the other version of the bag with Easy living...the decisions we have to make to make life jolly!!!


I love KC's items, and I treat myself every now and then to something from her site, I live in USA,and we dont have it here.


Loving your round cushion,it looks so much brighter than in previous pics.
We used to have polka dot melamine in our caravan when I was little .Just blue though.Love Caths' colours.
Jacquie x

Carmen - Titchfield

Hi Lucy,I bought the same flowers this morning after feeling 'draggy' about my never ending mess !! But,after a slice of lemon drizzle cake and 'first for yarns' ringing me to say my 2x lucy bundles were on their way to my messy mess house, I skipped off to the school run this afternoon feeling oh so much better !!! Oh, and by the way, what did you do with the little crocheted semi-circles you showed us a while back ???????????!!!!!!! xxxx

Jayne Walton

The flowers are lovely, they make a home more than any cleaning can. I made your banana bread today, but probably should have done some cleaning instead, hummmm....!!!! Oh well, it tasted wonderful!


Love the new round cushion and how kind of Little B to welcome it to the Attic24 household. :-) The flowers are fab too, wish our supermarkets had such lovely flowers.
Have a lovely day.

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