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May 07, 2010


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Fantastic.We have done exactly the same.New spotty pale blue curtains were the ticket in ours & a few blankets make a huge impact!
We have our first holiday in ours next week with a trip to Dorset.I just hope our 22yr van makes it!
Have a look at the above blog.You may like some of the ideas on there.She has a lovely little retro van as well.

queen nefertete

ooh such a fun idea!
caravans are the best!

we bought one too a few months ago
and now we are transforming it into a little shop on wheels!

(it's not finished yet)

have a look at our pictures, if you like!

love luci x.

arthur cohen

Very cool and vintage...we love Vintage!


Inspiring! Will try to remember this when we finely take off for our dreamed long trip to Australia. Thanks!


How cool! I can only imagine what heights of glory you are going to take her to :-) I know it will be an amazing transformation.


Oh how very sweet. I know you will do fabulous things with this new fun. We have a pop-up trailer that we have thoroughly enjoyed with our sons for the past 4 years. You will have many good memories of your family outings I'm sure. Blessings,


oh big congrats! this is the stuff of my dreams as well... both the already cheerified ones and your "blank slate." enjoy!


Very nice!! We have one too. except over here in america, we call them "campers"


Oh, Lucy! How fun! I absolutely can't wait to see what you do with your caravan. It will look so fantastic after it's been "Lucified"!


Oooh all my favourite things in one blog post! I have serious caravan envy going on now - I spent my holidays as a child in one and would dearly love to have my own. I cannot wait to see what you do to your caravan!


I think she will be adorable, when she`s finished.
have a good time with her!

greetings from germany


i cannot wait to see the amazing things you'll do with this camper! how exciting!


Well, I guess i find the same inspiration in your blog. I have written about your blog in my blog, and I lent some of your pictures. Hope that is okey.
Ellen :)

amanda makes

How lovely Lucy! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures together. Lots of love, Amanda xxx


SO jealous!! would love a caravan.....can't wait to see what you do with it!


aaah, so happy for you and totally jealous! i love visiting my parents when they pop off in the caravan, it's so fun, like playing house, everything you need, everything you want all in a tiny little box of your own, and you open the door, and you're in the great outdoors. it's home sweet home, but home wherever you want, by the sea, in the country, even in the city!

i love, love, love caravans, but i'm not allowed one, aparently i'm not old enough yet - pah!

I look forward to seeing how you cozify and prettify and hookify your little home on wheels.

have fun!

Cate, x


Wow, wonderful!! Congrats, I could tell this was a happy post from the start :) I can already see the caravan being redecorated attic24 style, all colors and warm and lived in. Look forward to you sharing every little piece of crochet you make for this dream!


congratulations !!! i'm very happy & excited for you !! no doubt you will turn it into a lovely colorful haven :)
i'm absolutely in love with all this greengate display !

Ellen Delcambre

OH! my my my! What a lucky family you are. I know you are excited as I would be. Such a fantastic looking caravan you have purchased! Lucy, the chair you made over>>>>> ... this will be faBuLOUS girl. It's really in very good shape for being 18 years old. And....yes, she needs a spectacular NAME! when your done dressing her up! That's when you will know what her name will be :) Attic24 will hit the road in classic, comfy, colorful style! So happy for you, Lucy! I'm jumping up and down for you dear :)))))))) What lovely sites you will see and share with us :) Happy trails to you and yours !!!!


I ADORE this post..infact I'll be looking at it again and again!Lucky,lucky you to own a caravan...and I can see, in no time at all, it's going to look as scrumptious(if not more so)than Constance!
You are going to have soooo much fun and adventures with her.What are you going to call her I wonder?

Bellaboo :0)


I am so with you on this! I adore little comfy places. You must check out this book: http://tinyurl.com/23zqepo

These are the things of my dreams. I can hardly wait to see what you do with yours!


Oooh, I have caravan envy here. Lucky you. Looking forward to seeing the makeover, best wishes, Pj x


This makes me soooo happy! You all will have tons of fun doing this. I'm from Kansas City, Missouri and we have a local vendor that works out of a vintage caravan that I DROOL over (both her caravan and her delicious products). You can see a photo and read about her yummy, homemade snowcones here http://fresherthanfreshsnowcones.blogspot.com/2009/06/in-press-organic-gardening-magazine.html


Lucy, I know you know what I mean but others might not LOL

Bet it will look scrumtious how exciting for you and your family

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