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May 07, 2010


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Kurt Bukowski

I love that book! Anyway, your caravan looks so cozy. It’s just my taste! I’ve long been planning to buy a caravan too. I might get myself one, hopefully, by next year! Yey, just the thought really excites me!!! :D


This is so sweet and awesome! I can imagine how it is cozy to travel in it somewhere :)))


Oh my how lucky you are congrats i will have to be patient as you spruce it up and make it your own.im off to dream of mine lol


Had to laugh...we got our caravan in Feb 2009 from DHs parents....lovely...BUT....VERY biege and pink too!

First year it was our kitchen/diner/lounge as we ripped out the ground floor of our house (interesting with a 6 week old and 4 other children as it's only a 2 berth version!!)

2010 it got some trips out, last year was VERY busy so no trips out....can't wait to get out this year!

Can't wait to see how she develops :) xx

חברה לייצור ריהוט משרדי

Wow... Amazing home. I like this creative idea shared by you. I feel fairly strong about this.


Love your blog Lucy! We also own an old and much-loved caravan which regularly takes us on many adventures with our 7 year old son....currently camping in the Dordogne near a little medieval village called Limeuil - you'd love it. Thought you may be interested to know that we transformed the flooring in our van by ripping up the 'dubious carpet' and replacing it with vinyl stick-on laminate. Doesn't sound very glam but it's cheap, lightweight, easy to install and has totally rejuvinated her. Just had to seal the floor beforehand with watered down PVA glue to ensure good adhesion then lay the laminate strips down on top. So easy to clean, scratch-proof too and looks lovely. We then have washable carpet runners for added warmth and which are especially useful when it's wet!

Alison Biss

I just happened upon your blog and was excited to read your caravan entries. We have just bought an old and very beige van ourselves who is called Mavis/Grandad David - depending on which child you are talking to! I had a friend when I was little who had a fully working caravan as a den just for her and I think ever since then I've wanted one of my own. I get ever so excited about melamine and spotty knife and fork handles and crocheted blankets and fairylights and bunting and now I have a caravan to put them in it's even more exciting!


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I am so happy for you! And I really liked the pictures from the book! I have my site on crochet, interior design and handmade. I publish these photos in my blog. The way Russian handmakers will also be happy with me!

I also dream of caravan!


Wow thank you for the lovely pictures! Like you I have just realised a dream and last weekend we bought a caravan! The task ahead is to transform it into a cosy cutie just like the ones in your pics.
My little girls (8&11) can't wait to help. I feel I need some ideas though and it's so hard to find any, as all caravan interiors pictures seem to be brown, beige and a bit more brown!
Good luck with your caravaning adventure! We're a bit nervous about the towing!

the chatty housewife

I know this is an old post, but I just had to come back here and share this link:


Lots of photos for inspiration!


I have myself a vintage Shasta Compact 13ft from bumper to tongue. I made her over with the help of my dad.....I couldn't love her more!!!!! She is lovingly named Lil' Lemondrop. I know all about the minds eye and can't wait to see what you do. I have always admired your use of colors.


Hee, Hee, Hee - looks a bit like our wee caravan - just finished putting a new flooring down and have made some curtains for her this week - so exciting, and such good fun - have posted some 'after' photos on my blog if your are interested, I tell you my little hands can't crochet fast enough to make blankets for all of us - thinking a crocheted heart garland might be the thing for a quick fix!


I just found you via my Google feedreader... It is SOOO nice to meet you! I love your blog and your granny's and your excitement about life and all your pretty things!


I have been truly bitten by your caravan bug! I am getting married this August and we have asked for money instead of present and you can just guess what we are putting our money towards! I absolutely cannot wait! x


i can't believe there's a whole book dedicated to something so wondrous! how could you not buy it, indeed :) have fun :)


So I see this new "toy" and within 10 seconds of browsing your post I know I WANT IT TOO! But my boring common sense (all dressed up in a button up strict black dress, starched and pressed) and my dear husband (who is at this point my worst enemy...Grrrr) says "NO! You can't have it!"

So I lay down on the floor and throw a tantrum, just like my three year old would do. And I am entitled to kick, scream, cry and wave my fists in the air. Because I just really really WANT IT!

And then I am sending myself to my room to calm myself down, cause this is not healthy behaviour at the age of 40... or is it?

You have opened a door to a forgotten world of caravan life and camping memories... And now I want my own family caravan to build new lovely, happy memories in! (Big siiiiiiigh!)


Welcome to caravanning! You will have sooo much fun! Those campers you showed us are soooo adorable too. We have a caravan called Sally Sprite and go away every other weekend, only quite locally because our dog gets travel sick, but ohh what fun it is!!! I'm sure you will soon get your little van exactly how you want it, Love Honeypuddle

Alicia P.

My heart just exploded into a million polka dots, granny squares, and spare tires -- I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! This is just brilliant Lucy. Many congratulations!!!


I'm showing my daughter (she's 8) this post - we have an old caravan on the farm she wants to do up as a cosy little cubby/hideyhole, and she would LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures on here!

Enjoy your lovely van, can't wait to see her transformation ;)


Congratulations! I cannot wait to enjoy the journey of your fancy-ing it up! I can only imagine how very fabulous it will be once it has become the Stuff of Your Dreams! Golly, your excitement even makes me want one! But since I'm 3 weeks from having a baby, guess I had better wait, lol! TFS, Lucy.

greedy nan

so-o-o excited for you. can't wait to see the progress. i want that book ...

LIlouka pour JojO

la transformation est terrible !


wow, that is going to be a great caravan!
I featured you on my blog yesterday, hope that's ok!?

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