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May 30, 2010


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I am fairly new at this! I have the first three rows down! In those first few rows we did 3 tr's per space in-between. What I have a question about is for rows 4 and 5 do I just do 1 tr in the space in-between or do I stick to the same 3 tr's? Thank you so much for your help and I just love this pattern! Thank you! :)


can you please tell me the weight or size of the yarn? (i.e. 4/medium). i would like to make this afghan but i need to change the colors. it is beautiful!! TY


Hi Lucy,
I know this is a bit late, but I was wondering if you could post a list of the order of colors you used for each row/rows? I know I should just do my own thing, but I love the way yours turned out and I can't quite figure out the sequence of colors.
Thank you so much!


I love this pattern. I am using up all my extra yarn to make a queen size blanket and I love this pattern! It looks so neat no matter what colors you use and for such a large blanket is a very fast pattern! I plan to add my own twist and to put an edging on it too! Thank you so much!


Lucy, do you know the order that you used for the colors? Does it matter? LOL! I ordered the package from wool warehouse Thanks so much for this project. I am on my third row. Loving the ease of it!


Just received by yarn today!!!!! Can't wait to start this one!!!!


Sooooo amazing. Got started on it tonight. It's almost midnight & I can't stop! Fun colors too! Thank you so much for the beautiful pics, inspiration, colors, & joy!

Bonnie Rubin

I'm new to crochet, and I'm attempting to make a twin sized blanket in granny stripe.
I need serious help. I don't know how to finish it off.
The sides look a little crooked (as I keep bunching it up to put it away for the night) I want to make the edges look as neat as possible.


I've just started making this. I found the best way to keep check of stitched when you chain is to place a marker every 30 stitches until it gets to your desired length for the width of the blanket. I'm making it for my son for Xmas and to fit a single bed so just did as close as i could get to 137cm then i can add a border if it looks too small. The first 2 rows were really time consuming....constantly counting and its fiddly but after that its so fast 😊 this pattern is great!

Maria Grimes

How many skeins of yarn did you use for the granny stripe afghan?


Hey, I have just started this blanket after coming back again and again to admire it. I got the pack from an online shop with all the colors.
I made it bigger though, 300 in the starter chain and a 3,5mm hook. I ll see how that turns out but oh my, each ro takes a long time! But it is starting to get there.
Thank you so much for the inspiration to do this.
My biggest project this far :-)


I have the same yarn, I started mine this evening I'm loving it . Thank you

Shanta Rayaprolu

Thank you verymuch for detailed instructions. After long day working with my yarn to create some thing to unwind my self is my routine.
Now knowing this site made it much more easier to create something new every day.
I can't thank you enough for posting simple yet eligent patterns.

Gaye Baldock

Love this so much I have started one myself - but your stitches look so neat and small and mine are quote large. I am using an 8 ply cotton blend with a 4mm hook - what am I doing wrong?

Monica Evans

For a baby's blanket how many chains do you crochet?


I am so excited to try this, but I have a question...Does the turn chain count as the first stitch in a row?


I love the colors that you are working with. I live in the US. Is there another acrylic yarn you could suggest that would be equal to what you are using?

Faye Goolsby

Well, I got started today on my second granny Stripe Afghan...It is my new favorite pattern...Thank you for teaching me how with your written instructions and pic's...I ended up a stitch short, but on one end instead of skipping two, I just skipped one...I'm hoping it will look ok, if not I'll be froggin' for awhile....Thanks again,,,,

deirdre flanagan

just got my delivery of stylecraft wool and Im so excited - cant wait to get started the granny blanket wopee doopeeeeee

Eleanor Cullivan

I am going to make this for two priest friends of mine for Christmas, one who lives in Upstate New York, and one who lives near Boston, Massachusetts in Lowell. It gets very cold in both places. I am sure they will like the colors. They will brighten up their rooms!

Sophie Cope

Hello, I'm very new to crochet and have started a granny stripe blanket. I have chained 240 and have double crochet into each stitch..missing the first one. This means I seem to have worked 239 stitches? The tester above is for 21 chain and then only 19 stitches? Should I have missed the first two stitches at the start of my first row? Any help you could give would be very greatly appreciated. I find your blog really inspiring and it has been a huge help and encouragement to me in learning to crochet. Sophie


in need of guidance here... I was trying to do this, but the first three rows are coming up with curls. Is it suppose to curl or did I do something wrong? :( Should I keep going and will the curl ceased after several more rows?
thx in advance...

Cindy Knight

Could someone please tell me how many balls/skeins of each color I will need. I tried finding it in the instructions but could not locate.
Thank you!!


Oh... one more question... How and what was the border? I love the border so much!


I am not understanding the starting size for the blanket after the tester...

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