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May 30, 2010


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judith payne

Please could you email this crocheted blanket pattern


Lovely pattern--and colors! thank you--planning to try it when I can work it in :)


Lucy. Did you ever post a color sequence for this blanket.

Nancy russell

Hi Lucy, I love your work,vary pretty.,it's have a question, how do I do the granny stitch without the holes??,,I'm doing mine in Bernal blanket yarn,,,colors are wine and and antique white,any segestions would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you so much
Nancy r.

Brenda N

I cannot wait to start my new blanket for my daughter and her husband for their king-sized bed. Any suggestions on how many stitches I am going to need to start. Thank-you in advance

Dorothy Scrantom

have you by anychance made a video showing how to make this? I really love it and would so like to make it I'm just having a problem understanding how to read the instructions on making it. I need more of a visual. I crochet lap blankets for chemo patients both adults and children also beanies and I think the colors would just brighten their day. thanks for your time. Dorothy

Daphne goodenough

Hi Lucy, my stripey blanket pack has arrived from wool warehouse, and I can't wait for Christmas so I can open it up to see all the glorious colours, roll on the day, my fingers are itching to start! This year I was introduced to your website by some friends at my local knitting group, and oh Lucy how I love love love all of the content, I have literally spent hours pouring over the patterns, the wool the pictures, your wonderful comments, and reading about your dear little house in skipton (Near where my daughter lives) in addingham, your 'Loves and joys' are so like my own, I just so love that we can become so ridiculously excited about colour and knitting and crochet, please please carry on with your blogging, and ramblings about your family life holidays in connivan, etc, I too have a caravan, which is quickly becoming festooned in crocheted blankets, aah bliss, Thankyou Lucy for giving me such joy, you are a lovely soul ... From a fellow colour nutter in the nicest possible way of course!!!


When will you post pictures and tutorials?


Hi , can you please tell me how many stitches are needed I the foundation row for a single bed size ?


I love this pattern! Am just starting on a blanket so it will be a while but do you have instructions for the border? Thanks!


Bought my kit this summer, started the blanket last night :) I had a lot of fun deciding the colour order!

Regarding some questions below, yes, UK terms, she mentions that right before the pattern starts.

Holes too big? Use a smaller hook, your gauge might be too big.

For a twin size, you need to do a gauge swatch (the tester) and measure your stitches, decide how wide you want your blanket to be on your twin bed (just a coverlet or draping over the sides?) and then do some math to figure out how many stitches you need, 3 for every cluster plus 2. factoring in a few inches for the border, however wide you want it.



Hi Lucy,
I must have missed it but are these UK crochet terms ie: TR etc. Am I to do a DC in US terms there and a single crochet where it says DC?

I hope that you can answer me. Thank you,



My holes are so big how do I make them smaller like yours?


Great blanket. Just started a big one as well and what helped me a lot was to start with a combined chains with sc in one go.

Faye Faraldo

Hi Lucy, I am soooo excited to start the striped blanket. It will be the first project of this size ever for me. I want to make a twin bed. What would the difference in instructions be? Will you ever answer all these questions soon? Thank you for inspiring me to pick up needles again.

Christine Pearman

I am looking for the pattern of a zigzag blanket I first saw at Knit and Stitch show at Ally Palace last October, Any suggestions please gratefully accepted.
Chris Pearman, [email protected]

Susan Sands-Wedeward

I printed the pattern for the Granny crochet blanket and I just love it with sock yarn all different colors. I will donate when I get paid your work is so fabulous and your Attic is wonderful, thank you……...


Can you please tell me the finished size of this beautiful blanket?


To Shona and Sue, not sure what's going wrong. I can only assume you're either adding or missing stitches. Try making the 20 chain sample, following Lucy's pattern very carefully. You should have 2 tr (or 3ch and 1tr) at each end of the first and every other odd row and 1 tr (or 3ch) at each end of the even rows. Hope this helps. Lucy's patterns and instructions are really good, but you sometimes need to practise a bit to get the hang of it! Don't give up, once you've got the pattern, you'll streak ahead. Good luck, and enjoy!

Sue Hamilton

My afghan is also not laying flat. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you.


Hello,Ijust want you to know that the granny stripe is so cool,and im going to try making it,buti need to know how to do the border around it please could you send me an email about it? THX CANDACE

shona Pirie

Hi looking for done help . I have started this granny stripe blanket but after a few rows it's not lying flat it's beginning to curve . I ripped it out and used a bigger size hook for chain and 1st row then back to a smaller hook, but it's curving again . Help anyone 😢


Hi . I'm looking for the pattern for the granny stripe blanket. I have received the yarn :) excited to begin . Thank you❄️❄️❄️

Debra Bunker

Hi, I love your pattern, the colors you chose were fantastic! It is so bright and colorful! It's truly a happy blanket! Can you give details on finishing the blanket after you are done doing the granny portion with the tr's, how are joining and rounding your corners?

Thank you

Mary Linton

Please could you tell me how many chains for a single bed.

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