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May 17, 2010


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Hello, Sweet Lucy! I love this blanket, and I think I'm actually going to give it a try when you post your pattern...it looks like I could maybe do it! Did you see this pattern?:
I like yours better with the zig-zaggy effect...Happy weekend!xoxox.

Tracey @ thrift.nest.sew

Yay - beautiful photos as usual and good colours too. My most recent opped granny square stripe blanket is here which gives a heart shape and the clusters have been split.

and another over here opped nearly a year ago with about 4 triple trebles I think..


Just to give your creative mind another workout ;P


Nice and beautiful colors :-)

le chat qui coud

looks great!

Do you want to win a great silk shawl?


It's wonderful. I was looking for something different, so I'll keep a close eye on this...

The Garden Bell - Kate

Hey Kiddo-

I must be getting seriously old...he-he... I know I looked here before, but couldn't for the life of me remember if I commented. Don't want you to think I have forgotten about you. I stop by almost daily for my dose of Hobbit. So, to be perfectly seriously, you could hook a straight line in your colors and we would all be drooling like Little B..... chuckle-chuckle..... I do love this idea. Isn't it amazing where this stuff comes from. Out of the blue. Glad to see you mind is back in full swing again.

Keep us posted,
Kate - The Garden Bell

Maria M.

Dear Lucy,
First of all, sorry for my English, but I really need to comment after this post. I said to my husband that you have revolutionized my crochet concept. Using simple stitches and many colors, you gave me a gift for all my life. I used to search something like this.
I don’t know if you understand me very well, but I would like say this words. Thank you for your job and your creativity!

Maria M.


I'm just checking in after a couple of days off my usual blog curcuit. My, my, but you have been a busy bee! I love, love, love the granny stripes! I love, love, love the yarn recommendation for the Rico creative cotton. Why can't we find colors like that in the States? Well, I will email the yarn shop and see how much the international shipping would cost. Maybe I can squeeze it out of the budget. For those yummy colors, I think it will be worth it. Thanks for the recommendation. And I cannot wait for your stripes tutorial.


Quel joli blog ! Et que de magnifiques créations au crochet ! Very, very, very beautiful ^^


Hi! Just ran across your site via Ravelry and have already bookmarked it. Love. It. Look forward to checking out your projects and stealing your ideas! :)


absolutely fabulous!
you are amazing and inspiring!
:) melissa & emmitt


I love your new idea ! J'adore !!!


Oh fab.. always georgous from Lucy!

Kaz Jones

If you ever manage to find this comment in the midst of the hundreds of others, there's an award for you over at my place.


G'day Lucy from Western Australia. Today I was reading the June edition of Australian Notebook Magazine and on a page titled 'inspiration' a few web-sites are listed and your blog is one of them! Your blog makes me "heart-skippy" to use a phrase of yours so a well-deserved recognition. Congratulations!


LOOKS GREAT LUCY! Your so clever and smart too!!! Robbie :-)


Love your granny stripe idea. I have just finished a blanket which has a slight variation. It is a two treble block and instead of trebling in the gap between the blocks, treble in between the trebles. With each row a different colour you get a zig zaggy look. Plus it is denser than a granny and warmer. I am sorry I don't have a photo (or the techological know how to post one) Julia

Hooked In Hove

Oooh yes! I'm quite into the stripy crochet look at the moment - can't wait for your tutorial


Haven't popped in for a while...and here I find you with a new little blessing! How wonderful... :) love your new stripey granny... I hope you'll do a tutorial soon! Blessings, Kate~

Amy (badskirt)

I wanted to thank you for the link to my flickr photo. I recently had a surge in comments and wasn't sure why, but I see the crochet master herself sent a few people my way. Thank you.

Laura Mirjami

This is the first time that I've looked at you blog and it is FANTASTIC!!! So much colour and vibrancy! What a cheer up of my day!


I CANT wait for the tutorial, this is sooo beautiful


Oh fun, dear Lucy! You're an inspiration.


Another blanket started. I've created my own pattern looking at your swatches. I love how it is coming together. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration!!! :)
Denise in OH


I can't wait for the granny stripes tutorial from your Creative Mind....it is EXACTLY what I need to use up all my odds and ends of wonderful soft yarn. Your projects are inspiring and actually DO-able.

And I am so in love with your new caravan. Please post pictures of the renovation in progress!


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