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May 31, 2010


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traci anderson

your connvievan is going to look so lovely love the first aid tin!!!! will look so good beside all your other lovelies!!!! ps i shall be getting wool tomorrow to come along with you on your granny stripe adventure!!!! enjoy your time away xx


Have a wonderful week for vacation! Hope the weather cooperates for you!

The Cuckoo

Oh what heaven, I just popped in to see how you "join as you go" as I'm now on the final row of the granny squares for my GRANNY BLANKET (yes still shouting about it)and hurrah two, two! Two new scrummy posts for me to lap up. Lucy this really was a little bit of heaven on a grey day. Have a fabulous Connie-olliday. I'll do a sunshine dance for you. Gayna x


Hi Lucy
first time I've been here on you log. Enjoyed all the pages (tutorials) and read through them for hours....I will show you when I finish something! Thank you for all the simple to follow patterns. Happy holiday,


So,Connievan is already on the way to be renovated your way , i can see that with your purchases that its going to be bright, cheery and full of colour which you so appreciate .As i always say , your angle of looking at things is very inspiring for me . I love all the things purchased for connievan cant wait to see it decorated...


Wonderful finds! Enjoy your holiday and thanks so much for the granny stripe info, I have begun with 4 rows so far!


Such delight to have your own Connievan to buy and make beautiful things for. Enjoy! Have a great holiday, greetings from Denmark.

The Muse of The Day

Connievan is being "nested" - and I am loving the fact that I am privy to the process. I too share your sentiments about the hangers,when I use mine I think about who used them before me and I wonder if they a hung a beautiful frock on it and what it may have looked like.


Have a wonderful time with all your family. Love the coat hangers especially - hearts and flowers sound so cute! And it looks like you will get some decent sunshinyness too. Have fun!


Such prettiness!!
Havea lovely week. :)
Vivienne x


Ooooh I love the coat hangers, what beautiful colours and so very you Lucy. I have exactly the same first aid tin, bought at a collector's market but yours is in much better nick than mine!

Have a super holiday, looking forward to seeing all your lovely pictures when you return. The weather is supposed to be warming up again soon too.

love Stephx
(P.S. I never did find any stocks but hurrah sweet williams are back on the greengrocer's stall, summer is definitely here!)


What lovely purchases for Connievan, I'm sure they'll make her very happy! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday x


Have a lovely lovely happy heart-skippy coasty colourful relaxing Connievan-holiday, Lucy! Wishing you good weather and happy times x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Jenni at  Baa-me Kniits

Connivans accessories are growing nicely....have a great holiday!


Wow, isn't it great to be so excited about stuff? Thanks a lot for the granny stripes tuto-post. I will most definitely give them a go because they seem very very 'up my street'. Mind you I have, since yesterday, officially started on my first blankie!!!! Squeal! I'm sure this will be a multi-year project (my arms, wrists and hands are v. sore after yesterday so I need to give them some rest... but surely I must be able to manage 1 square a day? or two :-). I love all the multi-coloured lovelyness in your pics. Have a very nice day and good luck with all the folding and ironing.


Wow! You found really lovely items.
Have a lovely week at the seaside!
~X~ Karin

Bairbre Aine

Oh my gosh, love those wee coat hangers.
May I ask, how will you bag up the lavender, in the crocheted hearts and flowers?
Do you use muslin bags or?
I hope you have a lovely trip to the coast.
cheers :)


Well done you! Even your laundry basket looks attic 24 ish. The coat hangers are just perfect for Connievan, she will be the most stylish van, very chic. All the colours are so summery and make me smile every time I look.


I totally understand about the coathangers, they are very special indeed, hope you enjoy hanging your pretty clothes on them ...


Oooh I love your tins, they are a work of art in themselves. I love old tins especially with a little red on them.

As for the laundry, my philosophy at the moment is wash, dry, tip.....wash, dry tip...(on the spare bed that is). It has become a mountain and will eventually be sorted, just don't have time at the moment. At least they're clean.

I am also loving your granny stripe blanket for Connivan. I hope you have a lovely holiday and the sun shines for you.



Connievan will be the best dressed on the site!! Have fun x


Enjoy your holiday!

claudia w

Oh you've gotten some wonderful things there for Connievan.
Have a fantastic time this week!


I love wooden coathangers...
Hope you have a wonderful time.
Take care


I wish you happy days in your connievan. I'm sure it will be joyfull and happy. Nice purchases, it will make your connievan even more home.
Last saturday I had a talk with my youngest son, about the summers we spend, me and my 2 sons, in our caravan. It was talking like'mom, and do you remember....' Joy ful memories!!
And tonight I started following your instructions making a granny stripe blanket, during the pauses I had while doing a shift in the hospital. Now I have to learn posting photo's.
I'm using a kind of DK weight wool, I bought it from a finnish dyer who dyes wool from Finn sheep with natural dyes, most of it which she collects herself. I love those colours. And I love the colours from your acrylic yarn too.

Have happy days, Lucy. Love, Gerda

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