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May 31, 2010


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Colors! Your blog's always so cheering! Hope you have the happiest of trips!


lovely stuff!!! have a lovely sea side time. i've just started a 'heart skippy' dk blanket with cheaper wools and i'm soooooooo delighted with the colors. i'm 'chuffed to bits'.. take care Love Libby


I saw this and thought of you...
(only the first picture is relevant)

Have a lovely holiday!


Morning, it all looks lovely. I now have a heavy desire to own a caravan, my husband said no. Maybe one day. Enjoy your trip

Christine Warren

Hi Lucy,
We just got back from a 4-day trip in our trailer. I'm so happy you are getting to go on another trip! I know just how you feel when you are looking for and buying things for your van. It's so much fun to make it your home away from home. Enjoy your trip!


Lucy, just like my friend MaryBeth, you are a HOOT! You crack me up!!! I hope you have a great vacation with the fam!!!

Alexandra Mason

Love your finds...have a wonderful time x


You really are adorable, Lucy. Your so very special way of putting feelings in words makes me feel at home with you. Thank you for sharing so joyfully and tenderly.

Rhonda from Texas

Ohhh, I love your vintage finds. So pretty and perfect for Connievan.

I have spent the whole day today washing clothes and ironing. I have a closet where I hang the clothes that are waiting to be ironed. Well, the closet had become ShOcKiNgLy full so today I decided that I really must tackle the ironing. Really I think that fairies bring dirty laundry and buckets of dirt into my house every night while I am asleep. Anyway, I just sat down to take a break and I was so excited when I logged onto your blog and saw that you had a new post up.

Have a great time by the sea! Hope you have time to make some progress on the granny stripe blanket. :)


I love your sweet little check tins. Have fun!!!


Love the first aid tin! Have a wonderful time on vacation!
Maddi <3


Ooooh ! wasn't that just a lucky find ! those hangers were just waiting for you to come along and take them on holiday with you. Hope the weather is kind for you all. Enjoy your special time with Connivan, relax and make some lovely memories. Hook plenty and create another masterpiece. Heather xx

Shelley in SC

Have loads and loads of fun!! Connievan has been such a delightful addition to the family . . . and I like all her new gifts : )!!

The Garden Bell - Kate

Connie is on her way to the coast as I type this. So, nice to stop by and have two...yes, two postings to catch up on.

First, your lovely yarn. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive here on this side of the pond. Fingers crossed it's tomorrow. Today, is a holiday here.

Now, about all the goodies for Connie. You are correct, my heart even skipped a beat when I saw them. Too cute for words. Oh, how I want a Connie, too.

Here's wishing you and all a safe journey, with lots of fun playtime, many pictures to share, lots of vintage shopping, seashell hunting and joyous memories created.

Can't wait for you return,
Kate - T.G.B.


Good finds...way to hunt


Love all your purchases! And what a lovely gift from your friend. Hope you all have a great holiday!



Dear Lucy,

love to read your enthusiastic blog! I started one myself and put a link to on it. You're welcome to come and have a look!



Just perfect finds! And I love the heart - is it East of India? We've got several of their things around the house and I've given many as gifts over the years. I have to let you know, you've inspired me to try crochet!! Since I am unable to work following a bleed on the brain, my neuropsychologist asked me to find something I'd like to do now I have the time. And I think I'm going to start with granny squares. I'll let you know when I do....


What fun! You must have a challenge getting any success at bargaining with your heart flying out your mouth when you spot all those lovelies at the fair. You make me laugh, Lucy. Have a wonderful vacation, looking around at all that cuteness in Connievan.


Great finds! I'm on the look out for hangers as well! Yours are beautiful.

Barbara Moore

Oh what lovely goodies you've found for the Connievan! Each trip will become more cheerful and prepared for won't it? I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourselves immensely.

Hugs XX

Anna-Karin, Sweden

What a joy, to find two new posts here, when I (secretly) looked at work earlier today. So, the first thing I did when I came home, was reading your blog. Beautiful little things you bought!! I hope you and the family have a wonderful holiday!!
By the way, I'm almost finished with my granny striped pillowcover. Just gonna find a pillow to sew it on... I will take a pic when it's all done. I think I will do a blanket too, because it's so easy, and not that many knots and ends to weave in...
Love from Anna xxx


I am a little sad that there is no photo of the pink polka dot kettle - sounds just perfect!! But am placated by the fact you filled the post with lots of other goodies to go all funny over xx


How great that you are going on holiday with Connievan!Don't forget to collect some sea glass from the coast!Have fun!Ariadne from Greece!

Puppet Lady

Have a great holiday. I remember having some of those painted coathangers when I was young - (showing may age here!). Maybe I've still got some somewhere...

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