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May 11, 2010


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Oh I miss my caravan! We travelled all over Scotland and had a great time. Our first trip was a bit stressy-a cable end missing,one of the legs getting jammed,finding the heating didn't work(it was April-gale force winds and snow)but it didn't deter us! I know you'll love driving Miss Daisy or whatever you decide to call her. Hope everyone soon picks up.
Lots of love and stuff


There's nothing more durable than Red Heart Super Savor for afghans. 8oz for $4. It's a bit stiff out of the bag, but once it's washed, it becomes super-duper-oober soft and snuggly! If it weren't for Red Heart, I couldn't afford to crochet.


Hello Lucy! I'd love to have a little project to decorate also! Sooo exciting! As for names...here you have a few suggestions: Attica (straight from your Attic), Janis Joplin (a bit of hippie charm), Marilyn (so femenine!), Lolita (sexy!), Betty (sounds like a lovely vintage name to me)..... You'll let us know. Enjoy! xxx Pati - an Spaniard in London

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

What a lovely weekend camping in the van...I have caravan envy :-)


How exciting for you all! My best holidays as a child were in a little van a bit like that. Your caravan doesn't quite look like you on the inside yet but it is going to be fun to see how you brighten it up and give it the Lucy touch.


Hi Lucy
I can reccomend Clippesby Hall in Norfolk for very child friendly and adult friendly camping holidays. Its the most wonderful place - you would love it. You get lots of space and its part private forest. It has a swimming pool and its own little pub (NOT a clubhouse)in case you dont feel like cooking! Its in the most beautiful part of the Norfolk Broads too. If you need any more info - let me know,
Diane (Camping enthusiast)!!!!


Oh what fun. I just know it will be absolutely gorgeous when you have finished with it. I think Daisy is good.


Ahhh, wonderful caravan holliday - reminds me of Silverdale when I was a kid!
2 fantastic sites if you venture as far as Lancashire in the morcambe bay area, HOlgates (very posh these days) and Gibralter farm - very basic but fantastic for kids to explore.

As for yarns, the black sheep company has an online shop, designer yarns (a lot of discontinued lines) but more than 50% cheaper!


Karen Lizzie

I'm feeling very jealous of your Wendy House on wheels!

For the van blankets I would look to see if you can find a yarn with at least a small percentage of wool in it. They seem to keep their shape better and have a little more elasticity. I am almays disappointed when I use all acrylic yarns so I think it is worth the extra money to keep all your work looking good. It also feels nicer too.

Keep on Blogging, I love it. You are top of my favourites list and my first read of the day.


I agree with Little Man Bob is an excellent name for a caravan (after all you will be "bobbing along") won't you?

Dominique from France

What a beautiful weekend you crossed ! I understand your enjoyment and your excitement. It is as to return to childhood and to play in a hut...
I wait for the new blankets ... Look at these links. They are 2 french books wonderfull with a lot of gipsy caravans ..
Have a good day


Connie the Caravan , Perfect !!
Gorgeous images Lucy.Your enthusiasm is so contageous:0)
I use Bonus for my crochet.I think it's great for everyday items.
Jacquie x


Lucy ~ what a fabulous way to spend a weekend. It certainly sounds like you all had a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the your caravan when you start to work your Attic 24 magic on it and begin to transform it into a bright and colourful beauty. Hope that your little people are starting to get over all their little bugs too! There are just so many little bugs doing their rounds just now. Enjoy the rest of your week:O) xx


I can think of no name more suited for that caravan than Dolores. As to the yarn thing, you CANNOT spend tons of money on blankets that will be used repeatedly on camping trips! I make blankets for my (4 year old) nephew and (7 year old) niece for Christmas, and acrylic was the only practical choice. When they get older and more responsible, I'll make them nicer ones. So don't feel guilty about using acrylic for your outdoor blankies; it gets the job done!


Lucy, you are such an inspiration! You make camping out sound like so much fun :) I've never done it but hubby and I are thinking about getting ourselves a little pop-up trailer so we can take our little man. It seems like a wonderful way to really connect with family. Plus I never thought about how I could personalize a camper! What wonderful and colorful ideas! Can't wait to see what you end up doing to make your little caravan all your own :) Have loads of fun!


P.S. I vote for the name Annie.
Like the musical. ;)

Maddi <3

hill upon hill


Now here is perfection: a creative project that the whole family can enjoy and fantastic memories created with the thrill of travel!


Hi from Toronto, Canada. I've been enjoying your blog for quite some time now. I love your enthusiasm and also your bright colours. Whenever I open your blog and see all the bright colours it makes me feel happy. Personally, I love earth tones. I can't wait to see how you re-decorate your camper van. I'm sure it won't stay in its current colour scheme for very long. Enjoy the dreaming, the camping and the decorating adventures!


I think your van has "Florence" written all over here! Lol What a lovely weekend you had. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.


Acrylic yarn? Even you!

Seriously, acrylic yarn can be very snuggly, and is very practical. Best of luck, and thanks so much!

Maddi <3

Christine Warren

Congratulations Lucy! You are going to LOVE your caravan and all the camping you do in it. We have been camping in a travel trailer (that's what we call it in the US) for 8 years now and we LOVE it! I know you will have years of fun in it. Enjoy!!



i just read this in the dentist's office about a young california architect who remodelled his own old airstream. lots of good ideas including cork floor, and his office is in a cargo trailer. can't wait to see what you do>


Hi Lucy.
How exciting! Just had to pop by to say I used Stylecraft Life with 25% wool for my blankets. It's cheap and cheerful and was fine to work with. Not laundered them yet but it is machine washable. Go for it girl, the money you save can be used on your next camping trip.

Bainbridge Ings in Hawes is a very nice farmers field with a shower block. All the caravans park around the edge of the field so the children can play in the centre.

love fi x


Lucy, i am new to your blog and i am addicted... i am ashamed to say that when i have some free time i look back to see all of the other lovely things you have made and to hear your lovely stories about what you have been up to and the beautiful views from your windows.
this is the first time i have made a comment, and i dont know if you read all of them you have a lot of fans!!! but i would like to say that J has come up with the perfect name, i definitely see your little girl as a "Connie" especially when she is all prettified. although daisy is a pretty good name too...
anyway, you are a fantastic inspiration, keep it up!!
love Casey x x x


This is certainly one of your dreams come true Lucy !! I so agree with you about the "early morning " bit...nothing to beat that first fresh, quiet early morning communication with the new day. Hope all your little people get really well soon.
Name for the caravan ? Henrietta or Connie. Will you name before or after your "special " transformation ? will you keep a caravan journal ? Whatever you do, enjoy your latest friend/project !!
Heather xx

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