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May 11, 2010


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Ankita Vj (India)

Wow...now i know when this member of your lovely family joined you...i m loving going thru your archives, more than i anticipated...

Gran Pendergrass

It is during this time that I get to remember my father who would always have the idea of renting a car that looks like the above's picture. We would always have the best summer getaway way back when my father was still alive.

Junior Perrera

The best thing about camping with your family is that you get to have more quality time with them. We are all happy that your camp is successful and we hope to see more of your trips soon!


Hi Lucy,

I am so excited by your caravan! It is going to be a joy watching you transform it and I can't wait!

I have been an avid fan of your blog for over a year now and can't tell you how much I have enjoyed following your wonderful creations and the glimpses into your life that you so generously share with us. My husband jokes that we have to set the alarm 10 minutes early in the morning as he often finds me at Attic 24 when we should be out the door and off to work!

I wanted to ask if you would like some of my Mexican oilcloth? (www.vivalafrida.co.uk) It isn't because I want you to promote the oilcloth or anything like that and I'm not trying to flog you anything, it is just that I thought it might be a good way to say a big thank you! If you do think you could use a couple of metres please let me know what colours/patterns and I'd be delighted to send you some.

PS - Have you ever thought about writing a book? (when you have got a bit more time! :o) I think it would be fantastic, I have found your patterns so much easier to follow than most others and I'm sure a publisher would be interested! xx


Have you seen the fabric with gnomes and caravans on it (we call them trailers in the US but I like caravans better)
http://www.michaelmillerfabrics.com/Upload_WebPages/1160_HTML/Gnomes%20and%20Trailers%20Layout.pdf It is by Michael Miller Fabrics and it is adorable.


This is my dream!


Lucy, all I can say is I laughed my way through your posting. I loved it. Glad that you enjoyed your first caravaning outing. It will make great memories.


We have a caravan and it's so nice to get away. I can't wait to see what you do to yours. I flicked through that book on caravans ina shop only last week. It's fab.


Dear Lucy
Lovely post.....I have made at least 15 huge blankies in the last 2 years many of the rainbow ones can be seen at Glastembury as my Naomi s friends all wanted there own one when they saw hers i used some of the wools you have mentioned and they are pretty ok and wash well on 30 deg don't be scared of the cheaper brands i always do the stripes that you have done . and i can work on overdrive and also speedy to finish i am always impatient as i just love colour ... its food for my soul !!
I first used Rowan when i saw your blog a year ago but have to say its gone up in price and i have gone back to the the value ones try ...Rocco baby you will like the colours i have also used the one you have listed love it . we have a caravan in the garden and its undergoing a face lift even painted daisy's on the outside we don't tow it any more its ancient 30 years old !! i have bought the cool caravan book too .. Lotsalove Kieren from Cornwall

 Joyce Stewart

I haven't read any of the other posts but I'm going to suggest that you call it 'Coco' - why? When we were bringing up our boys there was a Ladybird book with a poem for each mode of transport and other things such as a caravan - and the poem for it is....and I CAN remember it...you couldn't ever forget it...
I'm Coco the caravan
Travelling far
Two wheels to rest on
And carry me far
Windows with curtains
A real home from home
A warm friendly welcome
Wherever we roam.
Glad you enjoyed your weekend...that campsite looks wonderful but it needs kids to liven it up...good kids that is....and yes, we never wanted to be at the posh sites...we wanted to be very rural for the good life.


What have you done to me - I now want a caravan that I can call Daisy Bob...

Donna :)

Love it all, and you and the children are starting on an adventure of memories.It is such a wonderful way to vacation with children. I am very partial to camping and lover of the outdoors. It has brought us the greatest pleasure through the years and my girls have nothing but the fondest memories of all our camping and hiking adventures! May you have a treasure chest too of fond memories! And happy decorating!


just a thought.. to embellish your "caravan of love" even more....a delight to be found on leeds indoor market....a 3/4ft foot garland of kitschy cheeriness for a mere pound..abit hibiscus like...really fab and jolly..ideal oomphing up the caravan into the magical place..mingled with bright hooky madness!!!grooooovy

Cindy Rush

Now you've got me wanting a caravan to decorate! My husband will absolutely say nooooo.....we just bought some land a couple of years ago and haven't even built there yet. We don't have the time, he'll say. But I'm thinking, what if I get a dilapidated caravan that doesn't go anywhere. Something to sit on the land and spend the night in once in awhile. I'm gonna look! In the meantime, could you help me out. You're so good with granny squares. I bought some granny squares (or at least I think they are) at an auction and I'm trying to get an idea of what to do with them. If you have a moment, check out my blogspot and give me an idea of what to do. I have grown to love granny squares because of you, and I'm learning to make them, but these are a different sort of square. Cindy


Sorry, I did sth wrong.
Let my try again: http://picasaweb.google.com/114866761325652789857/Knitting?feat=directlink


Dear Lucy, underneath there is a link with some of my mothers (78 years old) knitting: after I told her about you, she asked me to photograph them and send the photos to you!
With our love!
(me, my sister and my mom)



I have lurked for a long time reading your lovely blog but the caravan love has brought me out! At the moment only three out of five members of my family are up for a caravan (unfortunately the one who would have to drive it is a little unsure)but I will show them your gorgeous posts and I know we will get a unanimous vote


I love Conny, why not??? She'll be a member of your family and she'll be very feminine (is this a n english word???)
I am very curious which would be your creations for Conny;


oh you are so inspiring with your wonderful joyous spirit over your new adventure of camping in your new yet to be named caravan. you have motivated me to take our trailer camping as well and to redecorate it.... ours is named hummingbird" and we need to take flight soon now that we have seen the last of the snow and well into memory making good times...wishing you many memories with your wee ones.


Now I know why I have been so tempted to buy for, sew for and just plain decorate our new camper! Thank you for making me feel normal! Working on pillow covers right now and I love the inspiration from snailtrails! Think our camper will be more adorned than my own home! Probably because it's small and every little thing counts. I'm even contemplating a handmade shower curtain for the miniscule shower. What am I thinking? But its so much fun! Happy trails to you and your family!!!


Oooo, such a perfect weekend!!!!
I'm so excited for you!
We love caravaning as well and camping... anything that brings us close to nature. An falling a sleep with the sound of wood......... mmmmmm, bliss


I like Sirdar Snuggly DK for brightly coloured acrylic/nylon blend yarn which is actually very soft and lovely and washes well.

You could also go for a blend, this is 50/50 and doesn't break the bank: http://www.modernknitting.co.uk/wendy-mode-dk-21539-0.html


This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see your caravan make-over. :)


Hello! beautiful pictures and beautiful that car stock, very nice colors as you always have
in your blog. Greetings from Uruguay.


Love you blog and your crocheting.

We have a camper also here in the US, had it about 11 months now, still trying to make it homey, ours is parked about a hour away, so really hard to do.

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