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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 05, 2010


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I'm guessing the new purchase is a lot of beautiful yarn for a new project!


Glad you're OK and I hope Little Man gets well soon. Gorgeous tulips! Take care and remember us from time to time (when you can squeeze it in - lol).


Dearest Lucy,
OK.........I've been very, very patient. Telling myself every day that having a baby in the house seems like adding 1/2 a dozen more and not to bug you. I would tell myself to just wait and your smiling face would appear as soon as you could possibly fit some time in your busy schedule. Welllllll, little did I know you would take the opportunity to tease us! New projects (which I'm sure are happy, lovely colors).....a large new purchase......... etc. Good thing I live way across the pond in Oregon, or I would be rapping on your door demanding to hold that baby while you showed me your surprises. Here are my guesses" 1. A bigger house? That doesn't seem likely right now, but possible. 2. A new car? I just bought a new car - well, new to me. A wonderful van to carry my home made goods to the craft mall. One trip instead of 6 in the compact. You could certainly use a van now. And, 3. An RV? Maybe a wonderful VW bus pop top with the attachable large tent???? I know how much you love going to the shore, so - I'm thinking maybe that's it. I'm probably all wet, but it's been fun guessing. Hope you enjoyed being teased just a little bit. We all adore you so much.
Big hugs and a kiss on that new baby's head. Sigh.

Mrs Bun

Good to hear all is well with you all Lucy. Guessed you were just getting on with the job of being a mummy. It doesn't give you lunch hours or even loo breaks on some days does it. You'd only take the job on for love really. Glad you've still hooked as that's necessary to stay you.

Take care.

Lisa x


Hi lovely girl, so good to know all is ok and really hope little man is well on the mend now. You are doing so well! Baby looks so truly scrumptious. Take care. lots of love xxx


Those tulips are a lovely rainbow of colour. Very excited to hear about new yarn and a new purchase (I wonder what it is?). Hope all are feeling better soon at attic24.


oo oo oOOo - Do Tell of The Big Purchase! Sounds like Much Excitement!

I hope the WeeMan is better soon,

pw x


Hi Lucy, I am a new visitor to Attic24 and found your beautiful blog by using Google and typing in "How to make a crochet bag". I've now read your blog from "cover to cover" - what a treat for me!! Thanks to you, I am now learning to crochet and I am attempting to crochet your delightful Attic24 colourful bag. Thank you so much!


such a fun and happy blog. Looking forward to more and especially the new purchase.!


So glad to hear from you and to hear that all is well with you! Thank you for today's shot of cute bits and color!

Marian M-S

Glad you are doing well! Lovely colorful pictures as always! I am always impressed by everything you manage to do, and even more so with three little ones! I don't seem to have enough hours with two wee ones :-). Looking forward to your purchase update, and even more to your project updates I think, because you always make such lovely things!!


Gees, you aren't doing anything important between the hours of Midnight and 5AM, are you? Maybe that would be a good time to blog, no interruptions then. :^)


Hello, I've looked through your blog and your work is absolutely fantastic!! I love it!
Thank you for inspiring me, I'll be back;)


Sooo glad you are ok and posting again - was very worried about you for a short while x


Today I have linked to your blog in my blog. I have just finished my 2 rippleblanket after your recepie. You are velcome to my blog for to see my new beuatiful blanket. Inspired by you and your blog.I have linked to you Lucy.
Hug from me


Your positive attitude to life is a blessing to us all, and you express it with such heart-filling enthusiastic words. Enjoy your little family while you can. They will grow up all too soon.

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Such vivid colors...needed this as we may still have snow come our way here in the Dakotas!!! debbie


Can't wait to find out what the new purchase is... maybe a campervan or a caravan all hookily decked out! Glad you're back - missed you. x


What is the new purchase!? Tell us!! Can't deal with the anticipation of this AND the election! ;-)


Hi Lucy, thankyou for finding time to show us these gorgeous pictures! I love tulips so much and seeing little B snuggly wrapped in the blankets, yes, I could eat him too! ;o) xx


As always, it is so enjoyable to read your post. Love the little people photos. Hope little man is better soon and i know what you mean about babies being so yummy! Can't wait to find out what your new purchase is!
You sound so happy, despite the demands of kiddies and the shortage of time! Just keep enjoying! :)

Hooked In Hove

So good to hear from you Luce and glad life is good. Although I miss your regular posts (so much!)it is more of a treat when they happen now :)
You are such a tease - please tell about the purchase and show us your rcnt hookings soon!

Wendy Wager

Thank you as ever - your post made my day. My sister plans to visit your knit & natter group last week in June. Lucky her! Can't wait to hear about Big Purchase. Take care x


I kept checking to see if you had new news, and then I began to count the days up to see when you last posted, and then I began to worry! Hope everyone will be well soon. I do love reading about your family!


Hello Lucy,
I just wanted to tell you that it fills me with joy to read that you are so happy. Lucky Little People!

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