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April 22, 2010


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The tree made me feel the essence of happiness. I missed that beautiful tree badly!


Oh, I love that jug! Are those real buttons glued on? I wonder if you could make one by decoupaging the buttons on?

Women fragrances

It's beautiful.
I love it.
Have a pleasant day!


Wow - it's great to see that as I check in here to deal with my Lucy-withdrawal, so many others are suffering, too! Obviously, many folks are really missing you, Lucy. (No pressure - just hoping all is well with you and yours). Blessings to you!


Hi Lucy, I dicovered your lovely Blog by chance and I love it! Thank you for sharing your patterns - I have to join grannys and your way of doing this it great!


hi sweetie

i haven't been here for ages, looks like you've been missing a while too...

i've just done the 'tagged' thing...ooooh it's so nerve-wracking. do come read if you get the chance
and come back soon xoxoxoxox


dear lucy, hope everything is alright with you and your family. please post a teensy, weensy life-sign. concerned in germany: jo

Teresa Kasner

Dear Lucy, I am worried about you. You did not tell us you were leaving like you did when you went to the coast for 2 weeks. You're now missing without telling us what's up for 2 weeks. Are you all ok? If so, please just put a 1 sentence post up. You're friend in Oregon. Teresa


yes to Carolyn ... I was wondering if Lucy was OK. Kept thinking my pc wasn't updating her blog so checked to see if anyone else was 'missing Attic updates'

Hoping all is OK with you Lucy? I guess little B is being a little B!



Hi Lucy, Good Morning from Vermont, USA. I know you are sooooooooooooo busy, but I miss you! I think that sounds lame, but it is a compliment to you and your wonderful blogs and colorful world. Take care and have a great day, Robbie

Resmi Ravi

Hi Lucy,

Missing your posts badly. I am waiting for the next beautiful post coming the way!

Good day!


Hi Lucy, your blog makes me really happy, all the nice colours and flowers!
That's why I've nominated you for the Sunshine-award!
More info's are on my blog.

Carolyn Kaplan

Anyone else wondering where Lucy is? I have come out of 2 years of lurkdom to search for her. She's never been this long without a post. My life isn't the same!
Miss you Lucy, hope all is well with you and your family, Carolyn

Jayne Walton

Hope you're having a nice bank holiday weekend with your family, I love your pictures! xx


Hi Lucy!
If you have time check this out! It started with me reading your blog!


I've just been reading your caravan comments over at Curlew Country Lucy. What wonderful crochet possibilites that holds!


I have awarded you a Beautiful Blogger Award. You are supposed to pass it on by saying 10 things about yourself and then naming 10 more blogs. You are also supposed to let the blog owners know they have been awarded. Because I have had another one of these recently I have only nominated 5 blogs this time.
Best wishes,

sherrie laporte

I love your blog. I hope all is right in your world. Haven't seen you in a while now and hope you're alright.


Morning Lucy!

I'm sooooo thrilled you've got a caravan - we have one too that we bought on whim as well, last year. We're busy doing it up and just like you absolutely cannot wait to begin roaming about in it, (first trips include the Lakes, the Dales and Dorset). How exciting, I could squeal!

Did you notice that there's a Cool Caravans book; the one that the pics in the Coast article are taken from? I got in on Amazon for about £8 and its completely fabulous. I can't put it down! Credit goes to Sairer at Vintage, Pretty & Shabby who first put me on to it). I've been buying up vintage crochet blankets and tablecloths to decorate our bav (as caravans are known in this house!)just don't tell Woody!

Hope you get a furry soon, our house feels like a proper home again. Have a lovely weekend.

Dominique from France

Hello Lucy ! Hope that all is ok for you.
I was chosen by oran (http://www.oran.typepad.com/) for this award … Now come here (http://legrenierdemamou.canalblog.com/) and see the surprise !
Have a good day.


just popping in for some cheerfullness after a difficult couple of days (mum in hospital...and all that goes with it...but on the mend). A special heartfelt thank you for brightening my day! Vicarious enjoyment of the flowers and little peoples antics even if it ended predictably it was fun while it lasted!! While blogging great, time with family precious and epecially at this stage, time to be enjoyed. Well still be here!


Hi Lucy,
Haven`t heard from you for a few days. Hope you are all ok. Just a bit worried.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx


Hi, Lucy! Hoping all is well with you and your lovely family. Looking forward to all the colorful, creative things that have been whirring around your head! love and hugs to you!


Love your blog, especially the button jug, you have given me ideas. You are lucky to have daffodils so freely in England, downunder we have them but only from the shops where I live. I have visited England a few times when the daffodils are out I love them.

Zaina Anwar

You are a wonderwoman!

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