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April 01, 2010


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I've been meaning to leave a message on your blog just to say that I love it!
aahhhh and those baby toes....


Loved seeing your calendar pics, and loved the little tooties even more! And what is the pig patchwork from? Adorable.


Lucy, I wish you and all your family a very Happy Easter. What joy you bring not only to that family at 24, but also to your many readers.

I was just thinking as I began to read this post about the beauty of the way that you've shown us little B's fingers and toes, and then I read that those little toes also charm his mom. Well, they would.

Just bet that this Sunday will find all of the Attic 24 little people having a fine Easter.



I couldn't stand it any more. Your creative crochet blog made me want to start my own. So I did! And I love it already! Thanks for sharing your life!


Ha, ha, I had to laugh when you said you didn't know if you could make your house any brighter. My best friend does tye-dye for a living and Everything and I mean everything in her house is brilliantly dyed..curtains, bedding, rugs, clothes, etc. Its everywhere. I just couldn't live there, but it makes her ever so happy...:)


Oh I love your view!

Rehaab Mabrouk

Sempre visito seu blog, seus trabalhos e suas fotos são belíssimos!

Parabéns pelo bebê e muita saúde, paz e felicidades aos dois.

Rehaab Mabrouk


Your calendar pics are so colorfully joyous - and how I love your Attic view and the sweet Little B feet! In the US, it is April Fools day, so your column began just right!

Hugs and feet squeezies from Libby

Pom Pom

Yum! That cinnamon bun looks delicious! Aren't flower seeds glorious?


Now I thought the H&A March calender pic was "me" through and through; does this mean I'm grown up?! Surely not!
Lovely chubby toes!


I'm with you Lucy bring it on!!!!!! April we are ready!!!!! Thanks for the post, Robbie <3

the raffia maffia

Hmmn. Ideal Home magazines... well.. they make me grind my teeth in jealousy a bit. Lots of smug sods.. "Jocasta and Paulo ripped off the old wood chip paper and revealed the original 18th century panneling.. which was nice.."
Pfft. I usually rip off wood chip to reveal dry rot, actually.. Lol


Hello Lucy.
I have recently found my way to your blog.
I just want to let you know that I enjoy it very much. It is very inspiring and also reminds me how wonderful England and the english people are. I was fortunate to spend 2 years in London some years ago...
Happy easter from Lisa (Denmark) :-)

Halfway Crafter

I don't mind if you're a month behind... time goes too quickly anyway!

Laura Robison

Love it all - the views in your calendar and from your attic...and those precious baby toes that we miss in our family....did i see a cup and plate that definitely have the Lucy flair....layers upon layers of bright colours?


Happy Easter to you and your family Lucy, and you can show those yummy little toes as often as you like as far as I am concerned!

Rhonda Texas USA

Ohhhhh those are the sweetest, cutest, most perfect baby feet!

Don't worry about being late. I am very often behind in everything and wondering how time has flown so fast. :)



Gorgeous baby toes!


I've been meaning to leave you a comment for a while, but there are always so many for you to read already that I thought you'd never get to mine. Now I've decide that's a bit silly, so this is what I've been meaning to say:
Thank you for the colour, the fun, the tutorials, thank you for the beautiful views, the gorgeous flowers and of course the inspiration. It is very much appreciated! I'm not sure my waist line wants to thank you for tempting me with iced buns and other sweet treats, but ho hum. When I wander to your blog it's like visiting a friend, so I thought I should say hi!
I love the baby toes they took me back at least four years, it all seems to go so fast! Take care,


Hello Lucy
I am giggling at your seed story, I do the very same myself each year - how many packets do I drool over, buy, and then stick in a tin and forget about! Ha!!
The baby feet pictures just melt my very soul, I have a very big weak spot when it comes to tot feet and tiny toes - they're just perfect aren't they in all their chubby deliciousness!

Sending you love,
Julia x x x


Love the toes, and I cracked up laughing when you said 'Welcome to March!' I was right there with you! I had to stop a minute, because my birthday is 1 March, and I was thinking 'Oh, it's my birthday! Wait...no, it's not!' So lest you think you're the only one behind, I assure you you're not! I was *sure* it was 1 March!


I ADORE baby toes and chubby little baby feet. So PRECIOUS! And I love, love, love color and all things crocheted. Those calendar pages are so inspiring! Happy new month to you. Many blessings, Tammy


Bello, feliz abril!!!!


Sounds like you are moving in time with mother earth! She hasn't twigged its April yet either!

Nancy Richards

Another great and inspiring post. Thanks.
And those feet, beautiful. I have a pair just like that, hers seem so smelly already!! she's only 1 year
Dry bright evening in cornwall

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