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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 02, 2010


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lovely blog and works. But where could I find the tutorial for the birds that shows us http://mes-petites-croix.over-blog.com/article-le-printemps-peut-arriver-47138341-comments.html#anchorComment ?
they are very nice. good afternoon from Toulouse south of France. And good health for you and your childrens


I just wanted to share with you a goofy project I made that features a crochet accent you might appreciate:

You had a beautiful holiday!


Hope everything's ok and your absence is due to happy baby-time-consuming things and not anything too serious.

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Oh, hope you had a most happy Easter. Love hot cross buns too, they're my Easter favorite, that, and candy PEEPS!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Vicky Greenwood

Don't forget to vote for Lucy!! http://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk/fun-stuff/little-blog-awards

Jayne Walton

My husband, son and I have just booked a holiday in a cottage near the High Street and canal in Skipton, 26th June - 3rd July, I'd love to meet you and/or come to your cafe crochet-fest, I'll bring my blanket-in-progress, if you let me know when and where you meet. Hope Bridport is going well!


We haven't seen you here for some days... I hope you are fine and enjoying the warm weather and the blossomings outside with your Little People and J in that incredible way of yours...

:o) Shanti

Jayne Walton

Hope you're having a lovely break with your Mum. The sun is shining here (in Coventry) and I'm wondering if it's sunny in Bridport too, I do hope so. Anyway, you're missed by lots of us who are looking forward to seeing your holiday pics with bated breath!


I love your easter pictures, so nice and cheerful and homey. Your blog makes me happy, so I have tagged you in a Happy 101 award! If you want to take part pop over to see what it is all about :) xxx

The Garden Bell - Kate

Just popped back over to see if I missed you and your return from holiday. Did you notice one of your little foil eggs was missing. I need a bed time snack.... Thanks for the treat, my sweet.

Monday Night Hugs,
Kate - The Garden Bell


Adorable, hope you had a great Easter!


Hi Lucy,

I posted this on your Hexagon How-to page on March 26 but never had a reply from you:

"Hi Lucy,
What an inspiring blog you have! I've come for a peek now and then and I always leave with a smile on my face.

Would it be ok if I translate your hexagon pattern into Swedish and publish it on my own blog? I think that many Swedish speaking people would just looove to learn how to make it :o)"

I still have the same question and wish you a beautiful spring in the attic and send you and your family warm greetings from the Åland Islands in Finland :oD

ina and gumby

... you are on whipup ;) today ... happy days ...

p.s. ... www.whipup.net ...


wow,just found your blog...totally in love. The colour and the texture. It all looks fab. Keep up the inspiring work.


I came across your blog after searching for crochet help. What a fantastic blog! I love your colourful projects and beautiful photographs.

I've been inspired by your ripple blanket tutorial and thanks to your clear photos I've had some success making the "mini" version to try out the stitches. You're right about the foundation chain...it's tricky to get started (I'm just a beginner), but after that first row, it's a pleasure to create :)

I look forward to following your blog and seeing future creations.


I LOVE the birds nest cookies and will be trying my hand at some similar in the future!

I have a new craft blog (showing you link love there as you are my fave blog these days), at http://stumptious.wordpress.com/

I'd love if you'd have a look. Right now I have a grand opening (of my Etsy shop) giveaway in progress...a rococo rag doll is up for grabs...so, go to the blog and sign up for a chance to win!

Thanks for the great posts! You inspire me daily!

elizabeth in California

Hi Lucy...I made my first crocheted hexagon from your directions...I love you and can not begin to thank you for your amazing directions...I have tried following others, but I only understand yours!

Sally, The MADs

Hi Lucy

Sorry to barge in on your comments, but I wanted to let you know you've been nominated as MAD blogger of the year and also Most Inspirational MAD Blog in the 2010 MAD Awards.

You can find out more about the awards and download a blog badge if you'd like to encourage your readers to support you at the website, www.the-mads.com

Thanks and good luck!

Katie Burt

Happy Easter - i hope you are having a lazy week with your family! Those mini eggs reminded me of some new his and hers sets of mugs a company i work for has recently developed, the hers are come in beautiful pastel shades, i have some sets if you wanted to treat your followers to a giveaway (hope you dont mind me asking) happy Thursday, Katie xx


I have a really random question that isn't related to this post but I thought you'd get it easier on a recent post...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your crochet tutorials and am working on a granny square blanket right now...I was wondering though, when you join colors do you do a single or double knot to join them? I'm just worried about them coming undone later. Thanks!


So much color! So much to look at! Wonderful!



Love you blog and your coloured world. Have I missed the tutorial for the love hearts you made a while back? I would like to make them as an engagement present for my daughter.

virginia blue

stumbled upon your blog after stumbling upon your GORGEOUS crochet photos on flickr... i'm absolutely in love! your talent with hook and yarn have left me drooling. BEAUTIFUL.


Lucy, I have been forced away from the Attic at work and very busy at school and work..so I have not had time to visit since December...I am SO HAPPY that Little B made it here safely and that you are doing well now. I missed the brightness you bring to my life and I just wanted to say thanks for being you and congratulations! Have a great April. BeBe in Florida


Lucy, I have been forced away from the Attic at work and very busy at school and work..so I have not had time to visit since December...I am SO HAPPY that Little B made it here safely and that you are doing well now. I missed the brightness you bring to my life and I just wanted to say thanks for being you and congratulations! Have a great April. BeBe in Florida

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