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March 04, 2010


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Alex Mason

Beautiful blue sky, i walk along the canal side most days i love it xx


Hello Lucy... lovely sunny days down here too... and if you don't mind a blue sling I have a mama's and papa's one (well I think it is! lol) that I probably only used twice... I was about to charity shop it! so if you'd like it let me know and i'll pop it in the post!

x Alex

Devon Hanna

I love the pictures it is nice to see green during the winter,,,the grass here turns brown,,thank you for taking us on your walk,,,have a marvalous weekend..

online consultation

Wow, love to go to this place hope someday I'll visit this.


Love where you live. Hope to see it in person some day.


So beautiful. And your entry is a inspiration to get out and walk more. There's so much to see!

The Garden Bell - Kate

What a pleasure to see that blue skies, green grass and boat colors of the rainbow have returned to Hobbit Land. You must be thrilled. Doesn't it make getting outside such a joy. But, girlfriend, don't trip while gazing upward.

Spring is on it's way-
Kate - The Garden Bell


Ah yes, the beauty to walk with one's nose up in the air, smiling to oneself, taking in the view, the sounds and the gentle breeze... I know even too well about such trappings as last April, in one of those extremely rare bright-and-blue Mancunian days, I found myself flat on my face, fallen off a pavement I didn't realise was nearing its righteous end. I still have a marked knee. Lovely pics as usual Lucy.

kathy(used to be mylifeandotherbeads)

Hi Lucy, We have a baby bjorn(?!) sling in black and vgc (I was very meticulous with my baby stuff, always thought I would have #3!)packed away..would you like it? I can easily dig it out and pop it in the post, it would be doing me a favour going to such a good home! Let me know! Kathyx


wow what lovely photos Lucy!I like looking up at tall trees too and feeling giddy!
Your comment reminded me of my childhood.Time to get out in the sunshine and roll down the hill!:)

janet metzger

Hello Lucy..happy to be a new follower and thrilled that you were a RikRak giveaway winner. Lovely photos! Where in the north are you?
your new friend,

Elena, Moscow

The scenery is SO beautiful and springish! Here in Moscow it's still -5C and there are loads of snow...


I love your blog!


You live in such a gorgeous place. Where I'm living now is not so picturesque. I miss having nature close by.

The slings look like a great idea. Never used one myself. Never toted a baby around. But my friend had a baby last year and she made quite a few. http://pzy001.blogspot.com/2009/09/wearing-baby.html
I think she has other ones posted somewhere on this blog too.


I am constantly taking photos of the sky...much to the curiosity (and sometimes,ALARM) of those around me. =)


The last couple of days we have walked our dogs under the most beautiful blue dome of heaven--springlike sky with still-deep snow underfoot. That's the homestretch of a Canadian winter and spring cannot be far!

claudia w

It's beautiful there! Are those boats water taxis. I've only seen them a few times, but never thought to ask anyone...


What a lovely walk to school you have! I love the canal boats, what a treat to see everyday. Thank you for sharing.


Beautiful photos, as always!


Your photos are very pretty. I hope the baby sling works out for you.... I bought a ring sling and after a month I still haven't figured out how to get both my baby and myself comfortable with it. I'm hoping a friend can teach me. Meanwhile I've been using a Manduca carrier; it's more bulky than a sling but less so than a stroller, and simple to figure out. I bought it used from the marketplace on http://www.thebabywearer.com/ . You might find some bargains there.


Your pictures are so beautiful and you live in such a beautiful place! You're making me want to walk again. :)


I love your pictures! It's so neat to see where people live and what it's like there. I love the canal picture. It reminds me of our city harbor in the summer, with all the sailboats tied up.

All that green grass is so pretty! Our grass is buried under about two feet of snow right now. Ah well, it IS March, so that means spring is on the way!


Hi Lucy, yes, do get a sling... my girls loved them and they make you feel so liberated (hands free!)... I would recommend the baby bjorn ones. They are expensive but the support is great. We love going for walks and the sling was perfect for that. Have a lovely weekend. Pati xx


There are some wonderful slings on the market, if you find one that suits the world (or the hills) will be your oyster!

We've had sunshine and blue skies this week (can't remember any in Feb!), it really makes a difference to how you feel doesn't it?

Roll on spring! xx


Dont you live in a lovely place with spectacular views.. I cant wait for it all to be green again and love seeing all the daffies out. We got married in the Spring and its one of my favourite times. I cant get used to it getting dark later, it catches me out when I have to start cooking dinner!

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