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March 30, 2010


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That's how I feel in a nutshell. Cx


I couldn't believe it either. In Blogland, we sometimes have a false sense of someone's life and although the friendships can be very real, just like any kind of friendship, we only share what we want. So sad.


I was shocked and saddened too when I read she'd died, the more so when I then found out she'd taken her own life. She seemed to have the perfect life, little do we know what really goes on in people's minds. I really can't understand how she could do it though and leave her five year old daughter. She must really have been in the depths of despair, at least now she is at peace but that can't be said for those she has left behind. I didn't even know her, my thoughts are with her family and friends. I still keep hoping it's some kind of cruel hoax.


dear Lucy

i'm back

i have followed your loving example and posted a few words on Elspeth. i've been thinking about it since sunday when i discovered she had gone, but couldn't find the words or the right image, i hopefully have now.

thinking of you xxx



Dear lucy, was very sad to read your post. If you ever have contact with her husband could you reccomend this book;
I got it for a friend who had experienced a close suicide and it was, I am told, a great help i the early dark days and later to help try and understand the unfathomable "why".
Meanwhile hugs for you - a loss is a loss-no matter in what context.
I popped on to report that I have at last mastered the hexagon and wanted to thank you and hope that makes you a teeny weeny bit lighter amongst the cloud.


Thank you for bringing this story to us across the pond. Even for those of us who have never heard of Elspeth, I read the article with such sadness. A beautiful life snuffed out because of something dark that was obviously out of her control. Truly a tragedy.

Jane Thorpe

How very sad for everyone involved - and what a great loss :(



Lucy, I'm so sorry that you lost your friend. I lost my brother in the same manner as Elspeth and I know that it is a very hard thing to come to terms with. I will pray for you and for her family. I know that God also weeps at the devastating effects of sin and disease, because Jesus wept at the grave of his friend Lazarus. But that is the beauty and wonder of Easter, isn't it? That God sent his Son to bear all the evils of the world. That he died in our place. That he rose to life and conquered death. So that in the end, we (and Elspeth and my brother!) will stand upon the the earth and see God with our own, living eyes.

Pom Pom

I read about it on JB's blog. I kept waking up in the night, feeling such sadness for her family and for her in her last hours. We must live "close in" so that the people we love can deal with crippling depression. She must have felt so alone. It's heartbreaking.


Blimey, how sad. To think that a woman who made such beauty could be so wracked on the inside.

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy you do not have to meet someone in the flesh to feel empathy with them. Elspeth will be sadly missed by all who came into contact with her. Remember
that she will live on in people's memories.
Love Sarah west midlands.


It is so hard to lose someone you love. I am sorry for her, her family, and friends like you. My heart goes out to you all. May God draw you near Him at this sad time.

Girl from Mozambique

Hang in there...


Wow. Just. Wow. I just can't fathom why someone could do this. That is the sad part. Who can really justify something so terrible? My initial reaction is anger and frustration. But sadness for someone who was obviously deeply disturbed.

I'm so sorry that you and all of her followers... and her family in particular are grieving. :( I'll be thinking about this and chewing on it in my mind for a long time.



I remember seeing a comment of hers on your blog once and I wasn't at all surprised that one lovely creative person should admire the creativity of another. I used to read her blog and she was the only person who made gardening seem like something I could actually do. It is devastating to think of her poor little girl that she has left behind and of course her husband who must truly be in shock. Sometimes it worries me that there is too much pressure on those that blog to be too upbeat and make everyone else happy even when they really don't feel like it. No one would ever know how unhappy she was feeling from her writing. I hope that you as her friend will feel less sadness and sense of loss soon. Sometimes things happen that can not be easily understood.


so very sad, both for her family and her friends, and all of us who read her words xoxoxo


I had the same reaction on Saturday when I read her husband's sad announcement. I gasped out loud and my hand flew to my mouth. It was later on the weekend that I learned of her depression and that she had taken her own life -- that felt like a double blow, I felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me.
I only knew Elspeth from her books and blogs, which I adored. I didn't correspond with her, as you did, but I still feel a tremendous loss.
Whenever I might have had a sour day, her words and pictures and serene outlook always made me feel calmer and better able to see the beauty in simple things.
I am so, so sad to think such a beautiful, creative, generous soul was in that much pain.


Lucy your tribute is so lovely and heartfelt and that sky...it touches the spirit, your words also.
i found Elspeth's blog some months ago and was deeply moved by her writing and wonderful photography, but somehow never returned until recently when i read the last beautiful, hopeful post she wrote. followed so shortly by the heart-aching message from her poor husband.
how i feel for that family. my family have also experienced the cruelty of depression.
i know you feel the loss deeply, you were kindred spirits.
may her dear soul as gentle, pure and poetic as the paperwhites she so loved, rest in peace.

bless you Lucy

take care my sweet xxx



It is so sad, from her writings it seemed she is happy person, but in her soul she was lonely and unhappy. I am very sorry thet her husband and daughter have this heavy burden for the rest of their lifes, although depression is something what can not be influenced or healed with their love they will always thik that there was something they can do. But there is nt and I am sure that Elspeth from the place where she is now she is happy and wants to tell them that she loves them and wish them all peace and happiness of the world in future.
But depression was stronger than her or their love.
I am sorry that you are so sad about it, that her death has so strong impact on your life in these days of happiness for you and your family, but time is a great healer. It is not a phrase it is something what we accept as truth during our life.


I too hadn't heard of Elspeth until reading your blog entry. I have since read her blog and her obituary and am now feeling incredibly sad. I lost a sister in the same way through depression - and ache for both her husband and little Mary. Thankyou for sharing your words with us about Elspeth - through her words, her books and through those she touched in so many ways - she'll live on. Houdini x

Daniela from Argentina

now she will be in our hearts and when we look at that beautiful sky, she will be there for us....Always


Extremely sad news. I keep looking at her last post and the picture of her little girl's room and simply can't fathom why anyone would want to leave such a life. She must have been in really hurting.I hope you feel better soon Lucy xxx


Like you, I was shocked and saddened by the news of Elspeth Thompson's death. I didn't know her, except through her blogs and books where she was an inspiration. She always seemed to relish life in her writing so this dark cloud must have descended very completely. The grief felt by her family and friends is echoed around blog-land. It's so very, very sad.

Dominique from France

Lucy, we are all with you. It is to sad and she was to young ...
God bless you Lucy.


i feel sorry for you and her family. I know elspeth thomson thru your blog. she's so charming, beautiful, and sooo inspiring. may she rest in peace.

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