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March 30, 2010


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Are you sick?same type everything.

Tita Carre

Hi, I love your blog, is beautiful or like say in Brazil ,it is MARAAAAAAAAAA, kiss

Patsy Farghaly

I Hope your feeling better Lucy and she will always be remembered by all the beauty she left behind. XOXO


After reading her story in the Daily Telegraph it came as a real shock to hear how she died. It seems she made her "mark" on peoples lives and will never be forgotton. What a terrible, terrible shame.


Having suffered from depression all my life I can empathasise. Bizarrely I was reading the RHS magazine and she had written one of this months articles about Auriculas. Obviously happy on the outside but not on the inside. Sometimes we become the greatest actors in the world.

carol suzanne

i'm so sorry, lucy....

donna flower

It was the saddest news and I reacted in the same way as you Lucy. This world of blogging that we belong to brings people close to us without us actually meeting and I felt as sad as I would have done had she been someone I had met.

Martina Tierney

Dearest Lucy, hug your little people and keep them safe and happy. It's difficult to comprehend Elspeth's death. I swing from disbelief to anger that she left her little person without a mummy, but her depression, despite the public persona, must have been vast.... It makes me realize how unreal our blogosphere can be. I look at her fabulous 'homemade' book, and don't understand... So many of us thought she had the 'perfect' life... I wonder how many of the people we admire online are secretly so unhappy? I feel humbled and count my blessings, I'm sure you do too. With love Martina x


Hello Lucy
I regularly read Elspeth's blog and was so saddened to see the entry by her husband. Her blog never gave any hint of her troubled mind. I do hope and pray that she finds peace in God's care. I admired her work greatly and she will be missed by many who like me did not know her personally.
Gemma (Coventry, West Midlands)

Lisa Hafey

I find this particularly tragic. I hadn't known anything about Elspeth (more shame me), but to feel things are too hard to keep on going, *even with a five year old child* is heartrending.

That's three creatives I've heard of who've left us too young in recent months - Alexander Mcqueen, Krisitan Digby (he of "To Buy or Not to Buy" - but also a gifted film-maker) and now Elspeth Thompson. It's horribly, horribly sad.


I know Lucy, it is such a shock. I felt much the same yesterday. Such a young person and a young family.Don`t know what to say really.Keep your chin up.
Lots of Love from Carole in Rossendale xxxxxx


I'm so sorry. She sounds like an extraordinary woman who fond immense joy in nature's bounty. My heart goes out to her family - online and in life.


I always read your blog and I love it. I feel your sadness.I knew ELSPETH from your blog so I feel sadness too.
There is a spanish song that said
IT is true your friend will be always with you.


im so sorry, miss lucy. i know what it feels like to loose someone that you never expected to. my thoughts are with her and her family-but also with you. xo


I read her books way out here in Calgary, Alberta. Just loved them.
I enjoy your blog as well Lucy.
I've been to England only once but it is a dream to have your lifestyle.
Take Care.


Lucy, I've never heard of her before today, but I'm sorry of a talented young woman lost... and I'm sorry that your heart is in pain for this cause. I'm sure you have to grive it for some time... but I hope (and I'm sure) that you will be full of that great happiness so distinctive of yours.
I send you a hug with love.


Thank you for phrasing so eloquently how I feel. Personally, I don't know you and I didn't know Elspeth, but I feel that I do know you both from your writings and pictures. We have so much in common. At present, I have two close personal circumstances related to cancer -a godmother and a friend/mother of a 6 year old at school. Elspeth's death is as rawly sad to me as both of these and I've never set eyes on her or talked on the phone. This is the first time I've been truly affected by the death of someone I don't know on a personal level and my mind is whirring. From Elspeth's death and the manner of it, I will move forward more gently in every way. Too sad to put into words. I wish for peace for those she has left behind and for herself. x


Hi Lucy. I enjoy your blog. I daresay however that after learning about Elspeth and the shock many have about how she died, I think it proves quite the opposite of what you say. The connections made via the Internet aren't like real world friendships where we might actually know someone. We may be touched by someone on-line or feel emotionally moved by them or appreciate their creativity, but it's not the same as a strong direct personal "Friendship" where you truly know the person in "real life." Apparently, many people didn't really know her or of her depression - or the shock would not be as profound. We need to take care on-line, as we may think we know someone, and we really don't. I am praying for Frank and his daughter and, as depression can be genetic, I pray he is able to assist his LP in getting the assistance she may well need. Blessings...

Rhonda Texas USA

Lucy, I am so sorry. Sending you a huge ((hug)).

Southern Gal

i reacted as you did - and was in shock. and still am. my life is rather tough right now and one way i cheer myself up is reading several women's blogs - yours and Elspeth's are among the ones that help me feel less blue - by reading of the glimpses of life in your blogs i feel a part of a kind of life i wish i were living - and may never have - however for a brief time it helps take me away from the current troubles.

i am still reeling in a deep place inside about ET's suicide ... depression is a dangerous black place to be ... and takes a strong sense of survival to climb out from under - the hardest part is the facade that was in her posts - i love that she continued to find joy but ache that she felt she couldnt share or get help about the illness (although i dont know that)

in trying to explain to myself, i seem to remember something about her mother's death last year - was it the anniversary? - in trying to understand why?

to me her life seemed one of charm and beauty and grace and joy and love from family and friends - many things that to a mere reader seemed to add up to a wonderful life.

oh the ache and tragedy of it! and the pain she must have had in that final act.


She was indeed far too young to go, and I am so grieved that the sorrow of life overwhelmed her. (((HUGS))) Lucy...


I only discovered Elspeth Thompson in recent months through your blog list on the side. I went back through all her posts and eagerly revisited often to see what she was up to. I was devastated yesterday when I saw the announcement from her husband. And I feel for her little girl Mary. The whole thing is so sad. I admit I shed a few tears also.


May she rest in peace.
I knew her only through her beautiful blog, but I was deeply shocked and saddened by her death. It's hard to understand that such a wonderful person has gone for ever.

Natalie Wales

Just too sad and I don't have the words, I'm so sorry Lucy..I love your blog and appreciate the time it must take to keep up with, take care xx


Lucy, I'm so sorry for the heaviness in your heart. Thank you for sharing this post, especially for those who did not know Elspeth. Through you, her creativity, inspiration and positive energy still reaches many.

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