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March 08, 2010


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Ah, those pictures of Bolton Abbey made me homesick for a bit. We had friends in Yorkshire, in Sowerby Bridge and whenever we visited (every summer holiday) we so often went to Bolton Abbey. It's so beautiful out there. I looove Yorkshire and I think it's the best and most beautiful county in England. Sooo many memories, unfortunately our friend has died and it still hurts a bit to go back, for all those holidays we shared and loved. Sorry for the rambling, incoherent post.
Just wanted to thank you for the pictures. Happy memories...
All the way from Holland,
Love, Margaret


Lovely weather you have, here it is sooo windy!!!!!

I have a question: I want to do a tutorial for my dress (posted on my blog) that would cost a thing to download (have to get some student money even if I'm not a fanatic about the paying thing)
but well, the question is, now that I've used your ripple pattern, would you mind that I put the explanation of the ripple on the tutorial, with of course a link to the blog and your name etc...

Have a lovely day!


thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, I feel as if I take a little trip when I visit. Happy you are able to enjoy some good weather!!!!


Beautiful post. I would love to see such a place one day! So glad you were out to enjoy the sunshine!


What a beautiful place. Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures as well!


lovely pics, i so enjoy seeing them..Its so beautiful where you live Lucy..


Lovely to catch up with you. I know you are always keen to see a Granny Square appreciated, so check this out!
(it's a lovely website/blog by the way, worth browsing around).
Lovely to think of you all out and about with the little one.
xx Elspeth

The Garden Bell - Kate

Now, your talking and sooooooo back to your old self... yipeee. Great to see you back outside. Love the Little Ladies baskets of joy. She is going to be a gardener that's for sure.

Sure enjoyed all your pic of the Abbey here.

Gardening Hugs,
Kate - The Garden Bell

Patti Johnson

You live in a wonderful part of the world! I love your pics. Our Sunday was a beautiful day also here in Pa. We took our kids out for the last time on the snowmobiles, it truly was a great day to be outside!

Lynda Rivinius

What a lovely Sunday you all had!! I too have just recently discovered your blog and so enjoy your cheeriness. Here in Montana in the USA we have had a very long winter and are looking for every bit of spring we can spot!! Please keep sharing your adventures!


Hi Lucy,
thanks for sharing your world and your pictures with us... I started peering at your blog because of your cheerful and inspiring croheted work, only to finf literally hooked by your writing too: better than a hundred-hours course to learn your language from Italy and... I love-love-love it!


you may like this

take care <3


In a few weeks when it's all filled out and full of gorgeous flowers and colours, and when it's hanging up ..... no-one will notice "the centre" ...... and Mummy, it's just so special for the two of you :0)

Tina Daugherty

We are having one of those beautiful blue skies today and it makes me want to bury my hands in dirt and plant pretty flowers but it is still a bit to early. A crisp sunny walk is in order for this afternoon.


Lovely Sunday!

Cláudia Santos

Hi Lucy!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!
Thank you
God bless you.


The basket looks lovely Lucy. We too are enjoying glorious weather in South Gloucestershire. It makes you feel like a different person, doesn`t it. xxx

Heather Thorp

Hey there Lucy, I have started a hexagon blanket and I wanted to know how much of each yarn you used for the edging - was it more than a ball? Thank you so much for sharing your patterns and photos - really uplifting!


Beauty day!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Lovely post! I so enjoy reading your blog.


Such a beautiful abbey! Oh, how I wish I lived near a place where such things existed. Unfortunately, though, the good ole' American Midwest is a bit lacking in several century old church ruins. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

Anne Bebbington

Ooooooh - I'm pining for the fjords (as my dear husband calls my homesickness) Bolton Abbey is so beautiful always but never more so when the sun shines - thank you so much for sharing the pictures they bring back so many happy memories


I'm pleased you enjoyed your first outdoorsy walk with all five of you! And the basket does look pretty. Take care.


Hi Lucy - we're having some of that glorious sunny weather over on our side of the Pennines too, and like you we have been Playing Out. I tidied up my pots this weekend - your before shots of the hanging baskets perfectly reflect the state of my pots before this weekend. Much better now! x


Hi Lucy! I love the look of Bolton Abbey, it seems very romantic to me! The weather was great also here in London and I can feel that the garden daffs will appear soon...In the meantime, I am getting a bit of spring by looking at your flower pics.
Pati xx

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