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March 24, 2010


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i love the double daffodils, they are such perfect rays of sunshine. thank you for sharing this beautiful homely bliss xxx

can't wait to see the blankie!


Marian Edwards

Hi Lucy, oh i LOVE oaty bikkies too..YUM!

i've just blogged about my tweeked version of Anzacs..you might just be tempted to try a batch.

btw i've also included a recipe for traditional Anzacs. cheers, Marian x


Oh, what a cheery greeting you have at your front door!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


Lucy, how you can make even laundry look good is beyond me! It's been so blechy and cold here.(more snow last night). Your cheery flowers, oaty cookies and cuddly lil "B" brings hope that spring will soon come to the high desert. I want some oaty cookies! I have to shop today and I think with the apricots some dried cherries and pistachios might be really good mixed in. Yummy! Can't wait to see all your finished WIP's!


Such a lovely colourful post, even the laundry, lol! Hope you have a peaceful weekend.
Jak x


Sounds like you had a lovely day! Your plants are beautiful!

Well done on finishing your blanket. Lastly, Kids can't tell your singing is bad. I am tone deaf, and my wee kids I nanny love me singing with them!


I'm betting all 92 before me already gave you the answer but that's a krysantemum (possibly chrysantemum in english?). :-)

Lindsey in AL

I am just about 3 months away from delivering my #5 baby and most of the time I freak out a little bit thinking of having to do that again (the delivering part mainly). Your recent pictures of your little man have me hankering to get it all over with and get to the delivery just so I can have one of those to squeeze again. I can just feel his little tummy and bottom through those slightly stiff overalls, with his little legs and arms sticking out trying to figure out what to do with themselves, and it makes me all ooey-gooey inside. I don't know whether mine will be a him or a her but either way, you're making me crazy to hold one again! So thanks for the sweet baby pictures!


Thanks for sharing that receipe - I'll make sure I try it soon!


gotta love those days!!!

carol suzanne

december 2009 home review photos-- where-oh-where did Lucy find that red swirly mug??? Sorry, I'm seriously in need! Anyone have a clue? :) Carol

Natalie and Brid


commenting you from Dublin Ireland! My friend and I always enjoy popping up to your attic and having a little look-see every week, you have a wonderful blog and should be proud as punch of yourself! Inspired by you we have recently started a craft blog and are wondering how you make your stunning mosaic photos we've been trying to make one using photoshop but haven't got it worked out. Any tips??

All the best from your huge fans in Dublin.

Natalie and Brid


I'm pleased everything is hunky dory and I can't wait for the ta-dah moment!


It always makes my day visiting you and your attic Lucy. All that blast of colour and inspiration ..... brill! Can't wait to see the zig zaggy! I think you really are WONDER WOMAN :0)

Anne Bebbington

Babies are a joy in lots of ways not least the fact that they love their mummy to sing and are the kindest music critics in the world - you enjoy singing to him, believe me it will be all too soon when your kids are saying 'Oh Muuuuum, don't sing out loud - it's sooooo embarrassing!!!!!'


Love your blog Lucy and have been a follower now for 12 months....I have finally gone and done my own little blog Heather xxx


Sounds like you're setting into a nice routine with bubs. We are travelling to the UK from Australia and because of your blog are planning on a visit to Bolton Abbey. We'll be having a stop on the way from Scotland back to London - so just one day and one night. Are there any other places you'd recommend we visit?
Oh, and I FINALLY mastered the granny square yesterday after following your instructions - so THANKS!


Mrs Bun

I know the realities are often exhausting, but ooh Lucy it does look and sound cosy and idyllic.

Those oaty cookies sound very very good by the way.

Lisa x

Hooked In Hove

Oooooooh an Attic24 ta dah - can't wait! Glad things are settling down for you at last, must try those oaty cookies.


I second the cineraria! So glad things are settling - those first months are hard aren't they? Looking forward to the TaDah! Post very much .


Ah, what wonderful flowers! It does make my heart so much lighter to see all the lovely spring flowers appearing. And cookies!! I suddenly want to make cookies;-)Oaty, apricoty cookies - yum....

I'd also like to give you a sunshine award for all the inspiration, positivity and creativity you give to us all. Do pop over to my blog to get all the info. A huge thank you for everything you do.


I love these "day" posts... so refreshing when mine doesn't turn out a blooming thing like yours! :) But I'll survive as long as I can live vicariously through your blog!

Rachel in LA

woo hoo!!! any chance we have a pattern coming our way? :)


Ta-dah post coming soon - yippee and yay you!

Tina Plant

Have never posted a comment before even though I visit your site every day whilst at work for a bit of colour in a dreary day.

Thank you x

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