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March 22, 2010


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Marian M-S

If that's not the best kind of Monday I don't know what is :-). Love your pictures!!


I'm a newcomer to your blog and I just have to tell you I love your colourful posts! Such day brighteners!

The Coffee Lady

At least your Baby Annabel has its clothes on. Ours are always starkers.


Hi Lucy,
I've so enjoyed your blog and look forward to your cheerful descriptions and lovely pictures. How did you make the little purse made out of waves? It's truly adorable.

Emma Stewart

Awwww making me broody and my bug is only 15 months...Gorgeous :)


what a lovely monday can't wait to see the outcome of your latest project..........sun flower is lovely and the yummy yarn too.


What a lovely, lovely Monday ..... enjoy your Tuesday through Sunday just as much !

Emma Roberts

Oooo I'm intrigued as to what you are making now - look like large flower petals or pockets? Little B looks a real cutiepie.
Just a quick question - what make or wool is that in your bag? I'm trying to buy just the right wool so I can make some or your always wonderful creations!
Em. x


Hello there

I am a big fan of your blog darling, reading it on a daily basis. Thank you for that. Anyway, I was looking at the fantastic crochet bag you keep your yarn in and wondering if you would mind sharing a pattern with me.

XOXo Mira

Mrs Twins

Oh what a Perfect Day!
Hugs and Love Suex


Your Monday looks rather nice. Hope your Tuesday is just as enjoyable. Little baby B looks very cuddly and sweet. Enjoyed all your pictures - love your orange flower. Lucky you, surrounded by such lovely things. Looks wonderful - what more could anyone want?


I love your yarn colors and what is your favorite yarn to use? I am new to crocheting and would like to work with something nice that i can buy in USA. Thank you and I love peeping into your attic and seeing glimpses of your sweet life. Your baby pics makes this 62 year old grandma want one!!


As a grandma of six, those pictures of your baby makes me want to reach out and snuggle him myself. How perfectly darling. May God bless you and all your family.

Daniela Briani - Nova Prata - Brasil

Lucy, I am a brasilian girl that LOVES your blog, the colors are wonderful, and the photos are great!!!! I am nothing have time to knit or crochet, but for while my favorite hobbie is read your blog!!!!


LoveloveLOVE those dimpled knuckles...sigh and double sigh...thank you for that. I shall have my own dimpled knuckles in November and I cannot wait, especially since right now I am downright pukey all the time.


I just wanted to pop up and say hello- I've been lurking here for a while and I love your blog- in fact it's inspired me to start my own (not very fancy yet though)! So thanks very much.
Congratulations on the new arrival too!


Alison Moyes

Sounds like you had a lovely Monday. Baby cuddles or housework (for me) I know what I would choose every time.


Hooked In Hove

Perfect Lucy day :-) Oh, and I noticed (coveted) that little bag in your first pic - the one with the little houses on! Is that a Lucy-make?


I love the zipper pouch with the houses and know these Plly pocket girls lying all around the house..;)
And of course love the flowers and the pictures of the baby too!

The Garden Bell - Kate

Chubby, Chubby, Chubby... Boy, does Little B look so well feed and happy. Sure wish I could see those Chubby Rosie Cheeks. I'm sure they are adorable.

Look at all those fun flowers inside the Attic. Sweet Peas are tops on my list of favs.

Now, about the yarn and goodies you are creating this week. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve or should I say inside your socks. Cute. Love the dots.

Hugs for a fun, snugglie week.

Kate - The Garden Bell


I don't think a Monday could get much better than that. Aren't you the blessed one?

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


Lovely! Wouldn't mind a little dose of those baby cuddles myself..as long as I could hand the source back again!! LOL! Cx

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Your day seems to have been perfect!!!
Love love love the photos of your beautiful Baby!! Just gorgeous!

Love and hugs from Anna xxx


Hello, Lucy,

I love your pictures! They are very pretty and colorful.



Sounds like a lovely morning....my little one is 3 now. I love morning snuggles.

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