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March 22, 2010


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Hi Lucy
I am now becoming desperate for a crochet bunting pattern. I have found others but none as gorgeous as yours!! I am about to decorate my daughter's new bedroom and would love to add your bunting to her bookshelves. I have only very recently started hooking and am truly addicted. I am not yet as wise as mummy and grandma and would never be able to fudge up a pattern of my own. Please please please could you try and post a pattern for us. On skimming your comment feeds, i see that others are also in awe of you and waiting paitiently!!! xxx

Zandra - South Africa

Dear Lucy, I am so inspired by your ideas!


I know this isn't entirely relevant...but I found this pattern and I remembered the granny square jacket you had posted a while back...here's the link for a free pattern of one:


I don't think I'll ever tire of your photos of flowers! They make me happy every time!!!


I love when you show pics of teacups with tea, please show more and I'd love to know what it is you're drinking too. I almost never get a warm cup of tea nowadays, mostly because I have a wild or breastfeeding baby around me all the time so I just let it cool off for a time when I have the time to get a couple of sips of and to make it more safe in case it will end up all over us, soaking wet is inconvinient but doesn't hurt when it's cold.

I use to watch your pictures and just sit for a while and smile and dream about what you're having, it's just like I can feel the smell of it. Right now I'm working on a big mug of cold black orange tea, quite tasty.

Justine Mullins

Hi there, I've just been sent in your direction by a fellow crocheter (I think thats a word!) as I am currently trying to teach myself crochet (Tee Hee Hee!!) Anyway the blog is gorgeous and I was just wondering if you could recommend anywhere good online for purchasing yarn? Many many thanks, Justine x

Angie (Redhange)

Such lovely colours in your crocheting and an adorable baby as well! Hope you're having a great week.


Sweet. I can relate to reheating the tea/coffee 3 times. I like the little spotty house case, too.


My baby is to big for his britches. He doesn't like to cuddle anymore. He just wants to use me as a barka lounger! I will take any "cuddles" I can get. Enjoy them!!!


I have a silly question, what yarn do you use the most often. Your colours are always so pleasing, bright and vibrant.

I have crocheted my 1st hexagon today (this was my first attempt to crochet).
Your blog has also inspired me to put down my two knitting needles and pick up a hook. I finally did it today.


oooooo lucy the wip are they egg cosies?? I`m curious!
Lots of love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


Lucy, I always look forward to your posts because I know your colorful photos brighten my day, every single time!


It seems you had a lovely day! You wee baby is so cute, I just want to eat him (I mean that in a nice way). I am completely in awe of your crocheting ability. As of next week, I am going to teach myself!

sue walters

I am caring here in the UK for 3 months and a darling friend put be onto your blog. Oh happy days, cant wait to start your bag.Your colours are divine and so happy and chirpy. Thank you, thank you for joy you are bringing to me. Sue Walters


Hello there I am desperately looking for help with a crochet pattern which I simply do not understand. Can you spare me a few minutes to help? Thanks so much.

Shelley in SC

Looks like a Monday of the most perfect kind!! Can I come join you? Flowers and sunshine; color and cuddly babies. Sounds like a little piece of paradise : ) !!


You Always have such gorgeous colours of wool.Would you mind doing a post (or post script) on what type of yarn it is.I live away from any wool shops and never have a chance to browse amongst balls of wool.It's quite difficult to buy on line without knowing what I want, exactly.I would be really grateful if you could tell us what make/company your lovely colours are from.Thank you


Hi, I've got your Birdie Decoration like my spring project, it's so cute! Do you'd like to share your new project in my Facebook group or Ravelry?! On Ravelry it's a group called SAVE CROCHET!!! I love your blog...


Gorgeous pics!xx


Love your Monday :)


Looks like a great Monday :)

The Curious Cat

What a lovely Monday! Such homely, warm photos! xxx


Hello Lucy,
I just found your Blog and I´m deeply impressed about your creativity and your wonderful home!! I scrolled through your`"Blog-life" and saw all the beautiful things you crocheted! I love each of it. What sort of wool do you work with?? The colours are amazing and it seems as if they aren´t too "heavy". I always found cotton to crochet with but that´s a bit too "thick". Everything I crochet looks heavy and a blanket of that quality isn´t really nice to snuggle in. Do you know what I mean?? Would you be so kind to tell me the name of the wool??
Have a lovely day and many greetings from Germany!!


Baby hands just make me smile! Your Monday sure was a great day. Thanks for sharing.


I wish my monday had been more like that. Absolutely perfect.

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