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March 03, 2010


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Hello Lucy,

I live in France and often drop by your little blog to see your beautiful creations. On a French blog I found a mention of your granny squares and saw that they had been used to make a little summer dress (credit given to you by the way) and I thought you might be interested to see how your creations have inspired others. And that one idea has gone on to do the rounds of several other people so it's going to be a popular little gril's dress this summer.
Of course you may already know about this, but I thought I'd mail you just in case. Here's the link :


Keep up all the good work. You've certainly inspired me and I've just finished a lovely ripple blanket, granny squares next...
Enjoy your day,

Carolina Elizabeth

Your photos make me crave Spring even more so. Thank you so much for your blog. I think it helps me survive winter in Oklahoma. Have a great Spring. I look forward to more of your fabulous photos to celebrate any season.

Cazza of North Queensland, Australia

The blanket is looking great! Will you be sharing a pattern with us all? I really hope so, as I'd love to try this design!

Could you explain how to make the little half-granny-squares? The triangle ones at the ends?

I have been searching the net and can only find patterns for the more traditional, hole-y, granny squares in half form, and I've tried but I can't manage to convert those to this kind of solid pattern!

Hope you can help, Thanks so much!


Love your photos and post. I can relate to forgetting school activities... happened many times now ha ha. That blanket looks amazing. Wish I could finish one like that!

Judi Wilson

Ah Lucy, I remember when I had my third baby. It felt like my fourth. We have 2 hands, 2 feet. Was someone trying to tell us something? What do we do when we need an extra hand? Don't worry about forgetting or being late. There'll be a lot of that from now on, for many years to come. This is my first post. I'm from New York and found about your blog from a volunteer group who make baby and children's items for hospitals. I'm amazed by your work and how much you manage to squeeze into a day. My 4 children are in their 40's and 50's now. I guess I managed then also, plus I worked full time, and volunteered at school and softball and band. Boy do I love retirement!!!


Hey Lucy, I've become quite addicted to your absolutely brilliant blog over the past few months! Thanks for the help with crochety things, and for bringing a bit more colour into gloomy Brussels!!!


I didn't even realize you hadn't posted Feb!!!! But you certainlly made me remember to remember, and enjoy the simplicity of life.
Thanks as always, warm love from Argentina


Thanks for the reminder to remember! And for the record, I enjoy your calendar posts when ever they appear. :)

Alex Mason

Your right the remembering is far more important than the forgetting...your post has reminded me to go and turn the calendar over :) xxx


There is a time for everything and if that time is a little late, well never mind! It is fun when it comes! Thank you Lucy.


Loving your February post, if Feb had been a proper month like the rest. Today or tomorrow would be the 1st March so you're ok!


February is such a short month, I think it flies by before we even have a chance to grab hold of it.

Love the new blanket! :)

greedy nan

How can you possibly berate yourself - aren't you the same woman who's recently given birth to your 3rd child which means there's no hope to ever regain your memory ...


Most definitely agree, remembering is far more important than forgetting x

The Garden Bell - Kate

Who cares if you post Feb. in Mar. or even in Apr. Just check in with us when you can. I'm always forgetting the same things, but then again those things the hubbie asks us to do, aren't as fun as kissing the babs toes, hugging the brothers and sisters as head out the door without their uni's, hugging a new ball of yarn, surfing your blog buddies and curling up with a good gardening magazine and dreaming of your garden to come.

I think the thing I find and love most about reading here in your Attic. The thing that make me ponder for a second and escape to a new land, are the cute little British sayings you use. They may seem normal to you, but it transports us to another place. A place of joy and splender. I'm sure some of our sayings you must think are crazy too. But, isn't it fun to go to another part of the world through our friends if not just for a second in time. So here is one from the Bell to you. I'm always spelling out in my head. L.E.T.I.T.G.O., let it go. I't ok to not get to everything. Take that moment to yourself and replenish your soul.

Now, about that blankie. I can't wait to see it all revealed. It's looking fab.

Off and running for a day for fun in SUNNY Florida.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Emma Stewart

Hey there, wow once again you amaze me in similarity it is so strange...al the things you forgot I myself am guilty of and actually forgot my little man was dancing in his show which I was very upset about, but like you say remembering is much more important you are spot on x

Mary Beth

sweet girl, I have enjoyed all of your February posts,even if you forgot that you posted them! Sometimes life gets in the way , but you manage to see beauty everywhere you look, and that's what's important! I love checking in now and then to see what outrageously lovely things you are working on and want to thank you for sharing them with us!

Jayne Walton

Little Man must be very advanced for his age, reading school letters to you at 2 months old, or are you referring to your older 'Little Man'? Very confusing!!! Thank you for spreading joy into our lives despite being so busy xx


I enjoyed reading your retrospective post! You're only a couple of days 'late'-I think I mentioned Christmas 3 times in my last post; and I don't have a new baby to care for! I've looked up at the sky the past few glorious days and it has been the blue of your background. So I think it will now be known as a Lucy blue sky!!
Loving the crochet, really must give it a go.
Z x

tammy pell

I have enjoyed my visit to your part of the world in Attic24, Yorkshire. I feel a tug from my heart when I see pictures like you have shown outside your window. I feel the same about Scotland & Ireland. My ancestors came from those parts of the world and the longing of home still flows in my veins. Your fireplace is lovely too, I also like sitting close to one, all snuggly w/ my handwork or reading. And my memory is bouncing back and forth, so know you are not alone w/ that. Take care and be happy!


Mmmm, loving the Prima photo for February and the way it is just hinting at long summer days to come.
I think you can be forgiven for missing the end of February - it's not like it's a REAL month anyway - far too short and what's all that nonsense with an extra day every four years? Madness.
The time passing is also mad - sixteen days until I'm back in Leeds, how did that happen? I feel like I've been here for yonks.

Hope you're enjoying some you-time at knit and natter today xxxxxxx Love Heather ♥

ps blog to your own time, not the calendar's or anyone elses xxx


Definitely better late than never :)

The new blanket is looking lovely. I'm trying to find inspiration for one for a newly-expectant friend, but got slightly distracted by the purchase of 201 crochet motifs... Suddenly I'm spoiled for choice (there's so many pretty pictures in it - highly recommended)

February...went. Definitely. I'm kind of hoping March passes at a speed we can all keep up with!



Hi Lucy, if you get the chance pop to my blog - I have been doing some decopatch! I want to thank you for showing it on your blog - I have really enjoyed doing it - will be on the look out for lots of other things to decopatch over! Take care **Kim**x


We're not bothered if it's slightly overdue, great images have no shelf-life! March just snook in when none of us were looking :-)


Lucy ~ Love the February calendar pictures and it doesn't matter one bit that they are a little later than you may have planned ~ You DO have a very good excuse for that! If you do happen to get a minute or even a second then please hop on over to my blog to see what I have made with some of your Attic 24 teeny tiny flowers ~ I think you just might like it! :O) xx

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