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March 18, 2010


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Love your blog and unfortunately you probably made the book so popular that it is sold out :-( Enjoy your beautiful day :-)

Kathy Prickett

Lucky you Lucy! Both books you mention are sold out!! :o( Got the pouty face going......lol

So sorry about Elspeth. I tried to leave a condolence and it wouldn't let me..on Elspeth's blog. I had written a very long one...a lot of it having to do with depression. I wanted to try and ease her Mr. a little, as much as I could. And poor Mary....I feel so bad for her.
Hugs to you Lucy...xxxxx

Randee Sue Phillips

I have a magazine from 1987 that has a very similar hex throw. You would love it. It's called" Great American Granny Squares." Thank you for being so inspirational for me . I've learned so much from your tutorials. I am very grateful. I live in NYC and we have a Japanese Book Store , so I hunted around a bit. The instructions are much better than most I have come across.


Ohhh...I want to make the coat hangers for Christmas gifts!!!

Angie (Redhange)

What a gorgeous book you have there. Love those hangers, adorable!


and i think these hexagons are the same ones i've started last Sunday (alpaca for me) from the book i received last week...


this one looks pretty good ! thanks for sharing.
i've been crocheting from japanese books right from the beginning (not so long ago though) and i've just one featured on my blog today...
be careful you're going to get... hooked ! ;)

Sarah H

I love the hexagon pattern for the blanket. I have been working on it all weekend but I've just been crocheting for a couple of weeks and I need to help. I can't figure out how to make my centre ring look like yours. When you post instructions, can you include a few pictures to help with starting the pattern? Thanks and keep the patterns coming. This one is great!


It is a loving bok. I want to know where can i buy this yarns?it is posible ta buy by internet?thanks!!!!!


Hi Lucy. Thank you so much for posting ont your newly purchased Japanese book. I am so happy to hear you liked the book, because I like it, too. If you have any questions about the Japanese instructions please let me know. (~~*)

Linda Nichols

Lucy, I love your use of color, among other things and have been wishing you would post a little lesson in how you choose and combine colors. When you put things together, they look lovely. When I try, the results aren't always as good. How about a color tutorial?

Linda Nichols


Hi Lucy, I was busy so had not had the chance to look at your blog for a few days. Today I'm trying to catch up.... since I was missing it. I think this book is Sooooo you, it's increadible. It could have been written by you!! I love your instructions for the wreath also. I will try to create one for Xmas with Xmashy colours if I find a bit of free time (so rare these days). I'm still crocheting my first baby blanket... Thanks again for sharing it all with us. I will be going to the Country Living Magazine this week - inspired by you. xxxxxx

Jane Greppi

Thank you for posting this - all your own stuff is so lovely and this looks like you could have designed it.

Love, love, love the hangers. Am DESOLATED to discover the book has sold out. My DD's best friend is going to Japan, so may have to coerce her into buying it there if she can.

Meanwhile, if you wanted to have a go at making those gorgeous hangers and then just... you know... write about what you did to make them...obviously no copyright infringement intended...


Amazing books...
I was a tad lost over on etsy for a while...
Just so many lovely pics!!!
Too many to choice from...But I did favorite a few...lol


Just lovely! A "got to get" book. Thank you for inspering me...again. :-)
Kind regards from snowy and sunny Sweden


Thank you for a really inspiring blog. Do you have any suggestions for the best "learn to crochet" book for a beginner? Or suggestions of other web links.... Anything at all would be welcomed.


i´ll try it out. i´m looking for a new project. lucy, have you ever looked at "littlebabycompany.com"? i just came across it and immediately thought of you! xo, jo


thank you so much for sharing your colours with us! i've just bumped into your blog and my world changed. thank youuu!


Can't wait for the tutorial!!


Hi Lucy! How are you?
I hope that you , your baby and your family are well. Not repair my english, sorry my bad english rsrsrssr
Você se lembra de mim? You remember me? Angélica de BH- Brasil rsrss I thought: I need to visit Lucy in attic today, of course on your blog.rsrs
I loved the bag with pom pom and the hangers.Beautiful! Eu estudei japonês por um ano e meio , e eles são muito inteligentes, simpáticos, corretos e criativos. Lucy, tenho certeza que vc faz esta bolsa e cabide "numa boa", quero dizer, com facilidade. Dou you understand?
I'll try to see if I can do.God bless you and you family. Bye, bye. Angélica.


what a find! looks like an amazing book!

i read your blog all the time, but haven't ever commented (well, not that i can remember)...anyways, i enjoy your posts and all of your lovely creations...i would totally be interested in a post about how to read the crochet diagrams.


And now I have my yarns in a basket too!! Truly a beautiful book and one too good to hide in a bookshelf. Thanks for the inspiration Lucy.


I'm sooooooo excited LUCY!!!! I went back yesterday and she had another one there.... yippy for me! Now I can follow along with you :) I also bought the chair cushion book....it's lovely as well. Can't wait to get them....singing>> lalala


Dear Lucy,
i't will be great to have a post that explain about the
diagram,i am abit terrified by them.
Thanks a lot!


Hi Lucy, I would really appreciate it if you'd do a post about understanding crochet symbols. I've been drooling over those books on ebay for a while now (I think it's your etsy friend selling them there too), but held off getting them because I assumed they'd be in Japanese ... how cool that we get to understand the patterns too! I do think Japan has it wrapped with cute crochet design. Thanks, as ever, for sharing! Joy x

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