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March 18, 2010


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Marie Cole

I would like to buy a crochet book which gives 2 or 3 large round tablecloth patterns (about 72 inches diameter) with diagrams or charts.I find it very hard to follow written patterns. Can you help me please ?

Nobu Murakawa

Wow!!! What a beautiful pictures of crochets patterns this book have. Really Nice!! I have also found a book of Japan lovely craft of crochet designs containing lovely crochet designs of women and kids sewing patters and toys also made of crochets.


I think posting patterns from books like that is a copyright breach - you might want to remove them.


Sorry people forgot to give you Robertas link

Sorry Lucy

Thank you again


I just posted the above item but forgot to mention this site which actually has tutorial on the japanese crochet patterns




I always browse Lucy's website on the quiet as it is so lovely. But this time I just had to share this find with all you people who love Japanese crochet.

The website http://giftjap.info/
is a great resource for crocheters and also other crafts such as quilting, embroidery etc.
This website is in Russian and has a eng tab at the top to translate the texts, also you will find that the automatic translate prompts from your computer will help. When you click on download free books and further select crochet/knitting tab, this is the beginning of finding over 51 pages of free books to download.
The books are downloaded in a rar format or pdf format.
You need to have the rar extract to view pages of books. If you dont already have a rar extract this can be downloaded for free from
Its easy as going to the above site clicking on the download button and then installing it on your computer.

Another site that is useful in deciphering the symbols in these patterns are http://www.selectyarn.com/index.html

and finally a portuguese site by a lady called Roberta also offers many crochet books for download.

Goodluck in your hunting

So thank you and good luck on your perfect pattern hunt


Hi Lucy, I have this book and want to embark on the hex blanket. I think I'm ok deciphering the symbols but can't work out the edging bit - is each hex worked separately then sewn together or are they worked one off the other. Can you shed any light???? Would be grateful for any words of wisdom!


Hi Lucy
Concerning reading japanese books and diagrams : I bought the vol 4 with the japanese flower scarf, and gave it a try. If I read and follow the diagram well, I don't get to the same result as you did. It' s about the 3d round.
I understand you have to make *2 tr, chain 5, 2tr* in each of the 2 ch spaces from the previous round.
Then in the fourth round, make 8 tr in each of these 5ch spaces, and one dc between 2 blocks of 4 tr from the previous round.
I seems to me that you made 5 rows : a row of *4 slip st. chain 5* before the last row. Yours looks pretty nice because you changed colours after row 3,and then rows 4 and 5 are the same colour, (and you can't see 4th row anyway) while it doesn't look as nice when I change colours between rows 3 an 4 so I had to crochet rows 3 an 4 in the same coulour...
Yours look more like little arches on a solid circle, theirs, like oval petals...
Am I right ? What in the diagram tells you to do either way ? Did I read the diagram wrong, or did you make it your own way ?
I think yours looks nicer, I just wanted to make sure I can read "japanese".
Thank you for your answer

S King

I look forward to your post deciphering the symbols ... I've just bought the book!

Helen jones

What a fantastic find. The patterns are beautiful.


blogunuz cok guzel, super tig isiniz var
ben Turkiyeden ingilizce bilmiyorum.

elleriniz dert gormesin sevgiler.



hello miss lucy!
i;m not sure if you're still reading comments on this post as it is quite an oldy (but a goody!) and you are one busy little lass but i just wanted to drop you a line as i've just finished making that wonderful hexie blanket there, inspired from this very post ha ha!
i've just posted pictures of it onto my blog if you have a second to have a looksee... it was a very different yet fun pattern to make! definitely think you should give it a try, it'd be amazing to see what you'd do with the colours with it :D
much love!


Lovely, I have bought both the books but I can't understand the diagrams. How to follow these patterns. Aren't they just beautiful have tried translating but no go. I am really itching to start but find myself just looking and looking and doing nothing .............. I just love your blog and have been buying the books that you suggest. Thank you again Sandra from Sydney australia


I have several Japanese books and I absolutely love them!!! I love that fact that I don't have to read Japanese to understand the pattern! :)


Hi, first time commenting although long time learner from your awesome blog. i recently bought a japanese crochet book and was wondering if you did the post about deciphering yet? i looked but did not see. just wondering. its greek to me but so lovely.


I've heard of your Hex blanket -- pleasen (re)post the link. Thanks! I also love how your lfe adn your yarwork is so filled with color!

greedy nan

this has some info on 'reading' the japanese patterns. i'm not even going to try ...


Hello Lucy~
I stumbled onto your blog while searching for crochet things. I just wanted to tell you about this site that I purchase my crochet books from since you were so excited about this one. :) I get my books from yesasia.com. They have japanese crochet books as well as chinese. They are Hong Kong based and they offer free shipping. (plus they are cheaper than that etsy shop you mentioned when you add s/h!) take a look :)



Hello there :) My name is Anabella, I´m from Argentina. My mother has passed away on february, and I´m concentrated on being very busy while dealing with it. Surfing on the net I found your blog, and it made me start to crochet; I´m still learning ;) So, thank you very much.
I have a question on crochet. I´m doing granny squares. Would you recommend I do them from beggining to end, or that I make all the first rounds of all of them, then all the second rounds, and so on? Again, thank you so much; your blog is incredible. Hugs!


Lucy when I first started reading your blog it was great,just now it's all gone a bit down hill, just big pic,s of flowers in jugs we can all do that,and pics from OTHER MAGAZINES,which is a bit of a cheat and lazy.You do the great Attic24 well or not
You where great and inspiring,I even made a double bed Granny square throw thanks to you.Bless you sweaty, I'm just telling you the truth luvvy,NOT BULL SHIT sorry Anix


FANTASTIC parabens, mto bom gosto e criatividade 1000. Adoro ver tudo isso


I'd love you to post explanations to this diagram... love the hexagon patten shown in this book

Zandra Green

Just love all your colours! Can't wait to start! Maxine'sNanna


Hello Lucy,
I just LOVE your blog!
How beautiful are these Japanese crochet things in the book!
Does anyone here understand Japanese and know what wool is that in those wooden baskets? The colors look so awesome!
Greetings from Cologne, Germany


Wow I just love your blog, it feels so lively when I come here.

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