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February 21, 2010


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The cookies look delish! As for the oaty cravings, it is said that oats are good for the nursing mothers and your body may just be telling you " hey we need some oats!" I like you want to add to the wholesomeness of cookies I hide flax seeds in everything, poor bohemians of mine. I have been folowing you blog for awhile and I love it you are an inspiration. Thansk for you blog Lucy the first crochet blog that I found that was beautiful.


I just baked these, had all the ingredients in the cupboard waiting, they are so yummy i have eaten about 5! have not told anyone yet i have made them in case i eat them all hehehe!


I want your life!!!!!


They were great!!!
Thanks for the recipe!


Wow - these do look so yummy!!


These both look great. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Howdle

I've made a batch of these this afternoon with mixed dried fruit and sesame seeds. Very scrummy. Thanks Lucy x


Lucy, they're bound to be healthy with Sunflower Seeds in them ! :0)
Thank you for the recipe.


Lucy, I think your cookie recipe is more healthier than the one for the biscuits. I say this because margarine and golden syrup sound not so good.
All the best!

Eileen@Star's Fault

Lovely post. My favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin, pure heaven, chewy raisins. I make excuses for my overeating them because they are healthy, right?

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


They wouldnt last long in our house! One isnt enough!

(samm from Surrey by the way)

Mim O

Oats are good for milk production, so it could be your body craving them for that... maybe it knows a growth spurt is on its way :) x


Hello from Belgium, Lucy ! I'll make these cookies tomorrow, no matter what happens ! And although it is French (with an English version), I think you will love this blog : http://www.fifimandirac.com/blog/?lang=en.
Have a lovely day !


mm these look good I will bake some this week.


Tamara Gaal


I love reading your blog!
I have linked your blog on mine, so others can enjoy too!!!
These cookies look delicious!
This afternoon I will also make them with my son.
I will try with muesli.

Greetz Tamara.


oh Lucy your back! with your lovely recipe inspirations. well done they look lovely and i`m definately going to have a go.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx


They look yummy.. I dont bake as my boys are grown up and no one would eat any so would be a waste.. shame that plus I dont like cooking either...lol

Must admit I am waiting on Lucy to put her heart Tut up as she makes her tuts so easy to follow. And I just Love her Blog!


Your cookies look delicious, I hope the snow goes soon. Jane x


ANZAC biscuits are LOVELY you must try them !
In Australia they are a tradition as they were baked and sent to loved ones serving at war. My girls and I always bake them on ANZAC day morning while my husband is at the dawn service and it doesnt matter how many we make they are always gone by the end of the day !
Tea and ANZAC bikkies YUM !!
Aussie Hugs Danielle XX

Aussie Maria

As soon as I saw the biscuits I was going to mention that they are like our Anzac biscuits, except we use golden syrup and no fruit, as the original idea for the biscuits was to be sent to our "boys" on the war front in WW1. We still do it and send them to friends and family overseas.
But I really like the idea of adding the dried fruit in. Will definitely try it.
You might be longing for warmer weather, but I am so longing for something a little cooler. Last night the temp. did not get below 30C/over 100F!!!!

hayley lewis

Hi Lucy, I found your blog by accident about a year ago and I am hooked. I love crochet and knitting and have told many friends about your blog. I currently host Australia's version of THE BIGGEST LOSER and have taught a few of the crew (thanks to your HOW TO patterns) how to crochet ripple stich and granny squares. Keep posting, I film the show away from my husband and two boys so your blog keeps me sane - congrats on your little bub. Hayley x

Lorraine Tarr

So jolly good of you to test out these oaty goodies for us Lucy - you do care for us all so much! As you went to so much trouble on our behalf, it would be rude not to try out the recipe so will give 'em a go at the weekend - Ta ever so :-)
By the way, you did look very cosy in the attic! xx


HELLO,i have been a follower of your blog for a while and i love dipping into your life, loves, and passions! you have inspired me to start my own blog ,bit scary!! I was doing so well on my diet till i saw your oat biscuits, your leading me astray!! I also live in the yorkshire dales, keep blogging ,best wishes,Linda

Gingham Sarah

Hello Lucy.
I hate baking. It's not one of those things I have ever taken a liking to; the mess; greasy, buttery fingers; the washing up...But, my daughter was off school today (teacher training day) and she said that when they last did baking at school, the teacher said, "you have all GOT to do some baking at home with your mummies." You know what little ones are like...! So I decided to be brave and have a go at your Oaty Cookies. They look nothing like yours...a bit burnt on the top, not quite cooked in the middle (don't use my oven often enough to understand it) and my daughter sayys she is not eating them...they are horrid! But we did so enjoy going out and getting the ingredients, and inviting Aunty round to sample them, and the actual mixing and weighing. We had a lovely time together, and I am quite enthused about giving it another go, just to see if I can't get them a bit better next time.
With kind thoughts from a Yorkshire neighbour,
Gingham Sarah..x


Just made some choc chips, but that doesn't mean some hobnobs can't be whipped up! I love hobnobs but have never tried making them - thanks Lucy! p.s. I had to mow the lawn on Saturday here in Vancouver. I long for snow (sorry!).

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