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February 03, 2010


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Hi lucy,
I love the short grey cardie, that one could work and wouldn't be naff. Concerning your book yesterday, there was a nice child shirt in white with crochet on top (I think) that I thought was cute. A pleasure to read you, Pati

Dominique from France

Hello Lucy ! I am very exciting after reading your post. I remember the year between 1970 and 1980 when my grand-mother made some granny squares for clothes and blankets ... Have a look on my blog. I found this jacket in my attic and I think I'll can do something with it ....
Thanks a lot for your ideas and all these beautiful colours.

Pam Green

hello lucy,thanks for bringing crochet back into my life. I used to crochet in the 70's and yes,there is a fine line between naff end cool modern in fashion.You have to be careful not to stray into the world of ban the bomb and greenham common missile objectors style,but I still have a white shawl with a super long fringe----magic. Love your colours and bashing on with a georgous granny sguare blanket for our caravan. Love the latest blanket style.bye for now.Have been following your blog since before Christmas. Really good x


Hi Lucy,
Yes you could set a new trend. I remember making a few crocheted garments years ago in my youth, but not out of Granny squares though. I did a top for my mum in 4 ply and a shawl for myself when they were in fashion. Working in shells was quite popular I seem to remember.


ok, so I'm a philistine, but my first thought (once I'd clocked the crochet and taken in your research about where to get it and how much) was: would anyone, outside of a CL photoshoot, ever wear a £360 cardi to paint?? I mean, look at her apron; she's nearly as mucky as me!
Looks do-able though, just not me; ya gotta be skinny for that look! :-p xx


wow, that first one is a cardi and a half!! I have just finished a crocheted cardi - my third of a particular pattern, quick and fun to make http://gwiblog.blogspot.com/ for the pattern link and my photos - would highly recommend this pattern!


Have you seen this pattern?



Check out Sarah London's blog - a pattern to make the Cate Blanchett dress!!!


Hi Lucy,
I like the garments, can't wait to see what you are going to crochet.
In one of my latest blogs I've used your blog for example of my hexagon. I hope you don't mind?
Let me know...
Anneke, Holland.

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

I love that second one. It's gorgeous!

Susan being Snippy

I have tried a couple of times to crochet a piece of clothing and usually end up unravelling it. I did see yesterday while watching the Movie Shadowlands (with Debra Winger and Anthony Hopkins) that she wears a really nice crochet cardigan a soft muted green with a tiny floral trim- it looks to be one of those crocheted in one piece as it is sort of shapeless but looks "homey" and comfortable....


I have looked at theses picture so many times sinc eit dropped through my door and didn't even notice how could I not and how could they possibly charge so much I would do it for a fraction!

Lisa Hafey


I'm ripping myself off with my prices then...I get embarrassed if I charge a fiver for a crochet hat...a friend asked if she could pay me £10 for one - I could have fallen through the floor!

Lovely to see you are able to make some time for your blog, but don't feel you have to, we understand!


Very pretty this cardigan. I'm waiting for the instructions to make it too...


Aha! I have found the Molly Weasley photo in question:

Go on ... dare you!


i can DEF see you in the short cardi one, luce!!!...so you and youd look fab in it!!! xxx


Have posted a photo of My Jacket now and am coming back when I have time to read all the comments and ideas and recommendations, look out wool shop here I come!

sara nixon

I love the cardigans and think you should have a go.
On another point who can afford to paint in a cardigan that cost £360?


looking forward to seeing your version... Cx

Claire Hilton

Ohhh you know what I want ??one of those long line granny square waistcoats like I had when I was a teenager..YONKSSSSS ago...now that was fashion!!


Hi Lucy,
I love your blog and I have been following it for quite a long time.

The cardigan is wonderful. I could imagine wearing it with different colors.

Petit Filoux

£360???!!! You must be joking!!! I must say, I'm not sure about the fringe, but the little cardi she's wearing is cute - you just don't want to look like you've just got one of your blankets wrapped around you!

Janet Hyland

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this website. On holiday in Spain last year I saw a gorgeous crochet cardigan, which was too small for me but I adapted the idea of crochet threaded with swansdown fur into a scarf for my grandaughter it was beautiful (only learnt to crochet last year) still struggling with my granny blanket though Janxxxx


I live in the czech republic where fashion is, er well, different (trying to avoid a diplomatic incident!) If you want to see some truly splendid crocheted clothes, especially bikinis, check out (no pun intended) the cesky a slovensky group on ravelry.

Lucy I love you blog, I've been reading it now for about a year and you have achieved what others could not - you have taught me to crochet. I much prefer it to knitting. Thanks


claudia w

I absolutely adore that sweater with the gray collar! It is just the cutest! On me maybe not so much, but I bet on you it would fantabulous!

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