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February 03, 2010


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Ehh... The picture of HER she looks so dirty! I don't think she should wear it! She should instead wear something REAL! Because....I really don't think garments are supposed to be made like that, REALLY would NOT work!


nice work ,you can also check out my crochet fashion page.

Judith Thompson

Hello Lucy
I am a crochet addict and I am also addicted to the Odd Molly label. They have beautiful crochet pieces but so so expensive especially here in Australia. I was googling Odd Molly crochet patterns and your website came up, as I would like to make my own. Do you have any idea where I could get these patterns?
Many, Many Thanks Judith

Eileen@Star's Fault

Ack! Love, love, LOVE the cardigan. Methinks I should consider making one myself.... now where are those yarn scraps...?

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star'r Fault


I saw that cardi too. I had one like it back in the 70's and wore it out, almost.

There's a ravelry link you might find interesting..


Kim Fluck

I've been enjoying your blog for quite sometime from Colorado in the U.S.A. I just saw a sweater made of granny squares and thought you might like this pattern. The website is www.naturallycaron.com and the pattern is called "Tulsa Jacket". The link is listed below.
It would look much more lovely with the amazing cheery colors you use!


Love the grey one, looking on the site they also do it in red, that looks fabulous. Can't see prices though.


a friend just pointed me towards your blog , love it :-)
as to crochet clothes, I found a book with some gems in http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Bible-Complete-Handbook-Creative/dp/0715324888

hope you don't mind me sharing - there's some lovely chunky stitches which i have my eye on for a jacket.

lovely blog :-)


Oh yes! They are superb!

A couple of years ago Knit 1 magazine (sadly out of print now) had a great granny squares ankle length skirt in mostly navy blue but with tinges of yellow and red within the centres.

Tight-ish at the top and gradually flaring towards the bottom. I think there was a bit of freehand crochet here and there to fill the gaps and get the flare.

Teamed with a suede and sheepskin jerkin, stetson and guitar.

Well, it WAS supposed to be a design to reflect the 1970s.

I think the thinner and more luxurious the yarn the better crochet garments hang and move with fluidity.


I just found your blog and I totally adore the crocheted cardigans! Finally fashions that don't require knitting needles!!!


Not practical for being caught in the rain though!

Judy @ daily yarns

I'm in love...I hope you'll post the instructions for us.


I will graduate from blankets and cushion covers to something more wearable than a scarf - these things are very inspiring!!

Caroline Jeffery

Oh my word I just have to try and do one of those cardies.... but as a complete beginner small steps I think.
But totally agree the naff and nice thing...
Loving your blog
Caroline x


Oh lordy - I love the look of Odd Molly clothes and spent last winter stalking a particular coat with a rose embroidery on the shoulder, like a tattoo. Luckily, it never made it to the UK in purple or I would be much much poorer! I saw the cardi in CL too and turned the page very quickly - I mean, really, the kids wouldn't be seen out with me if I went that far... it's lovely isn't it!


Love those jackets! i've always wanted to make something like that, but you're right about getting the colours right. there are a few contemporary patterns around (like http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/Apparel/WR1859+Granny+Square+Jacket.htm and http://knittingcrochetty.blogspot.com/2007/08/ive-been-asked-for-my-granny-square.html ) Hope you do get time - it's sure to take less time than a blanket! Thanks for the inspiration. p x


I'm with Lucy, can't wait for the instructions!! It can't be that difficult surely.....


Lucy ~ I love those crochet cardigans and think that I would far rather wear one of those items of crochet coziness than a granny bikini! Think that most people would also prefer for me to be doing that too!! Hope you have a very lovely weekend :O) x


HOW MUCH???? Crumbs - definitely worth having a go at making one, I'd say!! However, as you so rightly pointed out - caution is advisable as we don't want to end up looking like a blanket, do we? Love the blog!


yes, yes, yes!!!! get a pattern made and get it sold Lass!!! I'd buy it...you're a star! xxx

wholesale blac label

Thanks for guiding me through this. Rarely do I find good entries that would walk me through. Great post.



So far with granny squares, one of the gals did a scarf -- http://thehandiworks.blogspot.com/2010/01/wearable-crochet-squares.html


Oh, I LOOOOOVE both of these! Maybe you could recreate one or both of these in your plethora of spare time... and then teach the rest of us how to do it!! I joke, but maybe one day... one day...

Our littlest is 5 months old so I really do understand how little of your time is actually your own. Oh, yes.

Love your blog, by the way. I just discovered it a couple of days ago and adore your gorgeously colourful crochet. Go you!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Angela (Sydney, Australia)


It seems like the trick is to keep it a bit more monochromy and put the color in bits and pieces so it is more like a stained glass window than an all out color vomitfest (as in days of yore...)


Oh I think granny squares are awesome! I do them all the time. I make one big one as a baby afghan. (Our church makes them for a local school) The wagon wheel square you have in the previous post - I saw a demonstration on it last night on a PBS show called "Knit & Crochet." I am going to try it myself. Have fun with your squares!

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