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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 05, 2010


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This is how I currently spend my maternity leave. My baby bear is 3 months old and just discovering the wonders of feeding and crocheting all at the same time. I adore your blog. At 24 you make me feel very homely as I delve in to each of your posts. It's a wonderful escape whilst I am nursing little one. P.s. I made her a beautiful ripple blanket by following your tutorial.


zig zag perfecto, lindo demais; que criatividade e bom gosto, hein? FANTASTIC, PARABENS amiga

Cecilia R

Todo es maravilloso trataré de hacer algo parecido. Gracias
Cecilia de Chile

emily curnow

This week i discovered your blog for the first time. Since that sweet day i do nothing but consume each word and picture in each spare minute i find (when my babies are snoozing)What a wonderful way you have with words, not to mention the camera and yarn. I feel inspired to crochet more blankets in new colours, i want a stripy bag, lovely yarny flowers, hearts, snowflakes. But where to begin? Thankyou for so much pleasure and i will hold you responsible when i empty my piggy bank straight into the tills of my lys.


Lucy - I have just stumbled across your blog in search of the perfect granny square! I have found it!

I taught myself to crochet a little while ago, and have yet to do a granny!

Please can you tell me how you are making the little granny squares for your rug?

They are perfect for a little vest I want to make for my little 10 week old!

Looking forward to being a regular reader!


You are so creative!!!I really enjoy reading your blogs! Love your attic!!!Wish i had one too :) ..Your home looks really homey with all your creations! :)


Oh wow I have just discovered your blog and think you are totally amazing. Love your life and hope that one day you will find time to share how you make those really gorgeous little squares as I am so loving them x


I have enough problems concentrating on just feeding my little guy, so hats off to you for your super multitasking abilities!


I love your positive attitude and your love for life...
I am surprised how you manage to do so many things at one time , you have older kids to manage, food to be cooked ,house to be cleaned plus a demanding baby who needs all your attention, please tell me how is it that you manage i would love to know your daily schedule and how you manage various things in one of your post...

Renee McCurry

I love those beautiful single color granny squares. Do you have a tutorial of how to do these? I have tried unsuccessfully to figure out how to make these beautiful squares. I love your blog. I am telling all my hooky friends about it here in the states. Keep up the beautiful work!

Eva Zallmann

Lucy, I also crochet when breast-feeding my baby boy! I am not so efficient as you are, I only started crocheting about a month ago and the blanket I am making looks a bit... funny, but I still like doing it. Have a great day!


Well done on crocheting and baby raising - I thought I was doing well by just breathing in and out and breast feeding with my newborn so a super-duper well done to you for doing more than that! Your boy is really lovely, he's making me broody xxx


Ahh how lovely! I have tried and failed to craft and feed - the little one finds the yarn far too interesting!


Good for you Lucy!!!!


Lovely color galore!

By the way, is there a reason why you won't join as work them up as opposed to seaming them together after?


Lucy, I found this pattern and thought it was right up your street! (i have made a couple and they turned out great!)


A milk tanker and a hooker, eh? Now that's multi-tasking, for sure! Ha! Funny!


If there is anyone who can crochet and breast feed Lucy, it has to be you. Now that is multi-tasking!


Aida Blair

I am so inspired by your crochet. It is just beautiful and the colors are wonderful. I live in Washington State and my bedroom does not get any sunshine --I am moved to crochet again (after years of knitting) after seeing your beautiful granny's. I thought I would start with a giant 1 square granny blanket. Do you have any suggestions--like how many colors and how would you arrange them--light to dark? or dark center? You are a real inspiration. Thankyou.


You'll learn how to type one-handed soon, it's a bit slower but can be done!The new blanket looks like it'll be a good one, as always and how cute is that little head peeping into the photo! :)



you & your wonderful blog have nominated for the 2010 handmade olympics on my little blog, and now it has been shortlisted by the judge for your event! thanks for doing super things!


there are over $2000 worth of fabulous handmade and vintage prizes up for grabs - so best of luck to your group. in the event that a group of folks win, we will leave it up to your organization to divide up the prizes!

hope you'll encourage others to vote for you!
you can grab a vote for me button from the sidebar.

you might also be interested in seeing who nominated you for this event, in the original post for event #5: http://rikrakstudio.blogspot.com/2010/01/handmade-olympics-event-5.html

thanks again.

and happy handmaking!
k. @ rikrak


Pats on the back to you for being a milk tanker! I was not cut out for it, both my kids were bottle babies. And contrary to the scare stories I was told, amazingly, neither of them turned out to be disfunctional, and were both exceptional students and attended classes in the "gifted" program. (you wouldn't believe the stuff I was told to try and guilt me into breast feeding!) alas! I hold those who can in the highest esteem! High-fives Lucy!!


Oh, his sweet adorable little ear! I had forgotten how beautiful every part of a new baby is. And good for you for figuring out the multi-tasking. The little squares are lovely.


te pasaste!!
You are wonderful!!
I remember my mom having breakfast and moving my sister's carriage with her foot.. jajajaja... I remember myself writing my diary and feeding my little Daniela...
Women were born to be a multi-tasking experts!!
hugs from Chile.

Toni Crane

Lucy you are an absolute treasure!

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