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February 09, 2010


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Alex Mason

I remember the pacing and tummy ache phase well (normally at 3am) and my son is 18 this year. Enjoy your cup of tea and biscuits...that bed does look inviting i don't blame you for getting in it when you can xxx


Lucy, I remember this so well as it was only three short years ago I felt the same. Hang on in there and grab any/all help that may be offered (I didn't), rest loads (I didn't) and cry plenty if need be (I did!). Much love to you xx


Aw, hang in there, sweetie. Sometimes life is just hard. I'm sending virtual hugs across the Atlantic!


Those little moments of bliss do make the rest of the chaos manageable. Thanks for sharing the reminder; I hope Little B is over the stomach ache soon.


Neighbours are wonderful and neighbours in blog land are too! So keep going Lucy. We're right behind you! Hugs and hugs all round.

nicole stout

o, lucy, it's official. i love you. when my friend showed my your blog last month, i visited it several times a day, just to look at all the 'hookey-goodness'. then i started to read. i guess i thought that being in England, you were somehow more 'together' than me. but all that wonderful-ness comes out of an ordinary home, one i can quite identify with actually. you inspire me with every post, and not just all things hookey ( i recently picked up my hooks again after a loooong absence)i love the way you look at life! thank you.
try a swaddle-wrap for the little man. it was the only way to calm our girl when she was colicky. (that and a drop or two of simethicone!)
btw- sleep is good, dont deny yourself!
thanks, from california's northcoast!


I think if I were a doctor I would prescribe an afternoon nap in a comfy bed - EVERY day for new mums - definately essential bed rest - all helps to get ready to cope withthe bewitching hours of tea time/bath/bed!! Then once all little ones in bed 1 glass of wine - purely medicinal!!!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh, you really deserve some biscuits:) and I so do understand that you want to cuddle up in your lovely bed, with that blanket!!! I guess Little B loves it too :-)
Here, my kids have the cold (do you call it that?), with fever, headache, snoring, coughing and throat ache. But, it can only be better now ;) When the "little sick ones" look on tv and play Wii, I find some extra time to knit on a sweater and crochet on my hex-blanket. Always a good thing...
You do take care now, Dear Luce!!!
Love Anna xxx


You write well making one want to keep on reading. Glad to see you are coping well and working and managing in the process to have your me-time. Have a nice day Lucy!

Rosemary Rowlands

Afternoon naps are the BEST! My youngest is thirteen and still I like to have a little quiet time alone upstairs sometimes. With Country Living, a nice drink or some knitting or crochet. Sometimes I get an hour of peace before I'm invaded by White Dwarf (Warhammer mag) or White Lines (Snowboarding mag)plus overgrown toddlers (teenagers). So I say rest in the afternoons, if you can stay relaxed your tiny man will stay more relaxed too. So it is really for him.


Oh Lucy, you definately deserve TWO biscuits!
little babies are heavenly but oh so exhausting. take it easy when you can.I am totally sure that your week is on the up.
thankyou so much for your wonderful blog, i LOVE it...so inspiring. jooles

Amy Caroline

I am now pregnant with #7 and if there is anything I have learned, it is that these times always pass. Right now my youngest is in that horrible phase, where they are so close to being able to communicate but don't have the words. So they use that ear piercing scream, you know the one where I imagine you could probably hear it a whole continent and ocean away? There are times I have tell myself several times a day that he won't still be doing that at 5! It helps a little.
Not as much as a cup of tea and chocolate but it is something to ponder while eating said chocolate.
As for the keys, when we were stationed in Germany key is one of the words I did learn, as I was constantly locking myself out of our apartment. The landlady couldn't stand me... :)


Glad to hear that you are getting some "me time", it is so very important to be able to recharge your batteries. Just remember that we've all had days like this with our little ones and that they do pass. My daughter only cat-napped in my arms for 10 minutes at a time, when she was a baby and would only be held by me; she screamed when Daddy held her, so my baths were quick in and outs back then. 18 years on it seems like it happened to another person!


Gripe water is very good for tummy ache (although your baby may be a bit young yet) but it was better over 30 years ago when it had 'alcohol' in it!


You are doing so well....oh so well! The snippets of 'me-time' are very important arn't they!? Thankyou for taking the time to write your blog...I do enjoy it!
Best wishes Elizabeth x


Oh I can so remember days like that and the impossible urge to sleep as and when possible. Always more difficult when you have other children to see to also. Tea and cakey yumminess sounds about the order of the day.
Take care,
Jak x

claudia w

Ah...I remember those days well. So worth every minute of the sighing and harumphing. (when it's over) My wish for you and little B is no more tummy aches and lots of love and laughter. And tea, lots of tea!


hum**** the cake looks gorgeous!!!
I'm found of bath and didn't know yet that one from Clarins!!! how can it be???...even if I live in france!lol! thanks for this informaton!!!^^


mmm I've done that, just a minute ago, with earl grey tea in my E.bridgewater robin mug!
Now back to the gingerbread men!



I hope the little one feels better soon, our first son was colicy and our second son was severely allergic to cow's milk so after he would nurse he would be sick (from the dairy in my diet) until we figured it out. Our fourth was just fussy for no apparent reason. Those days when you manage to squeeze in some tea and a nap are brilliant, it can really help get you through the fussy times. Enjoy your snuggles.


eek I feel famous! I'm glad it's stripy goodness makes you smile at the end of the day.

Cups of tea and some sleep make everything feel better, you're doing fabulously, and please never feel guilty about wanting to have a lovely sleep in your pretty bed.
Argh. I'm the worst commenter ever.
Sending love and biscuits ... Heather xxx


My son suffered terribly with colic and the only thing that seemed to work were Infacol drops.

I too love an afternoon sleep I'd do it every day if I could! :)


I agree with mamalion, I carried both my girls around like that and it worked for me. Perhaps it`s something you ate that gave baby a tummy ache, my youngest got really grumpy when ever I had eaten garlic


Just taking a ten minute break myself to catch up with your lovely blog, cup of tea and yummy cheesecake by my side - when littlies were littler the first thing I did when I had time to myself was make that cup of tea, no matter how many other things there were to do, if I'd had that cup of tea I just felt that bit more peaceful and ready for the other stuff. Also, it meant that if that peace and quiet ended after only ten minutes, at least I'd had my tea already!
Thinking of you x

The Garden Bell - Kate

I'm a true believer in the soul healing power of a good nap. Especially, one where you actually climb under the covers to drift off. Those couch ones, just give me a neck pain. So, honor yourself and your family and take a real one. It's good for your soul, besides in the real scheme of things who really cares. There is a reason Baby sleeps and there is a reason you need your sleep. Of course, a biscuit of chocolate or even better two, now that's perfect. Truthfully, I don't know just how you are doing it. More power to you. Remember you to breathe, let it out over in blogland and know that if we could come down the book to snuggle with Baby while you nap, I think we all would in a heart beat.

Off you go for a third one, we promis not to tell.

Hugs of Rest,
Kate - The Garden Bell

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